100 Greatest Female Heavy Metal Singers

100 Greatest Female Singers in Heavy Metal

In recent years the rise in number of heavy metal bands with female singers has been significant. This space is a showcase of the best female heavy metal singers.

While female singers have been in the realms of heavy metal since the genre took shape, in the past two decades there has been a significant rise in female-fronted metal bands. The female metal revolution is certainly a breath of freshness that will pave new pathways for women in the future. In various subgenres of heavy metal we have seen a steady rise in female singers. A number of singers with wide range operatic vocals have become popular in experimental metal bands. The symphonic metal genre is home to some of the best female voices in heavy metal. The female movement in rock started in the 60s, and towards the late 70s the manifestation of heavy metal led the way for woman in metal genres.

It’s the sheer dynamism and vocal power of female vocalists in the realms of heavy metal that has impressed music critics the world over.

In the years gone by few major record labels have started promoting all-female metal bands in a big way, and that’s definitely a sign of better things for the female metal revolution. Tonal qualities of female singers in heavy metal have been praised by critics. While not all female vocalists may have achieved the desired fame, a number of female singers have garnered a cult following in the heavy metal scene. Furthermore, many female singers have released their albums independently on online music portals and garnered a strong following with listeners globally.

The fiery passion and intensity of female voices have been creatively used by heavy metal musicians. All-female metal bands have emerged globally, and that’s definitely a sign of better things to look forward to in the realms of metal. From melancholic soul stirring vocals to gut wrenching gravelly voices, women have covered it all. In the realms of metal… the voice types we hear are soprano, coloratura soprano, mezzo-soprano and contralto in classical pieces. Female heavy metal singers with a wide vocal range are exceedingly popular in power metal, symphonic metal, progressive metal and experimental metal. Since the 2000s, the new breed of female heavy metal singers in various metal subgenres has captivated audiences with their vocal range. In the days ahead the female movement in the heavy metal kingdom will only get bigger.

The list below showcases versatile female heavy metal singers from various heavy metal subgenres.

