100 Greatest Metal Love Songs and Metal Ballads

The subgenres of heavy metal are humungous. Love songs in the heavy metal context take balladry to another level. Enjoy a showcase of the best metal love songs and metal ballads.

When heavy metal is the name of the game, what comes to mind is an edgy hard hitting signature sound. However, there is melancholic balladry associated with metal that takes listeners on a theatrical ride of dreams and images. Metal ballads have been popular in heavy metal circles for a long time, however, metal love songs have not made it to mainstream, and that’s what gives metal ballads and metal love songs their unique identity.

While balladry is often associated with love, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are metal love songs that speak a different language of love through stories of warriors, wizards and demons. The epic soundscapes and ethereal environment created by metal love songs and metal ballads captivates the mind and heart of listeners. When you sit in the silence listening to a metal ballad you will realize, there lies beauty in blissful melancholy.

The themes of love in heavy metal are diverse, and this aspect gives balladry new meaning in metal love songs.

Ancient themes such as mythology and folklore are aesthetically showcased in metal ballads. The melodic sensibilities of acoustic balladry incorporated in realms of heavy metal give metal love songs their signature sound. A trademark of metal love songs is the high pitched vocals. Pitch changes in vocal delivery are popular in metal love songs; this is because of thematic elements in metal love songs and ballads. Acoustic interludes and with symphonic feel are popular in heavy metal balladry. Lyrics in metal ballads tell stories of mythical tales and folklore. Operatic high register vocals in metal ballads along with guitar parts and piano parts are interspersed in accordance with the theme of lyrics.

While many heavy metal subgenres have contributed towards showcasing metal love songs in new light, it’s the Power metal genre that has aesthetically taken metal ballads to new heights. Power metal bands are known for their articulate metal love songs and ballads. Every heavy metal band’s approach to ballads is theatrically different and that’s the reason the sound of ballads in the realms of metal is broad based. Dwell deep in a list of the best metal love songs and metal ballads.

100 Greatest Metal Love Songs and Metal Ballads

  1. Helloween- A Tale That Wasn’t Right
  2. Gamma Ray- Lake of Tears
  3. Manowar- Master of the Wind
  4. Stratovarious- Forever
  5. Blind Guardian- The Bard’s Song (In The Forest)
  6. Axel Rudi Pell- Oceans OF Time
  7. Judas Priest- Before The Dawn
  8. Sonata Arctica- Tallulah
  9. HammerFall- Always Will Be
  10. Dream Theater- Another Day
  11. Riot- Runaway
  12. Masterplan- Hopes and Dreams
  13. Edguy- Land of The Miracle
  14. Majestic- The Rapture of Canaan
  15. Testament- Return to Serenity
  16. Rhapsody- The Magic of the Wizard’s Dream
  17. At Vance- Princess of the Night
  18. Dream Evil- Losing You
  19. Rage- After The End
  20. Yngwie Malmsteen- Dreaming (Tell Me)
  21. Epica- Solitary Ground
  22. Stormwind- River of Love
  23. Nemesis- Rain
  24. Kamelot- A Sailorman’s Hymn
  25. Derdian- Forevermore
  26. Luca Turilli- Silver Moon
  27. Pathfinder- Undiscovered Dreams
  28. Cain’s Offering- Into The Blue
  29. Symphony X- The Sacrifice
  30. Lacrimosa- Not Every Pain Hurts
  31. Warcry- Nana
  32. Crematory- Mirror
  33. Rhapsody of Fire- Son of Pain
  34. Kaledon- Goodbye My Friend
  35. Accept- Winter Dreams
  36. W.A.S.P. - Forever Free
  37. Highland Glory- The Sacrifice
  38. Avantasia- Anywhere
  39. Iced Earth- I Died For You
  40. Grave Digger- The Ballad of Mary (Queen of Scots)
  41. Within Temptation- The Swan Song
  42. Virgin Steele -Child of Desolation
  43. Kotipelto- Beauty Has Come
  44. Dragonforce- Dawn over a New World
  45. Tiamat- Gaia
  46. Dragonland- Forever Walking Alone
  47. Metallica- Nothing Else Matters
  48. Heavenly- … Dust To Dust
  49. Angra- Rainy Nights
  50. Dark Moor- The Sound of the Blade
  51. Theatre of Tragedy- Cassandra
  52. Forgotten Tales- My Soul
  53. Bonfire- Why is it Never Enough
  54. Magic Kingdom- Another Sun
  55. Karelia- Called Up
  56. Sentenced- The Golden Stream of Lapland
  57. Labyrinth- Falling Rain
  58. Epica- Feint
  59. Throne of Chaos- Reason to Be
  60. Falconer- Portals of Light
  61. Power Quest- When I’m Gone
  62. Kenziner- Like a Paradise
  63. Therion- The Siren of the Woods
  64. Enisferum- Tears
  65. Atrocity- Calling the Rain
  66. Dawn of Destiny- Where Are You Now
  67. Revolution Renaissance- Keep the Flame Alive
  68. Demons & Wizards- Fiddler on The Green
  69. Nightwish- Walking In the Air
  70. After Forever- Lonely
  71. Dreamtale- Mirror
  72. Kapel Maister- Keeper of My Heart
  73. Ravenheart- In Memory
  74. Highlord- You’ll Never Be Lonely
  75. Lunatica- The Power of Love
  76. Supreme Majesty- One More Promise
  77. After Forever- Empty Memories
  78. Dionysus- Forever More
  79. Iron Mask- My Eternal Flame
  80. Narnia- Long Live the King
  81. Edenbridge- Forever Shine On
  82. Primal Fear- Bleed for Me
  83. Domine- Forevermore
  84. Secret Sphere- Seren
  85. Iron Fire- Angel of Light
  86. Amorphis- Tuonela
  87. Soulspell- A Little Too Far
  88. Majesty- Freedom Heart
  89. Skylark- Waiting for the Princess
  90. Visions of Atlantis- Winterlight
  91. Meduza- In Death
  92. Altaria- Emerald Eye
  93. Savage Circus- Ballad of Susan
  94. Delirion- The Light of Your Eyes
  95. Holy Knights- Love against the Power of Evil
  96. Silverlane- Anything
  97. Avalanch- Echoes of a Life
  98. Silent Fall- One Cold Winter Night
  99. Amberian Dawn- Birth of the Harp
  100. Gwyllion- Angelheart

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