Top Bollywood Actors Known For Being Successful Entrepreneurs

Bollywood Stars Who Are Greatest Entrepreneurs

Top Bollywood Actors Known For Being Successful Entrepreneurs
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There are several actors/actresses in Bollywood who have developed their own organizations in different sectors. Few of the stars are even well known for being the entrepreneurs at first. The article list out all such iconic personalities who are well known for being the proud owners of various organizations.

Life in bollywood for the settled as well as the rising actors is obviously uncertain and it would be wise step to make the Plan B ready in case of unexpected downfall in the career. It is definitely a good step to choose career where the passion becomes profession, similarly when we talk about the bollywood stars, their keen desire of acting and entertaining the people while performing on the screen would have opened the way for a successful and bright careers ahead. Struggling actors as well as the actors having brand image now-a-days have even opted to keep the Plan B ready in the sense of smart investment in some top level businesses and thereby becoming an entrepreneur optionally. Plan B assures an insured feeling for the actors which will keep on generating passive income in addition to their mainstream work of acting as well as be efficient enough to hold their hands in troublesome situations.

Sunil Shetty: Sunil Shetty tops in the list as he is believed to be a real motivator for the bollywood stars to invest in profitable businesses and become a successful entrepreneur as well in addition to the mainstream acting profession. Sunil Shetty owns his own production house, night clubs as well as the chain of restaurants in Mumbai which are quite popular among the Mumbai based citizens. Popcorn Entertainment is his own production house based in Mumbai which is renowned for producing the movies such as Bhagam Bhaag, Khel, Rakht, Mission Istanbul to name a few.

Ajay Devgan: Ajay Devgan is another name in the list of successful investors for being an entrepreneur by choice.

Ajay is renowned for investing heavy amount of money in the Charanaka Solar Project of Gujrat. Devgan Entertainment Software Limited along with a self owned production house are owned by him under which the movies including Raju Chacha, All the Best have been produced for a different entertainment experience.

Lara Dutta: Lara has been actively involved for past several years as an iconic actress. But, the business woman figure remained inside her consistently following which she started her own production house with the name BheegiBasanti. Being extremely health cautious, Lara use to launch her fitness DVDs occasionally. Her Saree collection in collaboration with Chhabra 555 remained in the gossips treating her as a perfect business woman.   

Sushmita Sen: Sushmita succeeded on her way to present her iconic acting style with glamorous approach. Being an eye catching Bengali beauty, miss universe and lead actress, a shadow of business woman can be noticed inside her. She owns her own jewelry shop in Dubai and aspired to open global chain of hotels and spas under her owned company with a brand name ‘Sensazione’. Along with the discussed assets, Sushmita owns her own production company with the name ‘Tantra Entertainment’. Sushmita was in trending few months back as the miss universe franchisee ‘I am she’ headed by Sushmita was taken away by Femina with an eye catching deal.  


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