100 Greatest Female Drummers

The drumming world in recent years has seen a number of incredibly talented female drummers emerge. Here’s a detailed perspective on the best female drummers from various music genres.

While male drummers form a majority in the drum kingdom, the number of female drummers is steadily rising, and it’s definitely a good thing to see a large crop of female drummers emerge. The drum techniques displayed by some of the female drummers is in every sense jaw-dropping. Many female drummers are a part of all-female bands dishing out their unique brand of music. Watching hand speed and control on the snare of technically sound female drummers is mesmerizing.  

The poetic feel on cymbals by some female drummers is testimony to the fact that many female drummers are gifted. It takes hours of practice to become a good drummer and the learning curve is infinite.

Drumming style and drumming technique varies a great deal with drummers in various genres of music. Many female drummers like their male counterparts use different drum setups depending on studio recording sessions or live performances.

Among the many female drummers from various music genres, it’s the jazz drummers that are preferred as sessions musicians. The brush techniques used by few female drummers in various jazz contexts is outstanding, and brings out emotional outburst in drumming aesthetically. Rock music is a popular music genre with female drummers. Over the years, a large number of female drummers have emerged displaying their drum skills and drumming techniques in various subgenres of rock.

Many drum magazines and online drum portals have featured female drummers in segments. The days ahead will witness a lot many female drummers being showcased in drum technique magazines and online portals about drumming. Some drummers have their own style of drumming which is often of what comes naturally as a drummer. Many female drummers have spent hours honing their drum skills since childhood. The future for female drummers is bright. Needless to say… a new breed of female drummers will emerge in the near future.

The list below showcases female drummers from various music genres.

100 Greatest Female Drummers

  1. Terri Lyne Carrington (Jazz)
  2. Sheila E (Jazz/Rock)
  3. Joy Linscott (Rock/Pop/Jazz)
  4. Hilary Jones (Jazz/Rock)
  5. Cindy Blackman (Rock/Jazz)
  6. Susie Ibarra (Jazz/WorldMusic)
  7. Cora Coleman-Dunham (Jazz)
  8. Evelyn Glennie (Orchestral Music)
  9. Dottie Dodgion (Jazz)
  10. Vera Figueiredo (Jazz/Rock)
  11. Layne Redmond (Jazz/Rock/Experimental)
  12. Karen Carpenter (Pop/Rock)
  13. Janet Weiss (Rock)
  14. Sandy West (Rock)
  15. Stefanie Eulinberg (Rock)
  16. Maureen Tucker (Rock)
  17. Megan Martha White (Rock)
  18. Viola Smith (Swing, Jazz, Big Band, Orchestra)
  19. Kate Schellenbach (Rock)
  20. Jen Ledger (Rock)
  21. Debbi Peterson (Rock)
  22. Samantha Maloney (Rock)
  23. Lafrae Olivia Sci (Jazz)
  24. Alicia Warrington (R&B/Pop/Rock)
  25. Gina Schock (Rock)
  26. Patty Schemel (Rock)
  27. Torry Castellano (Rock)
  28. Dee Plakas (Rock)
  29. Palmolive-Paloma Romero (Rock)
  30. Elaine Bradley (Rock)
  31. Sherrie Maricle (Jazz)
  32. Hannah Ford (Rock/Pop)
  33. Atsuko Yamano (Rock)
  34. Leah Shapiro (Rock)
  35. Veronica Bellino (Rock)
  36. Scarlett Stevens (Rock)
  37. Jess Bowen (Rock)
  38. Stephanie Bailey (Rock)
  39. Lori Peters (Rock)
  40. Yoshimi P-We (Rock)
  41. Carla Azar (Rock)
  42. Nao Kawakita (Rock)
  43. Lori Barbero (Rock)
  44. Ikue Mori (Jazz)
  45. Fay Milton (Rock)
  46. Gina Knight (Rock)
  47. Teresa Taylor (Rock/PunkRocK)
  48. Stella Mozgawa (Rock)
  49. Hannah Blilie (Rock)
  50. Kim Schifino (Rock)
  51. Mercedes Lander (Rock)
  52. Molly Neuman (Rock)
  53. Kimberley Thompson (Rock)
  54. Lindy Morrison (Rock)
  55. Tina Stromberg (Rock)
  56. Caroline Corr (Rock)
  57. Honey Lantree (Rock)
  58. Rachel Blumberg (Rock)
  59. Marilyn Mazur (Jazz/Rock)
  60. Roxy Petrucci (Rock)
  61. Hilarie Sidney (Rock)
  62. Anna Prior (Rock)
  63. Stephanie Luke (Rock)
  64. Nikki Glaspie (Rock)
  65. Allison Miller (Jazz/Pop)
  66. Bernadtte Cooper (Funk/R&B)
  67. Tennessee Thomas (Rock)
  68. June Miles-Kingston
  69. Laura Harris (Rock)
  70. Alice DeBuhr (Rock)
  71. Sue Evans (Pop/Jazz)
  72. Tobi Vail (Rock)
  73. Lynn Truell (Rock)
  74. Linda McDonald (Rock)
  75. Aixa Vilar (Rock)
  76. Ali Koehler (Rock)
  77. Stephanie Leigh (Rock)
  78. Sarah Jones (Rock)
  79. Poni (Rock)
  80. Denise Fraser (Rock/Blues)
  81. Cindy Caron (Rock)
  82. Morgan Doctor (Rock/Experimental)
  83. Maya Tuttle (Rock)
  84. Janet Gambino (Rock/Surf)
  85. Georgia Hubley (Alternative-Rock)
  86. Athena Lee (Rock)
  87. Pamela Racine (Rock)
  88. Adrienne Davies (Rock)
  89. Liv Marisco (Rock)
  90. Helen Wiggin (Rock)
  91. Yael (Rock/Experimental)
  92. Emily Rose Epstein (Rock)
  93. Valerie Agnew (Rock)
  94. Melissa York (Rock/Punk)
  95. Julie Edwards (Rock)
  96. Vicky Jean Smith (Rock)
  97. Denise Dufort (Girlschool)
  98. Nicole Pinto (Rock)
  99. Temim Fruchter (Rock)
  100. Gina Mainwal (Rock)

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