100 Greatest Workplace Songs: Songs about Jobs and Work

Top 100 Workplace Songs: Songs about Jobs and Work

100 Greatest Workplace Songs: Songs about Jobs and Work
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Since early days singers and songwriters have covered various scenarios related to work and jobs in songs. This article brings to life a list of workplace songs.

Many singers and songwriters have poetically described struggles and hardships faced at work in their songs. Numerous musicians have showcased how difficult it was to make ends meet juggling jobs. The struggles and hardships associated with earning money have been creatively brought to life in lyrics of songs. Often real-life experiences that tell a heart-warming tale of difficulties are mentioned in songs related to work. Scenarios such as getting a job or moving to a big city to earn big money have been expressively narrated in songs from different genres.

Songs about working for a living have been told in myriad ways. In many songs, songwriters have described how individuals are frustrated with the jobs they have but have no choice but to continue with their jobs for the money.

Songs about working hard to achieve goals and get somewhere have become inspirational for listeners. Aspects about being underpaid or exploited at work have been theatrically described in songs from blues, folk, rock, pop and alternative music genres. What happens at the workplace is showcased aesthetically through lyrics in songs.

In many songs the boss at the workplace has been taken to the whipping post with lyrics of angst vented out. Songs about getting a job and surviving in a big city where there’s cut-throat competition have become popular with youth. Also, songs that tell a story of a person working hard and someone else getting credit at the workplace connect well with listeners. Lyrics in songs about getting jobs or songs about the workplace are popular because the instances mentioned are relatable to people in everyday life.

The lines below showcase a diverse list of songs at the workplace, songs about jobs, and songs about working hard.

