Greatest Bollywood Comedians

The funny men and women in Hindi films have enthralled audiences with their trademark comic timing. This article is a showcase of the best comedians in Bollywood.

If you watch a commercial Bollywood film, you will realize the movie covers elements of everything in a space of a little over 2 hours. There is song, dance, emotional outbreak, and comedy in every commercial venture. In India people love to have a good laugh. Family cinema is hugely popular, and so majority of movies feature comic scenes. Comedians are important in Bollywood. Mind you making audiences laugh as they have their popcorn is no easy task.

A comedian needs to have impromptu skills to make moments funny. The dialogue writers in movies do help considerably with funny lines, however, it’s the comedians timing on screen that evokes the laughs.

Comedians use mannerisms and gestures in their own special way to make movie goers laugh. Facial expressions are used in unique ways by comedians in movies to make audiences roll with laughter. There are different genres in comedy, and every genre has comedians that excel in their favorite space. Over the years comedy films have become hugely popular genre in India. While the comedian in the past used to find it difficult to get sufficient screen space in a movie, in present time comedians have found that much needed screen-space because of the large number of comedies that are released.

Since the 50s comedians have made an impact in Hindi films. The new breed of comedians acting in Bollywood films have been inspired and influenced a great deal by comedians in the past. Comedians are loved by their fans because of the memorable funny moments they bring to life. For many comedians it has been a struggle to find a permanent place in the film industry. Comedy is a genre this is becoming exceedingly popular in India, and it will only get better.

The magical moments of comedy remain etched in memories forever. Bollywood has had a legacy of great comedians, and the legacy continues. Below is a detailed list of the best Bollywood comedians. If you like comedy films and comedians from Bollywood, feel free to have your say.

Greatest Bollywood Comedians

  1. Mehmood
  2. Johnny Walker
  3. Mukri
  4. Keshto Mukherjee
  5. Om Prakash
  6. Tun Tun
  7. Paintal
  8. Rajendra Nath
  9. Bhagwan
  10. Johnny Lever
  11. Asrani
  12. Jagdeep
  13. Dada Kondke
  14. Kader Khan
  15. Utpal Dutt
  16. Paresh Rawal
  17. Devan Verma
  18. Boman Irani
  19. Rakesh Bedi
  20. Laxmikant Berde
  21. Satish Shah
  22. Rajpal Yadhav
  23. I.S. Johar
  24. Govinda
  25. Satish Kaushik
  26. Ashok Saraf
  27. Jaspal Bhatti
  28. Tiku Talsania
  29. Preeti Ganguly
  30. Shakti Kapoor
  31. Javed Jaffery
  32. Sanjay Mishra

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