100 Greatest Bollywood Thriller Movies

Top 100 Bollywood Thriller Movies

100 Greatest Bollywood Thriller Movies
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The unknown element that creates awkward moments and makes you cringe in your seat as you watch a movie cannot be explained, it needs to be experienced. Over the years Bollywood has showcased some of the finest thrillers. This article brings to life an epic list of the best Bollywood thriller movies.

The element of suspense, anxiety, surprise, and disbelief in a thriller keeps audiences glued to their seat. There is never a dull moment in suspense thrillers. As events starts unfolding in a Bollywood suspense thriller or crime thriller, the speed of thoughts run at a frantic pace. We often try and analyze, and try to figure out what centrifugal element in a film is. In movies that have a diabolic plot, we try and figure out who the culprit is in the movie. When all is revealed towards the end of a movie, it comes as a shock for audiences.

In thrillers it’s always individuals we least suspect that turn out the masterminds of crime.

A well-made thriller holds audiences with twists and turns in events that unfold in the movie. Over the years Bollywood thriller movies have changed a great deal. The present crop of Bollywood thrillers has mesmerized audiences. A strong script is an essential ingredient in thrillers. There have to be various elements that come together to make a movie successful. A thriller takes audiences on a ride that involves suspense, fear, obsession, doubt, thrill and the element of unknown. You need to be focused when you watching different types of thrillers. The twists and turns that come about in movies are loved by movie aficionados.

It’s the adrenaline rush that we get out of action thrillers and suspense thrillers that make us love the genre. That heart pounding moment that induces a rush of blood to the head is an integral part of thriller movies. In crime, action and suspense thrillers, themes often showcased are captivity, ransom, revenge, kidnappings, investigations and heists. Bollywood movies do leave audiences speechless with their unpredictable and shocking endings. Romantic triangles and conspiracy are hugely popular in Bollywood thrillers. Also stalkers, sociaopaths, psychotic individuals and assassins have been portrayed in a lucid manner in Bollywood thriller movies. The thriller movie genre is hugely popular with young audiences in India. With thrillers making waves at the box-office, we can expect a fresh-wave of Bollywood thrillers in the future.

The list below showcases an epic list of suspense thrillers, psychological thrillers, mystery thrillers, spy thrillers, crime thrillers, horror thrillers, drama thrillers erotic thrillers, political thrillers, conspiracy thrillers, and supernatural thrillers.

