100 Greatest Christian Metal Bands

Top 100 Christian Metal Bands

The Christian metal scene has spread it's wings in various subgenres of heavy metal. This article is an epic showcase of the best Christian metal bands.

Christian metal, also known as white metal and heavenly metal focuses on varied elements of Christianity. The songs and lyrics of Christian metal bands lay emphasis on hope and deliverance, two integral aspects of Christianity. While not all band members of Christian metal bands may be practicing Christians, the songs and themes in the realms of Christian metal are bent towards doctrines of Christianity. While the subject matter among Christian metal bands varies drastically, a common aspect is lyrical themes.  

Lyrical themes in Christian metal bands showcase a positive message, and this has become the centrifugal element of Christian metal bands globally. While the Christian metal movement gained prominence in the 70s, the roots of metal with a leaning towards evangelization emerged in the 80s.

Bands such as Mind Garage and The Crusaders were the pioneering acts in the Christian rock movement in the 60s. Through the 70s Christian rock took shape paving the way for a new wave of Christian metal. In the 70s Christianity through rock music was promoted by bands such as Resurrection Band, Petra, Love Song, Sweet Comfort Band, DeGramo and Key, The 77s, Mustard Seed Faith, Servant, Daniel Band, Jerusalem, Barnabas, and Prodigal  among others.

In the 80s the Christian metal scene became popular with bands such as Messiah Prophet, Stryper, Whitecross, and Bride among others making new pathways for Christian metal in heavy metal subgenres. Many thrash metal bands with Christian themes emerged in the 80s  Over the years Christian bands from different subgenres of heavy metal are spreading their brand of metal music which has become popular in mainstream. Many Christian networks globally have been promoting Christian metal bands. Also, in recent years, many Christian metal bands have landed recording contracts with major record labels.

In the 90s Christian metal bands started emerging from Scandinavian countries. Many Christian metal bands promote the message of hope through their songs. The heavy metal scene in the 2000s made way for a strong presence of Christian metalcore bands. While Christian metal bands are popular with heavy metal aficionados, the bands are excessively popular among practicing Christians who love heavy metal music. The Christian metal genre is gaining momentum in heavy metal and its subgenres, and it’s happening at a rapid pace. We will witness a new movement of Christian metal in the near future.

The list below showcases Christian metal bands from different heavy metal subgenres.

100 Greatest Christian Metal Bands

  1. Messiah Prophet
  2. Stryper
  3. Mortification
  4. Whitecross
  5. Deuteronomium
  6. Tourniquet
  7. Leviticus
  8. Demon Hunter
  9. Underoath
  10. Jerusalem
  11. Red
  12. Daniel Band
  13. For Today
  14. Jacobs Dream
  15. Living Sacrifice
  16. Believer
  17. DigHayZoose
  18. Theocracy
  19. Bloodgood
  20. Norma Jean
  21. Extol
  22. Disciple
  23. Saint
  24. Impending Doom
  25. Skillet
  26. War Of Ages
  27. Sacrament
  28. Deliverance
  29. Seventh Angel
  30. Fit For A King
  31. Narnia
  32. Drottnar
  33. Bride
  34. Wolves At The Gate
  35. Becoming The Archetype
  36. Oh, Sleeper
  37. Sacred Warrior
  38. The Showdown
  39. August Burns Red
  40. Barren Cross
  41. X- Sinner
  42. The Devil Wears Prada
  43. P.O.D.
  44. Haste The Day
  45. Crimson Thorn
  46. Holy Soldier
  47. Saviour Machine
  48. Darkness Divided
  49. Phinehas
  50. The Crucified
  51. Vengeance Rising
  52. Divinefire
  53. Pantokrator
  54. Guardian
  55. Blessed By A Broken Heart
  56. Gwen Stacy
  57. Mortal
  58. Strongarm
  59. MyChildren MyBride
  60. With Blood Comes Cleansing
  61. Pillar
  62. Magdallan
  63. Argyle Park
  64. Zao
  65. The Burial
  66. Kryst The Conqueror
  67. Thousand Foot Krutch
  68. Neon Cross
  69. Circle of Dust
  70. Holy Blood
  71. The Chariot
  72. Paramaecium
  73. Seventh Day Slumber
  74. Joshua
  75. Antestor
  76. Broken Flesh
  77. In The Midst of Lions
  78. Life In Your Way
  79. Showbread
  80. Every Knee Shall Bow
  81. Blood of the Martyrs
  82. Every Day Life
  83. Mindrage
  84. Frost Like Ashes
  85. Corpus Christi
  86. Love and Death
  87. Immortal Souls
  88. Balance of Power
  89. Shout
  90. Mortal Treason
  91. Grace Like Winter
  92. Lust Control
  93. Close Your Eyes
  94. Saving Grace
  95. Philadelphia
  96. Oficina G3
  97. Soul Embraced
  98. Bloodlined Calligraphy
  99. Death Requisite
  100. Fit For A King

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