100 Greatest Offbeat Bollywood Movies

Top 100 offbeat Bollywood Movies

100 Greatest Offbeat Bollywood Movies
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While mainstream masala is popular in Hindi cinema, unconventional concepts have gradually gained prominence in recent years. Offbeat has become the new mantra in Bollywood. Here’s an epic showcase of the best offbeat Bollywood Movies.

Bollywood is known for its glitz and glamour. The Hindi film industry is known to churn out a large number of movies each year. Needless to say the Indian film industry is the biggest in the world, and Bollywood’s contribution to cinema has been immense. While commercial cinema attributes to a large part of Bollywood, unconventional movies have made an impact since early days of filmmaking. Offbeat movies may not appeal to the masses, however, to certain sections in society offbeat films make a huge impact. In India few filmmakers have a penchant for unconventional, unusual, idiosyncratic, bizarre, quirky or outlandishly offbeat movies.

In India, masala movies, action movies, romantic movies, comedy movies, and thriller movies are hugely popular with audiences.

Typically an offbeat movie is not made with the intention of attaining blockbuster success; however, there have been unconventional films that have gained mainstream success in Bollywood. Since the 80s, themes, topics and subjects in Hindi films have become daringly different. Directors and filmmakers are exploring unconventional movie genres, and this new trend of offbeat has appealed to youth in India.

In India few actors and actresses are preferred by filmmakers for their powerful screen presence and ability to emote in offbeat roles. A number of character actors in India are associated with offbeat films. While not many actors in Bollywood have managed a smooth transition from offbeat to mainstream, few actors have had tremendous success in offbeat and commercial movies. Only exceptionally talented actors can switch forth from offbeat movies to commercial movies with relative ease. Offbeat Hindi films may not have commercial value, however a number of offbeat films in Bollywood have a cult following among movie aficionados and have become epic in the true sense.  

The space below showcases a list of epic offbeat Bollywood films.

100 Greatest Offbeat Bollywood Movies

  1. Albert Pinto Ko Gussa Kyoon Aata Hai
  2. A Wednesday!
  3. Gulaal
  4. Black Friday
  5. Dasvidaniya
  6. Mumbai Meri Jaan
  7. Sulemani Keeda
  8. The Lunchbox
  9. Khosla Ka Ghosla
  10. Stanley Ka Dabba
  11. Maqbool
  12. Parzania
  13. I Am Kalam
  14. Saraansh
  15. Dev D
  16. 36 Chowringhee Lane
  17. Matrubhoomi: A Nation Without Women
  18. Udaan
  19. Mohan Joshi Haazir Ho!
  20. Salaam Bombay
  21. Mr.and Mrs. Iyer
  22. Swades
  23. Katha
  24. Dhobi Ghat
  25. Aligrah
  26. Ijaazat
  27. Mandi
  28. Dor
  29. Shahid
  30. Monsoon Wedding
  31. Iqbal
  32. Being Cyrus
  33. Highway
  34. The Blue Umbrella
  35. Omkara
  36. Antardwand
  37. Mirch
  38. LSD (Love Sex Dhoka)
  39. Haider
  40. Astitva
  41. Margarita, with a Straw
  42. Ardh Satya
  43. Manjhi: The Mountain Man
  44. Tere Bin Laden
  45. My Brother… Nikhil
  46. Masaan
  47. Raincoat
  48. Sparsh
  49. Ek Chalis Ki Last Local
  50. Wake Up Sid
  51. Firaaq
  52. Gour Hari Dastaan
  53. Ek Doctor Ki Maut
  54. Ugly
  55. The Last Lear
  56. Hey Ram
  57. Greater Elephant
  58. Mirch Masala
  59. Ankur
  60. Om-Dar-B-Dar
  61. Ek Ruka Hua Faisla
  62. Mastram
  63. Rocket Singh: Salesman of The Year
  64. Dil Dosti Etc.
  65. Manorama: Six Feet Under
  66. Aakrosh
  67. Chhoti Si Baat
  68. Ankhon Dekhi
  69. Raanjhanaa
  70. Hulla
  71. Filmistaan
  72. Ship of Thesus
  73. Masoom
  74. Sankat City
  75. Bombay Velvet
  76. Aamir
  77. Supermen of Malegaon
  78. Liar’s Dice
  79. Mithya
  80. Chaittagong
  81. Kya Dilli Kya Lahore
  82. Nishant
  83. Bubble Gum
  84. Gol Maal
  85. Jalpari: The Desert Mermaid
  86. Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro
  87. Arth
  88. Three Walls
  89. Do Dooni Chaar
  90. Sehar
  91. Titli
  92. Shor In The City
  93. Loteera
  94. Miss Lovely
  95. 15 Park Avenue
  96. Haasil
  97. Raghu Romeo
  98. Bheja Fry
  99. Shaurya
  100. Phas Gaye Re Obama

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