100 Greatest 3 Piece Rock Bands: Trios That Rocked the World

The Best 3 Piece Rock Bands

100 Greatest 3 Piece Rock Bands: Trios That Rocked the World
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Since the early beginnings of rock music 3 piece bands have floored audiences with their powerful sound. Celebrate an ode to the best trios in rock music.

There is something classy associated with 3 piece rock bands. The aesthetics and sound of trios is at another level. Most conventional rock bands have 4 or 5 members in a band. Over the years critics have opined that rock trios lack a complete sound, and every time three members equipped with a guitar bass and drums have proven critics wrong. In 3 piece bands it’s the vocalist that dons two responsibilities…playing the guitar and singing. The vocalist either plays the bass or the rhythm/lead on guitar.

Over the years the music world has witnessed some of the tightest grooves emerging in rock trios.

The compositional skills of 3 member rock bands have been exemplary in the past, and this trend continues to this day. Giving musical structure to a song can be difficult with just 3 people in a rock band, especially while performing live. However, the music of rock trios is testimony to the fact that rock music is all about passion.

While few 3 man bands bring in an additional member while touring (performing live), majority of bands prefer to perform their songs with the original lineup as a three-piece. Whether it’s 2, 3, 4, 5 or more members, it’s the sheer intensity and passion that reflects in the sound of the song. Since the 60s a number of 3 piece rock bands have emerged onto the music scene. 3 member folk rock bands, blues-rock bands and progressive bands became popular in the 60s and 70s. With the emergence of evolving rock genres, many power trios surfaced with their amicable style of music. Over the years, the term ‘power-trio’ has been associated with 3 piece bands in rock and it’s subgenres.

3 man bands have been noted for their slick and tight groove-oriented rhythm structures. The sound of rock trios has captivated audiences from different parts of the world. Instrumentation in trios is characterized by bass guitar, lead/rhythm guitar and drums played by members. Also, members switch forth to different musical instruments when required during a live performance. While musical directions have changed with every passing decade, the powerful sound of 3 piece rock bands remains. In present times many all female rock trios are emerging…and we will see a surge in power trios in the near future.

100 Greatest 3 Piece Rock Bands

  1. The Jimi Hendrix Experience (Blues Rock/Rock)
  2. Cream (Blues Rock/Rock)
  3. Rush (Progressive Rock)
  4. Nirvana (Alternative Rock/Grunge)
  5. Motorhead (Rock/Heavy Metal)
  6. The Police (Rock/New Wave)
  7. ZZ Top (Blues Rock/Rock)
  8. Triumph (Rock)
  9. Genesis (Rock/Progressive Rock)
  10. Primus (Rock/Experimental Rock)
  11. King’s X (Rock/Progressive Metal)
  12. Green Day (Punk/Rock/Alternative)
  13. Muse (Rock)
  14. Husker Du (Rock/Alternative Rock)
  15. Grand Funk Railroad (Rock)
  16. Emerson, Lake and Palmer (Progressive Rock)
  17. Ben Folds Five (Alternative Rock/Rock)
  18. Double Trouble (Blues Rock)
  19. Blink- 182 (Rock/Punk Rock)
  20. Crosby,Stills & Nash (Folk Rock)
  21. Morphine (Alternative Rock)
  22. America (Rock)
  23. Sublime (Ska Punk/Reggae Rock)
  24. Blue Cheer (Rock/Hard Rock)
  25. James Gang (Rock)
  26. Soda Stereo (Alternative Rock)
  27. Better Than Ezra (Alternative Rock)
  28. The Jam (Punk Rock)
  29. Goo Goo Dolls (Rock)
  30. Eve 6 (Alternative Rock)
  31. Meat Puppets (Alternative Rock)
  32. The Presidents of the United States of America- (Post Punk/Grunge/Alternative Rock)
  33. Violent Femmes (Folk Rock)
  34. Davididos (Rock/Alternative Rock)
  35. Taste (Blues Rock/Rock)
  36. Beck, Bogert & Appice (Rock)
  37. The Stray Cats (Rockabilly/Rock)
  38. Silverchair (Rock/Grunge/Alternative)
  39. Dispatch (Roots Rock/Jam Banda)
  40. Budgie (Rock/Heavy Metal)
  41. Alkaline Trio- (Punk Rock)
  42. Everclear (Rock/Alternative Rock)
  43. Venom (Heavy Metal)
  44. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (Rock/Alternative Rock)
  45. The Melvins (Rock/Alternative Metal)
  46. Minutemen (Punk Rock)
  47. California Breed (Hard Rock)
  48. Manal (Blues Rock/Rock)
  49. Babes in Toyland (Punk Rock)
  50. Glass Harp (Rock/Progressive Rock)
  51. Dust (Hard Rock/Heavy Metal)
  52. Cog (Progressive Rock)
  53. Biffy Clyro (Rock/Alternative Rock)
  54. Danko Jones (Rock/Hard Rock)
  55. Agent Orange (Punk Rock)
  56. Zebra (Hard Rock/Progressive Rock/Heavy Metal)
  57. Seether (Alternative Rock)
  58. Cosmic Psychos (Punk Rock)
  59. The Winery Dogs (Hard Rock/Rock)
  60. Elliot Brood (Alternative Country)
  61. Dinosaur Jr. (Rock/Alternative Rock)
  62. Chevelle (Alternative Rock)
  63. Wipers (Punk Rock)
  64. 30 Seconds to Mars (Alternative Rock)
  65. Grand Magus (Heavy Metal)
  66. Blue Murder (Rock/Heavy Metal)
  67. The Fall of Troy (Post-Hardcore/Mathcore/Progressive Rock)
  68. Highly Suspect (Rock/Hard Rock/Alternative Rock)
  69. Sleater Kinny (Punk Rock/Indie Rock)
  70. Arcane Roots (Alternative Rock)
  71. Pepper (Rock/Reggae Rock/Alternative Rock)
  72. Freak Kitchen (Experimental Rock)
  73. Hot Tuna (Blues Rock)
  74. John Mayer Trio (Blues Rock)
  75. Manic Street Preachers (Alternative Rock)
  76. Feeder (Rock/Alternative Rock)
  77. Paramore (Rock/Alternative Rock)
  78. The Fratellis (Rock/Post Punk)
  79. Prong (Groove Metal/Thrash Metal)
  80. Concrete Blonde (Alternative Rock)
  81. Them Crooked Vultures (Rock/Hard Rock)
  82. Bedouin Soundclash (Reggae Rock/Ska Rock/Alternative Rock)
  83. Failure (Alternative Rock)
  84. Jawbreaker (Punk Rock)
  85. Sadus (Thrash Metal/Death Metal)
  86. Los Lonely Boys (Chicano Rock/Blues Rock)
  87. Secret Machines (Space Rock/Alternative Rock)
  88. Egg (Progressive Rock)
  89. Leno (Rock/Hard Rock)
  90. The Tea Party (Progressive Rock/Hard Rock)
  91. Placebo (Alternative Rock)
  92. Back Door Slam (Blues Rock)
  93. Fudge Tunnel (Sludge Metal/Alternative Metal)
  94. Low (Indie Rock/Slowcore)
  95. Tera Melos (Math Rock/Experimental Rock)
  96. The Screaming Blue Messiahs (Rock/Blues Rock)
  97. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (Alternative Rock/Blues Rock)
  98. Kamchatka (Hard Rock/Blues Rock)
  99. Raven (Heavy Metal)
  100. Sick Puppies (Alternative Metal)

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