100 Greatest Avant Grade Metal Bands

A subgenre of Heavy metal, Avant Garde Metal is known for its characteristic elements such as experimentation, sophisticated song structure, playing styles, vocal techniques, unconventional rhythmic structure and complex metronomic timing. An amalgamation of various music styles gives unique identity to avant garde metal. Here’s an epic list of the best avant garde metal bands.

Avant garde metal is an offshoot of experimentation in rhythmic structure that came into being through realms of progressive rock and extreme metal. Many progressive bands from the 60s lead the experimentation brigade through their music. The Canterbury scene is considered by many the birth of the avant garde sound. Many progressive bands from the Canterbury scene experimented with long complex structure incorporating jazz-fusion and free jazz.

Avant garde rock in the 60s was associated with bands dishing out highly sophisticated complex compositions. Through the 80s few metal bands started incorporating avant garde elements in their music giving birth to a fresh new sound in metal. Extreme metal took an instant liking to avant garde elements in music with many death metal bands and black metal bands incorporating complex song structure and highly sophisticated metronomic timings.

Avant garde metal owes a great deal to progressive rock, progressive metal and extreme metal. Diverse influences from various genres are a notable factor in many avant garde metal bands.

The unconventional sound accompanied with complexity of song structure and composition gives Avant garde metal a unique identity. The varied aspects of experimentation in this heavy metal subgenere, make this musical subgenre broad-based. Progressive metal elements are encompassed in avant garde musical styles by many bands. Through the 90s many Norwegian metal bands pioneered a new wave of avant garde metal. The End Records, an independent record label has played a critical role in promoting avant garde metal bands and experimental metal bands.

Since the 90s avant garde metal has evolved a great deal. Post 2000 many avant garde metal bands have been aesthetically blending influences from diverse genres in the realms of nontraditional metal. The amalgamation of diverse musical styles makes avant garde metal a complex subgenre with a unique identity. Complex instrumentation and structure blend with melodic aspects ethereally in avant garde elements. Considering the large scale experimentation that goes on in experimental metal, one can safely say Avant garde metal will keep evolving. The future is bright for avant garde metal, and many bands will bring in new musical styles and techniques to all things avant garde.

The list below showcases bands with diverse experimental musical styles from various genres in the realms of avant garde metal.

100 Greatest Avant Garde Metal Bands

  1. Arcturus
  2. Unexpect
  3. Solefald
  4. Ved Buens Ende
  5. Maudlin of the Well
  6. Thy Catafalque
  7. Fantomas
  8. Kayo Dot
  9. Mr. Bungle
  10. Pin-Up Went Down
  11. Meshuggah
  12. Yakuza
  13. Devilish Impressions
  14. Ram-Zet
  15. Neurosis
  16. Dodheimsgard
  17. Vintersorg
  18. Fleurety
  19. Ephel Duath
  20. Ulver
  21. Pan. Thy. Monium
  22. Korovakill
  23. Manes
  24. Sleepytime Gorilla Museum
  25. Age of Silence
  26. Coroner
  27. Sigh
  28. Lux Occulta
  29. Agalloch
  30. Between The Burried And Me
  31. Peccatum
  32. Angizia
  33. Cynic
  34. Dog Fashion Disco
  35. Stolen Babies
  36. Dance Club Massacre
  37. Behold… The Arctopus
  38. Carnival in Coal
  39. Ahleuchatistas
  40. Extol
  41. Shaolin Death Squad
  42. Diablo Swing Orchestra
  43. Subterranean Masquerade
  44. Deli Creeps
  45. Sikth
  46. Cronian    
  47. Estradasphere
  48. Deathspell Omega
  49. Boris
  50. Cephalic Carnage
  51. Einsturzende Neubauten
  52. Dornenreich
  53. Kekal
  54. Negativa
  55. Doom (Japanese Band)
  56. Ewigkeit
  57. Ludicra
  58. Frantic Bleep
  59. Painkiller
  60. Orthrelm
  61. Hawk Eyes
  62. Leprous
  63. Naked City
  64. Psyopus
  65. Madder Mortem
  66. Oxbow
  67. Shining (Norwegian Band)
  68. Cornbugs
  69. Todtgelichter
  70. Peculate
  71. Antrox
  72. Nuclear Rabbit
  73. Orthrelm
  74. Diabolical Masquerade
  75. Thought Industry
  76. Alchemist
  77. Sculptured
  78. Nucleus Torn
  79. Akphaezya
  80. StarGazer
  81. Polkadot Cadaver
  82. Terra Tenebrosa
  83. Misanthorpe
  84. Stork
  85. Virus
  86. Dakrya
  87. Iceburn
  88. Transcending Bizarre?
  89. Ensoph
  90. Headkase
  91. Intronaut            
  92. Smohalla
  93. Atrox
  94. The Amenta
  95. Carbonized
  96. Indorphine
  97. What’s He Building in There?
  98. Long Distance Calling
  99. Divina Enema
  100. Sirrah

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