Top 100 Shred Guitarists

The display of technique and style by guitar players in various genres of music is astounding. This article showcases a list of the 100 best shred guitarists.

The display of technique and style by guitar players in various genres of music is astounding. This article showcases a list of the 100 best shred guitarists.

Shred Guitar
Belting out breakneck speed riffs and solos doesn’t come easy. All it takes is practice, practice and more practice to achieve the unimaginable. Precision and control in shred guitar is of essential importance. Although every guitar player seems to have it easy with a variety of clean and distorted patches on effects processors, its guitarists with an excellent left hand and right hand technique that pack a punch with listeners. It’s a misconception among many that shred guitar has its roots firmly in various sub genres of rock.

Shred guitar techniques have been creatively used by guitar players in various genres of music. Both, technical shred guitarists and melodic shred guitarists have a huge fan following. Paul

Technique and method used by guitar players
Technique and method used by shred guitar players varies drastically. Different playing techniques used by shredders are:
• Alternate Picking
• Sweep Picking
• Economy Picking
• Hybrid picking
• Tremolo technique
• String Skipping
• Modes ( Ascending or Descending)
• Finger Tapping
• Legato
• Hammer-On
• Pull-Off
• Sweep Arpeggio
• Whammy Bar Abuse
• Speed Riffing
• Pinch Harmonic

100 Best Shred Guitar Players

1. Michael Angelo Batio
2. Allan Holdsworth
3. Yngwie Malmsteen
4. Chris Impellitteri
5. Greg Howe
6. Shawn Lane
7. Paul Gilbert
8. Frank Gambale
9. Buckethead (Brian Carroll)
10. John Petrucci
11. Marty Friedman
12. Rusty Cooley
13. Rob Marcello
14. Al Di Meola
15. Michael Romeo
16. Vinnie Moore
17. Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal
18. George Bellas
19. Joe Stump
20. Michael Lee Firkins
21. George Lynch
22. Joey Tafolla
23. Guthrie Govan
24. Tosin Abasi
25. Jason Becker
26. Steve Vai
27. Chris Broderick
28. Joe Satraini
29. Eddie Van Halen
30. Kiko Loureiro
31. Theodore Ziras
32. Tiago Della Vega
33. Marco Sfogli
34. Jeff Loomis
35. Dimebag Darrell
36. Nuno Bettencourt
37. Tony MacAlpine
38. Ron Jarzombek
39. Mattias IA Eklundh
40. Steve Morse
41. Alexi Laiho
42. Richie Kotzen
43. Alex Skolnick
44. Herman Li
45. Ethan Brosh
46. Brett Garsed
47. T.J. Helmerich
48. Jennifer Batten
49. Paul Hanson
50. Andy James
51. Takayoshi Ohmura
52. Lori Linstruth
53. Matias Kupiainen
54. Reb Beach
55. Jani Liimatainen
56. Ioannis Anastassakis
57. Neil Zaza
58. Marc Rizzo
59. Alex Masi
60. Gentaro Satomura
61. Rex Carroll
62. Ilan Ashkenazi
63. Randall Padilla
64. Syu
65. Mick Barr
66. Mike Campese
67. Zakk Wylde
68. The Great Kat
69. Danielle Gottardo
70. Akira Takasaki
71. Jeremy Barnes
72. Walter Giardino
73. John 5
74. Silvio Gazquez
75. Patrick Rondat
76. Dave Martone
77. Gus G
78. David Valdes
79. Matthew Mills
80. Greg Harrison
81. Bryan Apsey
82. Edu Ardanuy
83. Frank Solari
84. Tony Smotherman
85. Goncalo Pereira
86. Borislav Mitic
87. Tom Hess
88. Mike Orlando
89. Damjan Pejcinoski
90. Doug Doppler
91. Hedras Ramos
92. Gustavo Guerra
93. Fernando Miyata
94. Marcel Coenen
95. Norifumi Shima
96. Brian Maillard
97. Charly Sahona
98. Ignacio Torres
99. Eugene Berger
100. German Schauss

Needless to say a list can’t have them all. Apart from the above mentioned guitarists, there are several others that can floor you with their jaw dropping playing style. This list is merely an attempt at sharing a tiny portion of guitarists with mesmerizing shred techniques. Feel free to mention guitarists you feel should have made it on this list. Do share your comments and views.

Tips for shred guitarists (Beginners)-Importance of practice
Implementing creative time intervals gives shred techniques its uniqueness. For every individual aspiring to be a good guitar shredder, it is essential to practice with a metronome. There are no shortcuts to success. Seek inspiration from your guitar idol. Everybody has their guitar gods, learn from them. YouTube is an excellent source for guitar lessons. Concentrate on clarity in picking and fingering notes before you develop speed. Practice your scales regularly, but do not use them mechanically. The art of developing mesmerizing shred guitar techniques lies in an individual’s ability to interconnect notes on a fret board effectively. The more you practice, the better you get.

Learn the right way
Remember, in any type of guitar playing, learning methodically and correctly is essential. Learning is easy; it’s unlearning the wrong technique that’s difficult. Once you get habituated to a technique or method that is improper, it restricts or hampers playing ability. Don’t go overboard with your practice sessions. Give your brain and fingers a rest. Be open to learning different guitar techniques. Every guitar player has a comfort zone, do not get stuck there. Unless you explore, you will not learn new concepts. Developing the art of phrasing is important for a guitar player. Learning new methods and techniques and incorporating it with your signature style adds dynamism to guitar playing.

Keep shred alive! Happy shredding!

You can watch the aforementioned shred guitarists here

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