100 Greatest Bollywood Thriller Movies

  1. A Wednesday! (Drama Thriller- 2008)
  2. Kaun (Psychological Thriller- 1999)
  3. Badlapur (Crime Thriller- 2015)
  4. Special 26: (Heist Crime Thriller- 2013)
  5. Gupt: The Hidden Truth (1997)
  6. Talaash: The Answer Lies Within (Thriller- 2012)
  7. Khiladi (1992- Suspense Thriller)
  8. Drishyam (Drama Thriller- 2015)
  9. Karthik Calling Karthik (Psychological Drama Thriller- 2010)
  10. Ugly (Neo-Noir Psychological Thriller- 2013)
  11. Baazigar (Crime Thriller- 1993)
  12. Ghajini (Romantic Action Psychological Thriller- 2008)
  13. Kahaani (Mystery Thriller- 2012)
  14. Don 2 (Action Thriller- 2011)
  15. Ajnabee (Suspense Thriller- 2001)
  16. Wazir (Crime Thriller- 2016)
  17. Airlift (War Thriller- 2016)
  18. Manorama: Six Feet Under (Thriller- 2007)
  19. Khamosh (Thiller- 1985)
  20. Johnny Gaddaar (Neo Noir Thriller- 2007)
  21. The Stoneman Murders (Suspense Thriller- 2009)
  22. Ek Hasina Thi (Neo Noir Thriller- 2004)
  23. No Smoking (Thriller- 2007)
  24. Aurangzeb (Action Thriller- 2013)
  25. Madras Cafe (Political Thriller- 2013)
  26. Parwana (Psychological Thriller- 1971)
  27. Who Kaun Thi? (Psychological Mystery Thriller- 1964)
  28. Jewel Thief (Spy Thriller- 1967)
  29. Kanoon (Thriller- 1960)
  30. Ab Thak Chhappan (Crime Thriller- 2004)
  31. Darr (Psychological Thriller- 1993)
  32. 100 Days (Psychological Thriller- 1991)
  33. Teesri Manzil (Thriller- 1966)
  34. Company (Crime Thriller- 2002)
  35. Soldier (Action Thriller- 1998)
  36. Bees Saal Baad (Psychological Drama Thriller- 1962)
  37. Gumnaam (Suspense Thriller- 1965)
  38. Ek Thi Daayan (Supernatural Thriller Film- 2013)
  39. Dushman (Thriller- 1998)
  40. Ittefaq (Thriller- 1969)
  41. Humraaaz (Romantic Thriller- 2002)
  42. Aankhen (Heist Thriller Drama- 2002)
  43. Race (Thriller- 2008)
  44. Deewangee (Psychological Thriller- 2002)
  45. Kpohraa (Thriller Horror- 1964)
  46. 404: Error Not Found (Psychological Thriller- 2011)
  47. Khoj (Thriller- 1989)
  48. Raajneeti (Political Thriller Drama- 2010)
  49. Being Cyrus (Thriller- 2006)
  50. Is Raat Ki Subah Nahin (Thriller- 1996)
  51. John Day (Thriller- 2013)
  52. Shaitan (Thriller- 2011)
  53. Sangharsh (Thriller- 1999)
  54. Baby (Action Spy Thriller- 2015)
  55. Race 2 (Action Thriller- 2013)
  56. Jalwa (Thriller- 1987)
  57. Talvar (Thriller- 2015)
  58. Aamir (Psychological Crime Thriller- 2008)
  59. Kurbaan (Bollywood Crime Thriller- 2009)
  60. Qatl (Mystery Thriller- 1986)
  61. Fan (Thriller- 2016)
  62. Jism (Erotic Thriller- 2003)
  63. Vadh (Suspense Thriller- 2002)
  64. Shanghai (Political Thriller- 2012)
  65. Kaun Sachcha Kaun Jhoota (Thriller- 1997)
  66. Plot No. 5 (Thriller- 1981)
  67. Yeah Saali Zindagi (Romantic Thriller- 2011)
  68. Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai (Action Thriller- 2010)
  69. Mera Saaya (Thriller- 1966)
  70. Satya (Crime Thriller- 1998)
  71. Kab? Kyoon? Aur Kahan? (Suspense Thriller- 1970)
  72. Detective Byomkesh Bakshy! (Mystery Thriller- 2015)
  73. Khel Khel Mein (Thriller- 1975)
  74. 13 B: Rear Has A New Address (Thriller- 2009)
  75. Dhund (Thriller- 1973)
  76. Musafir (Thriller- 2004)
  77. Charas (Action Thriller- 2004)
  78. Table No. 21 (Psychological Thriller- 2013)
  79. Baat Ek Raat Ki (Thriller- 1962)
  80. Sehar (Crime Thriller- 2005)
  81. Monsoon Shootout (Thriller- 2016)
  82. Gulaal (Political Drama Thriller- 2009)
  83. Michael (Psychological Thriller- 2011)
  84. Agni Sakshi (Thriller- 1996)
  85. Dil Se.. (Romantic Thriller- 1998)
  86. Hate Story (Erotic Thriller- 2012)
  87. Samay: When Time Strikes (Thriller- 2002)
  88. Lanka (Drama Thriller- 2011)
  89. Kasoor (Suspense Thriller- 2001)
  90. Blue Oranges (Suspense Thriller- 2009)
  91. Intaqam (Suspense Thriller- 1969)
  92. Murder (Erotic Thriller- 2004)
  93. Laal Rang (Thriller- 2016)
  94. Anita (Suspense Thriller- 1967)
  95. Ek Paheli Leela (Thriller Drama- 2015)
  96. Anjaam (Thriller Drama- 1994)
  97. The Film (Thriller- 2005)
  98. Jism 2 (Erotic Thriller- 2012)
  99. Hate Story 2 (Erotic Thriller- 2014)
  100. Room- The Mystery (Thriller- 2014)

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