100 Acoustic Rock Ballads and Power Ballads that help get over a Breakup

Sometimes, it feels good when breakup days come forth gushing in thoughts though music. Here’s an epic list of acoustic rock ballads and power ballads that help get over a breakup.

Dealing with a breakup is not easy. You’ve got to let time deal with the healing process after a breakup. There’s nothing you can do with memories, they linger. Memories from a breakup come alive when you listen to music. The days after a breakup remain fresh in corners of the mind. It’s a struggle to get past 24 hours in a day after a breakup, especially if you never saw it coming.

It’s a painful and agonizing experience when a breakup is not mutual.

You are dumped, or you dump, yeah there is reason for everything. Complexities are weird in every possible way you analyze. A relationship can end without warning; sometimes we don’t see the end coming. And when you suddenly find yourself dealing with a breakup, you feel reckless. You get easily annoyed with little things that are not of relevance in your life. Acoustic rock ballads and power ballads bring back images of the past beautifully and help get over a breakup positively.

Music does play an important role in helping you grieve and get over painful memories. Many individuals keep away from music after a breakup, because it brings back memories from the past… that’s unreal. We shy away from something when we want to seek refuge from our past. Instead, we should be listening to music, it helps grieve positively and move forward. When there is hurt within, you need songs to soothe. Acoustic rock ballads do flashback memories, good memories and painful memories, but it’s these ballads that give you the strength to cope up with life after a breakup in brand new perspective. As you listen to romantic ballads and power ballads you see vivid images of the past clearly, you may feel stuck in a moment with painful memories, but when you are done listening to a session of power ballads you feel free.

Sentimental rock ballads help soothe and grieve positively. All the turmoil after a breakup needs an outlet, and the best way to let go is by letting memories showcase your past as you listen to songs. Ballads infuse moments and memories aesthetically. Lyrics in acoustic rock ballads, speak a language of the heart, and any song that connects with the heart helps feel the pain thereby making your stronger emotionally.

Ballads from the 80s and 90s are known to evoke a special feeling of love, togetherness, and belonging. Well, there’s no denying the 80s and 90s were the prime ballad decades. Bitter memories can be overcome by listening to soothing romantic ballads, sentimental ballads, acoustic rock ballads and power ballads. When moments from your breakup flash in front of your eyes, you only get stronger and move forward. You cannot erase your past, but ballads can help you grieve and move forward in times of heartache and turmoil.

Below is a list of acoustic rock ballads, power ballads, romantic ballads and sentimental ballads that help soothe the heartbreak process and thereby get over a breakup.

Top 100 acoustic rock ballads and power ballads that help get over a breakup

  1. Love Is on The Way- Saigon Kick
  2. Ready For Love- Bad Company
  3. Just Take My Heart- Mr Big
  4. Shape of My Heart- Sting
  5. Is This Love- Whitesnake
  6. Every Rose Has Its Thorn- Poison
  7. Wicked Game- Chris Isaak
  8. I Remember You- Skid Row
  9. Every Breath You Take- The Police
  10. Still Loving You- Scorpions
  11. Drive- Cars
  12. Love Hurts- Nazareth
  13. Tears in Heaven- Eric Clapton
  14. Take Away My Pain- Dream Theater
  15. Love Will Keep Us Alive- The Eagles
  16. Carrie- Europe
  17. Keep On Loving You- REO Speedwagon
  18. I Want to Know What Love Is- Foreigner
  19. Faithfully- Journey
  20. Drops Of Jupiter- Train
  21. All Out Of Love- Air Supply
  22. The Flame- Cheap Trick
  23. Yesterday- The Beatles
  24. I’ll Be There For You- Bon Jovi
  25. With or Without You- U2
  26. Imagine- John Lenon
  27. All BY Myself- Eric Carmen
  28. More Than Words- Extreme
  29. Time After Time- Cyndi Lauper
  30. Goodbye to Romance- Ozzy Osbourne
  31. How Am I Supposed To Live Without You- Michael Bolton
  32. Straight From The Heart- Bryan Adams
  33. Silent Lucidity- Queensryche
  34. Missing You- John Waite
  35. Angel- Aerosmith
  36. Love Of My Life- Queen
  37. It’s a Heartache- Bonnie Taylor
  38. Love Bites- Def Leppard
  39. It Must Have Been Love- Roxette
  40. Alone Again- Dokken
  41. Fly To The Angels- Slaughter
  42. When It’s Love- Van Halen
  43. Broken Wings- Mr. Mister
  44. Love Song- Tesla
  45. When I’m With You- Sheriff
  46. Where You Goin’ Now- Damn Yankees
  47. Alone- Heart
  48. Changes- Black Sabbath
  49. More Than Words Can Say- Alias
  50. November Rain- Guns N’ Roses
  51. Baby, You’re The Greatest- Ennuf Z’Nuff
  52. I Won’t Hold You Back- Toto
  53. Forever- Kiss
  54. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes- Asia
  55. Right Here Waiting- Richard Marx
  56. Babe- Styx
  57. Lavender- Marilllion
  58. When I Look Into Your Eyes- Firehouse
  59. Miles Away- Winger
  60. Heaven In Your Eyes- Loverboy
  61. Up Where We Belong- Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes
  62. Never Tear Us Apart- Inxs
  63. When I see You Smile- Bad English
  64. Best I Ever Had (Grey Sky Morning)- Vertical Horizon
  65. Amanda- Boston
  66. Burning Heart- Vandenberg
  67. Eternal Flame- The Bangles
  68. Nights In White Satin- The Moody Blues
  69. Only Women Bleed- Alice Cooper
  70. Still Got The Blues- Gary Moore
  71. Behind Blue Eyes- The Who
  72. Anytime- MSG (McAuley Schenker Group)
  73. In Your Arms- Little Ceasar
  74. Don’t Know What you Got (Til It’s Gone)- Cinderella
  75. Wish You Were Here- Pink Floyd
  76. She’s Gone- Steelheart
  77. The Ballad of Jayne- L.A. Guns
  78. We’ve Got Tonight- Bob Seger
  79. Angie- Rolling Stones
  80. Save Your Love- Great White
  81. Don’t Walk Away- Danger Danger
  82. 25 Days from Home- Loudness
  83. Iris- Goo Goo Dolls
  84. She’s Always A Woman- Billy Joel
  85. I’ll See You in My Dreams- Giant
  86. Heaven- Warrant
  87. I Don’t Want To Live Without You- Sleez Beez
  88. You’re All I Need- Motley Crue
  89. Remember My Name- House of Lords
  90. What’s Love Got to Do with It- Tina Turner
  91. Nobody Knows- Lilian Axe
  92. Your Turn- Helloween
  93. Honestly- Stryper
  94. Tears of Fire- Keel
  95. Little Lies- Fleetwood Mac
  96. What Keeps Me Loving You- XYZ
  97. Don’t Close Your Eyes- Kix
  98. What Love Can Be- Kingdome Come
  99. Heaven- Warrant
  100. Standing Alone- Tyketto

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