100 Greatest Workplace Songs

  1. Hard Day’s Night- The Beatles
  2. Money for Nothing- Dire Straits
  3. Work- Rihanna
  4. Taking Care of Business- Bachman Turner Overdrive
  5. 9 to 5- Dolly Parton
  6. Manic Monday- The Bangles
  7. Working for the Weekend- Loverboy
  8. Workin’ For a Livin’- Huey Lewis & The News
  9. Workin’ in the Coal Mine- Lee Dorsey
  10. Blue Collar Man (Long Nights)- Styx
  11. California Daze- Peace
  12. Shiftwork- Kenny Chesney and George Strait
  13. Working Class Hero- Plastic Ono Band
  14. Working Man Blues- Merle Haggard
  15. Five O'Clock World- The Vogues
  16. Take This Job and Shove It- Johnny Paycheck
  17. Working Man’s Ph.D- Aaron Tippin
  18. Caught Up- John Legend
  19. Bang the Drum All Day- Todd Rundgren
  20. Working on the Highway- E Street Band
  21. I Can’t Wait To Get Off Work- Tom Waits
  22. Work Hard, Play Harder- Gretchen Wilson
  23. Bow River- Cold Chisel
  24. Busy Man- Billy Ray Cyrus
  25. Career Opportunities- The Clash
  26. Work It- Missy Elliot
  27. Fingers Never Bleed- Yeasayer
  28. Working on It- Chris Rea
  29. Assembly Line- Randy Montana
  30. Work Song- Hazier
  31. Door To Door- Creedence Clearwater Revival
  32. Better Place- Rumer
  33. Work- Kelly Rowland
  34. Morning Train (Nine to Five)- Sheen Easton
  35. Working Girl- Cher
  36. Hard Workin’ Man- Brooks & Dunn
  37. Civil Twilight- The Weakerthans
  38. Let’s Work- Prince
  39. Hands- The Ting Tings
  40. God Bless Saturday- Kid Rock
  41. Busy Earnin'- Jungle
  42. Flamethrower- J. Geils Band
  43. Whistle While You Work- Adriana Caselotti
  44. Boiled Frogs- Alexisonfire
  45. Cleaning Windows- Van Morrison
  46. Jobsworth- Jeremy Taylor
  47. Don't You Love Me No More?- Henry Priestman
  48. Work From Home- Fifth Harmony
  49. 6 Inch- Beyonce
  50. Get A Job- The Silhouettes
  51. Welcome to the Working Week- Elvis Costello
  52. Everything That I Got- Kristine W
  53. Work Bitch- Britney Spears
  54. Draggin' The Line- Tommy James
  55. Hard Hat and a Hammer- Alan Jackson
  56. Got a Job- The Miracles
  57. Maggie's Farm- Bob Dylan
  58. City Of Gainesville- Less Than Jake
  59. Don’t Talk to Me About Work- Lou Reed
  60. Working Man- Rush
  61. All In a Day's Work- Dr. Dre
  62. People Will Always Need Coal- Public Service Broadcasting
  63. Heigh-Ho- The Seven Dwarfs
  64. For The Workforce, Drowning- Thursday
  65. 48 Hours- The Clash
  66. Mad River- Dar Williams
  67. Karma Police- Radiohead
  68. Business Pleasure- Little Boots
  69. Like a Cowboy- Randy Houser
  70. Dirty Work- Steely Dan
  71. Cloud Factory- Sonata Arctica
  72. Drunk in Heels- Jennifer Nettles
  73. Go To Work- Nadine Coyle
  74. Self Made- Little Big Town
  75. Postman's Lament- The Singing Postman
  76. Decided Knowledge- Dutch Uncles
  77. Hard Way To Make An Easy Living- Toby Keith
  78. Workin’ Day and Night- Michael Jackson
  79. Let It Rock- Chuck Berry
  80. Peace Of Mind- Boston
  81. On My Way to Work- Paul McCartney
  82. National Working Woman’s Holiday- Sammy Kershaw
  83. Live a Little- Kenny Chesney
  84. She Works Hard for the Money- Donna Summer
  85. I Don't Have To Be Me 'Til Monday- Steve Azar
  86. Rox In The Box- The Decemberists
  87. Lettin' Go- Janelle Monáe
  88. We Can Work it Out- The Beatles
  89. Work Out- J. Cole
  90. Work Hard, Play Had- Wiz Khalifa
  91. Work- Iggy Azalea
  92. Comeback Kid- Kip Moore
  93. Workin’ Man- Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
  94. Musclebound- Spandau Ballet
  95. I've Been Working- Van Morrison
  96. Broken Clocks- SZA
  97. Late Nights, Early Mornings- Marsha Ambrosius
  98. Out Here Grindin- DJ Khaled
  99. Drinking Class- Lee Brice
  100. It's Five O'Clock Somewhere- Alan Jackson

More Workplace Songs

  • Six Feet Under- The Weeknd
  • World Is Mine- A$ap Ferg
  • Something More Than Free- Jason Isbell
  • Stoned- Puddle of Mudd
  • Re-Education (Through Labor)- Rise Against
  • Slave To The Wage- Placebo
  • Workin'- Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • The Banana Boat Song (Day-O)- Harry Belafonte
  • Work Work- Clipping.
  • The Collier Lass- Traditional
  • Whistle While You Work- Adriana Caselotti
  • The Warehouse Life- Richmond Fontaine
  • Working Girl- Little Boots
  • This F---ing Job- Drive-By Truckers
  • Work, Work, Work (Pub, Club, Sleep)- The Rakes
  • Stupid Girl- Jennifer Nettles
  • Working Week- Speech Debelle
  • The Modern Saxons- Seelenlicht
  • Working On The Highway- Bruce Springsteen
  • Someone Like You- Cockney Rejects
  • When I'm Cleaning Windows- George Formby
  • The Daily Grind- Bic Runga
  • Working For The Man By Day, Sticking It To The Man By Night- Lower Than Atlantis
  • Still Got A Finger- Blake Shelton
  • Work- The 2 Bears
  • The Slot Tech- The Killers
  • Worker's Song- Dropkick Murphys
  • What You Talking About?- Peter Bjorn and John
  • The Load-Out- Jackson Browne

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