100 Greatest Female Singers in Heavy Metal

  1. Floor Jansen (Progressive Metal/Symphonic Metal- ReVamp/After Forever)
  2. Doro Pesch (Heavy Metal- Warlock)
  3. Simone Simmons (Symphonic Metal- Epica)
  4. Tarja Turunen (Symphonic Metal- Nightwish)
  5. Christina Scabbia (Gothic Metal- Lacuna Coil)
  6. Amanda Somerville (Heavy Metal/Symphonic Metal- Solo)
  7. Amy Lee (Alternative Metal- Evanescence)
  8. Sharon Del Adel (Symphonic Metal- Within Temptation)
  9. Charlotte Wessels (Symphonic Metal- Delain)
  10. Anette Olzon (Symphonic Metal- Nightwish)
  11. Otep Shamaya (Heavy Metal- Otep)
  12. Anneke van Giersbergen (Alternative Metal- The Gathering)
  13. Live Kristine (Gothic Metal- Theatre of Tragedy)
  14. Ann Boleyn (Heavy Metal- Hellion)
  15. Angela Gossow (Melodic Death Metal- Arch Enemy)
  16. Ann Wilson (Hard Rock/Heavy Metal- Heart)
  17. Veronica Freeman (Heavy Metal- Benedictum)
  18. Lisa Johansson (Doom Metal- Draconian)
  19. Heidi Parviainen (Symphonic Power Metal- Amberian Dawn)
  20. Kimberly Goss (Heavy Metal- Sinnergy)
  21. Vibeke Stene (Symphonic Gothic Metal- Tristania)
  22. Nell Sigland (Gothic Metal- Theatre of Tragedy)
  23. Morgan Lander (Heavy Metal- Kittie)
  24. Aja Kim (Heavy Metal- Solo)
  25. Helena Iren Michaelsen (Symphonic Metal/Gothic Metal- Trail of Tears)
  26. Maria Brink (Metalcore- In This Moment)
  27. Magali Luyten (Heavy Metal/ Power Metal/Symphonic Metal- Solo)
  28. Lisa Middelhauve (Symphonic Metal- Xandria)
  29. Lee Aaron (Heavy Metal- Solo)
  30. Alissa White-Gluz (Melodic Death Metal- The Angonist/Arch Enemy)
  31. Francesca Chiara Casellati (Symphonic Metal- The LoveCrave)
  32. Janet Gardner (Glam Metal- Vixen)
  33. Maria Breon (Symphonic Power Metal- HolyHell)
  34. Elisa Martin (Power Metal- Dark Moor/Dreammaker)
  35. Laura Bravo (Death Metal- Nuclear Death)
  36. Dianne van Giersbergen (Symphonic Metal- Ex Libris/Xandria
  37. Marcela Bovio (Symphonic Metal- Stream of Passion)
  38. Gigi Hangach (Heavy Metal- Phantom Blue)
  39. Maggy Luyten (Heavy Metal- Solo)
  40. Manuela Kraller (Symphonic Metal- Xandria)
  41. Raffaella Rivarolo (Cadaveria) (Symphonic Metal- Opera9)
  42. Melissa Ferlaak (Symphonic Metal- Visions of Atlantic/Aesma Daeva)
  43. Kirsten Rosenberg (Heavy Metal- The Iron Maidens)
  44. Silje Wergeland (Gothic Metal- Octavia Sperati)
  45. Gigi Hangach (Heavy Metal- Phantom Blue)
  46. Maxi Nil (Symphonic Metal- Visions of Atlantis)
  47. Giorgia Gueglio (Heavy Metal- Mastercastle)
  48. Lzzy Hale (Heavy Metal/Alternative Metal- Halestorm)
  49. Lucia Cifarelli (Industrial Metal- KMFDM/Drill)
  50. Katarina Lilja (Symphonic Metal- Therion)
  51. Ji-In Cho (Symphonic Metal- Krypteria)
  52. Carmen Elise Espenaes (Folk Metal-Midnattsol)
  53. Akane Liv (Symphonic Power Metal- Liv Moon)
  54. Franziska Huth (Symphonic Metal- Eyes of Eden)
  55. Jessicka (Goth Rock- Jack off Jill)
  56. Sabine Dunser (Gothic Metal- Elis)
  57. Virginie Goncalves (Symphonic Nu Metal- Kells)
  58. Leather Leone (Heavy Metal- Chastain)
  59. Sabine Edelsbacher (Symphonic Metal- Edenbridge)
  60. Monika Pedersen (Gothic Metal- Sirenia)
  61. Sonya Scarlet (Extreme Gothic Metal- Theatres des Vampires)
  62. Noora Louhimo (Heavy Metal/Power Metal- Battle Beast)
  63. Alexandra Pittracher (Gothic Metal- Darkwell)
  64. Ailyn (Gothic Metal/Symphonic Metal- Sirenia)
  65. Aya (Gothic Metal- UnSun)
  66. Helena Iren Michaelsen (Symphonic Metal- Imperia)
  67. Anne Nurmi (Gothic Metal- Lacrimosa)
  68. Sarah Jezebel Deva (Symphonic Metal- Angtoria, Therion, Cradle of Filth)
  69. Sandra Schleret (Heavy Metal- Siegfried)
  70. Nera (Symphonic Metal- Darzamat)
  71. Becki Clark (Progressive Symphonic Metal- Season’s End)
  72. Elize Ryd (Powermetal/Melodic Metalcore- Amaranthe)
  73. Marie-Hélène Landry (Deathcore- Despised Icon)
  74. Candice Clot (Heavy Metal- Eths)
  75. Donita Sparks (L7- Alternative Metal)
  76. Nienke de Jong (Heavy Metal- Autumn)
  77. Vicky Psarakis (Extreme Metal- The Agonist)
  78. Sabina Classen (Thrash Metal- Holy Moses)
  79. Julie Kiss (Progressive Metal/ Gothic Metal- To-Mera)
  80. Aline Haap (Symphonic Metal/Gothic Metal- Lyria)
  81. Cat (Gothic Metal- Mortal Love)
  82. Lauren Harris (Heavy Metal- Solo)
  83. Kuroneko (Heavy Metal- Onmyo-Za)
  84. Zuberoa Aznárez (Symphonic Metal- Diabulus in Musica)
  85. Laura Pleasants (Sludge Metal- Kylesa)
  86. Morgan Lacroix (Gothic Metal- Mandragora Scream)
  87. Anne Nurmi (Gothic Metal- Lacrimosa)
  88. Julie Christmas (Sludge Metal- Made Out Of Babies) 
  89. Kobra Paige (Heavy Metal- Kobra And The Lotus)
  90. Pamela Moore (Heavy Metal- Solo)
  91. Betsy Bitch (Heavy Metal- Bitch)
  92. Christine Davis (Heavy Metal- Christian Mistress)
  93. Alia O’Brien (Blood Ceremony- Doom Metal)
  94. Dinah Cancer (Deathrock- 45 Grave)
  95. Flora (Heavy Metal/Symphonic Metal- Kerion)
  96. Eva O (Goth Metal- Christian Death/Shadow Project)
  97. Candace Kucsulain (Metalcore- Walls of Jericho)
  98. Alina Dunaevskaya (Heavy Metal- Markize)
  99. Dawn Crosby (Thrash Metal- Detente)
  100. Francine Boucher (Thrash Metal/Progressive Metal- Echoes of Eternity)

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