The Nun movie review: The worst movie of the Conjuring series?

Contrary to the expectations, The Nun is not scary and becomes a boring watch

The Nun movie review: The worst movie of the Conjuring series?
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The Nun Movie Review: Hollywood's The Conjuring series has given a worst horror movie of 2018

While Indian Twitter was full of "The Nun" memes and trolls since it's poster release, the die hard fans of "The Conjuring" series were pumped up about this movie. This was one Hollywood movie of 2018 which ha really created a lot of excitement amongst the Horror movie buffs.

Touted as the scariest movie of the franchise, "The Nun" disappoints completely.

The Nun makes no sense at times

The movie schowcases Aaron Mahnke who explains the burial rituals that were taking place buring the 18th & 19th century cholera outbreaks. One would require a reason to believe facts given by Aaron, but there is no such explanation as to how this information is known to Aaron. Anyways, as we move ahead in the story we move towards the premature burial bell and a hell lot of boring things. Then you see a Priest walk into one of such premature burial chambers at night, why? Because it's a horror movie. The lameness of this movie cannot be described in words fully.

Weak script and weaker characters are the ones who will haunt you

Then there is Valak, the ancient evil who appears in the form of a Nun, why? No one knows.

This evil spirit haunts a monastery and no one enters it as they know of this evil Nun sightings. Everything that happens in the village is credited to Valak.

The makers certainly forgot that horror movies need to have a script. The script is thin ice and before you can understand a character, it brings to you another evil character.

The movie looks scary, has all the cliche in the world which a horror movie needs to have and that exactly is the problem with The Nun.

Watch this only if you have nothing else to watch and are not looking for a good horror movie which will scare you like hell.

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