100 Greatest Technical Death Metal Bands and Technical Thrash Metal Bands

Technical death metal and technical thrash metal are two heavy metal subgenres that are known for their complex rhythm sections that involve speed and accuracy. Furthermore the odd time tempo signatures take brutality and melodic aspects to another level. This article brings to light the best technical death metal bands and technical thrash metal bands.

Technical metal has come into its own through experimentation and gone on to become a vital aspect among extreme subgenres of heavy metal. Few thrash bands and speed metal bands from the 80s started experimenting with complex riffs and rhythmic structures which lead to highly technical compositions. Technical metal came into being in the 80s with thrash bands leading the way for the new sound. Technical thrash metal came into prominence in the early 80s with bands experimenting with song structure. Accuracy in instrumental pieces of technical thrash metal bands made jaws drop. The metronomic accuracy some of the thrash bands achieved in their complex rhythmic structure has helped evolve progressive elements in extreme genres of music.

Towards the late 80s many death metal bands emerged bringing in their blend of technical metal.

Many technical death metal bands started experimenting with brutal rhythmic riffing and encompassing melodic aspects in compositions. The sophistication death metal bands introduced in the realms of structure and songwriting paved the way for a new wave of technical metal bands. Technical metal helped various complex metal genres like metalcore, deathgrind, mathcore and djent emerge in new light.

Not many technical death metal bands and technical thrash metal bands in the 80s and 90s found major record deals. However, many bands in this genre released albums on independently. Some technical death metal bands incorporated jazz fusion elements to their brutal sound garnering attention of metal enthusiasts from various genres and subgenres. The 80s and 90s were decades that lead the way for technical bands. Since then many bands from extreme genres have encompassed various technical elements taking composition and song structure to a new level. Free form expression in technical metal has become increasingly popular over the years. It’s just the beginning, there’s a lot that will emerge in the days ahead.

100 Greatest Technical Death Metal Bands and Technical Thrash Metal Bands

  1. Blotted Science
  2. Nile
  3. Believer                                           
  4. Unexpect
  5. Mekong Delta
  6. Meshuggah
  7. Invocator
  8. Rings of Saturn
  9. Death
  10. Cryptopsy
  11. Deus Invictus
  12. The Faceless
  13. Deathbringer
  14. Coroner
  15. Necrophagist
  16. Decapitated
  17. Sarcofago
  18. Arsis
  19. Voivod
  20. Obscura
  21. Dying Fetus
  22. Pestilence
  23. Atheist
  24. Despair
  25. Obliveon
  26. Beneath The Massacre
  27. Gorguts
  28. Toxik
  29. Between the Buried and Me
  30. Cynic
  31. Brain Drill
  32. Nocturnus
  33. Spawn of Possession
  34. Fleshwrought
  35. Amoral
  36. Psycroptic
  37. Hellwitch
  38. Neuraxis
  39. Aeon
  40. Gorod
  41. Malignancy
  42. Anata
  43. Quo Vadis
  44. Extol
  45. Lethargy
  46. Monstrosity
  47. Stam1na
  48. Becoming The Archtype
  49. Carcariass
  50. Lost Soul
  51. Trigger The Bloodshed
  52. Negativa
  53. Sadist
  54. Believer
  55. Odious Mortem
  56. Coprofago
  57. Sadus
  58. Vektor
  59. Allegaeon
  60. Cerebral Bore
  61. Gojira
  62. Opressor
  63. Martyr
  64. Fleshgod Apocalypse
  65. The Red Chord
  66. Hour of Penance
  67. Iniquity
  68. Gory Blister
  69. Theory In Practice
  70. The Contortionist
  71. Suffocation
  72. Man Must Die
  73. Augury
  74. Blind Illusion
  75. Origin
  76. Demilich
  77. Burning The Masses
  78. Visceral Bleeding
  79. Revocation
  80. Wayd
  81. Deathrow
  82. Hellwitch
  83. Decrepit Birth
  84. Assorted Heap
  85. Sceptic
  86. Alarum
  87. Cephalic Carnage
  88. Hacride
  89. Defiance
  90. Scarve
  91. Esqarial
  92. Tourniquet
  93. Capharnaum
  94. Geisha Goner
  95. Lykathea Aflame
  96. The Famine
  97. Diskreet
  98. Benighted
  99. In-Quest
  100. Abysmal Torment

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