100 Greatest Beatles Songs: Anthems you must hear before you die

The Beatles are regarded as one of the greatest bands in music history. When you listen to songs by The Beatles you feel that joy and warmth that gives life new meaning. From love songs, melancholic ballads, rock n’ roll to psychedelic rock; The Fab Four covered it all. Here’s a showcase of the best Beatles songs, anthems you must heat before you die.

There’s no denying the 60s and 70s were ruled by The Beatles. When the Fab Four took stage… fans screaming and passing out with excitement was a familiar sight. The Beatles had arrived with a bang and cast a spell on the entire world. Yes, the world was struck with Beatle mania. Teens were in a frenzy watching the Beatles perform. Every teenage girl and guy growing up in the 60s and 70s can relate to a Beatles song.

Love songs, melancholic ballads, rock n’ roll and psychedelic rock, The Beatles did it all in the trippy-hippy 60s and 70s.  What the Beatles did was bring in a wave of freshness musically and lyrically. The Fab Four kept its downright simple… during the 60s. Their lyrics pertaining to everyday life and everyday people struck a chord instantaneously with fans.

This was one band that was loved by the critics in the 60s and 70s.  Why? Well, because The Beatles were not fearful of getting out of a mould. Everything they came up with lyrically and musically was what stemmed from the love to compose songs they could relate to, and that in turn was what fans of the Beatles could relate with. In a band there needs to be songwriting chemistry, and there has been nothing better than John Lennon and Paul McCartney. There have been great songwriting duos, but what John Lennon and Paul McCartney did manage to do effectively was get the world hooked to simplistic chord structure and thought provoking lyrics. Every album by the Beatles had a sound that was fresh. The Beatles are associated with memories. Their songs will continue to stir hearts…forever and ever.

100 Greatest Beatles songs

  1. In My Life
  2. Yesterday
  3. I Want To Hold Your Hand
  4. Love Me Do
  5. She Loves You
  6. And I Love Her
  7. Ticket to Ride
  8. Eight Days A Week
  9. Help
  10. Don’t Let Me Down
  11. Can’t buy Me Love
  12. Hey Jude
  13. From Me to You
  14. Girl
  15. Let It Be
  16. Blackbird                
  17. Get back
  18. All You Need Is Love
  19. Here Comes the Sun
  20. Come Together
  21. Please Please Me
  22. I Saw Her Standing There
  23. Drive My Car
  24. Paperback Writer
  25. A Hard Day’s Night
  26. You’ve got to Hide Your Love Away
  27. I Feel Fine
  28. Norwegian Wood (This Bird has Flown)
  29. If I Fell
  30. I Am the Walrus
  31. Michelle
  32. Hello, Goodbye
  33. Things We Said Today
  34. Lady Madonna
  35. I’m A Loser
  36. Back In the U.S.S.R.
  37. Strawberry Fields Forever
  38. P.S. I Love You
  39. Taxman
  40. Nowhere Man
  41. The Long and Winding Road
  42. All Things Must Pass
  43. You Know My Name (Look up The Number)
  44. Yellow Submarine
  45. With a little help From My Friends
  46. She’s A Woman
  47. You Won’t See Me
  48. Wait
  49. Any Time at All
  50. Day Tripper
  51. It’s Only Love
  52. Revolution
  53. Honey Pie
  54. Good Day Sunshine
  55. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
  56. Magical Mystery Tour
  57. Something
  58. Penny lane
  59. Octopus’s Garden
  60. What Goes On
  61. Hey Bulldog
  62. All I’ve Got to Do
  63. You Never Give Me Your Money
  64. Rain
  65. Good Night
  66. Because
  67. I’ll Follow The Sun
  68. Golden Slumbers
  69. Another Girl
  70. Dig A Pony
  71. Hold Me Tight
  72. We Can’t Work It Out
  73. Yes It Is
  74. I Should Have Known Better
  75. Here, There and Everywhere
  76. Glass Onion
  77. When I Get Home
  78. I’m Only Sleeping
  79. Don’t Bother Me
  80. Got To Get You Into My Life
  81. You Can’t Do That
  82. I Want To Tell You
  83. Not a Second Time
  84. Flying
  85. Across The Universe
  86. Baby, You’re A Rich Man
  87. Carry That Weight
  88. I Lost My Little Girl
  89. Dear Prudence
  90. No Reply
  91. I Need You
  92. Her Majesty
  93. Cry Baby Cry
  94. Every Little Thing
  95. I’ll Be Back
  96. Little Child
  97. Getting Better
  98. Happiness Is a Warm Gun
  99. I Don’t Want To Spoil the Party
  100. Lovely Rita

What are your favorite Beatles songs…the ones you associate with memories?

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