100 Greatest Zombie Movies

Zombie mania is generating manic buzz globally. For a zombie enthusiast, life is incomplete without the dead coming alive and doing the zombie walk. The theatrical zombie world comes alive with movies. Here’s a showcase of the best zombie movies.

Over the years zombie movies have mesmerized audiences with spine-chilling gore, guts and action. What makes zombie movies special is the element of unknown interspersed with a horror theme. Not all zombie movies are about slash, chop, shoot, and mutilate. While these elements form an integral part of zombie films, there’s more to zombie movies than just blood and gore. One thing you cannot do with relative ease as you watch a zombie movie… is sip your carbonated drink and munch your popcorn.

You may not realize, but popcorn falls to the ground when you are engrossed in a zombie-horror movie, and a spine-chilling scene with sound effects comes up on the screen. Yeah, zombie films have their special moments, that special scene that remains immersed in your mind as you grow up.

Zombie movies are a genre not everybody may like, but once you acquire a taste for blood-curdling scenes, there’s no way you can miss a zombie movie.

Globally, there are a significant number of zombie films that are deemed cult classics. Different types of zombie genres have been released over the years, some memorable, others not so. While not many zombie movies may have been associated with box-office success, the cult following for the zombie genre has never diminished. Given below is a list of zombie movies every zombie buff should watch. Zombie genres/sub-genres in this list includes zombie comedy, zombie gore, zombie action, zombie mutilation, zombie romance, zombie splatter horror amongst others.

If you are a zombie enthusiast, your voice box will be twitching to have a say, feel free to splatter in the comments sections.

100 Greatest Zombie Movies

  1. Night Of the Living Dead (George Romero)
  2. 28 Days Later
  3. Dawn OF The Dead (George Romero)
  4. Shaun OF The Dead
  5. Resident Evil
  6. Dead Snow
  7. The Dead
  8. World War Z
  9. The Plague of The Zombies
  10. Redneck Zombies
  11. Cemetery Man
  12. Dance Of The Dead
  13. Planet Terror
  14. White Zombie                                            
  15. Dead Alive
  16. Deadgirl
  17. I Walked With a Zombie
  18. Phantasm
  19. Zombie (Lucio Fulci)
  20. Diary OF The Dead
  21. REC       
  22. Army Of Darkness
  23. Night of the Creeps
  24. I am Legend
  25. Boy Eats Girl
  26. The Last Man On Earth
  27. Black Sheep
  28. Junk      
  29. Trick r’ Treat
  30. Creepshow
  31. Re-Animator
  32. Dance Of The Dead
  33. 28 Weeks Later
  34. The Serpent And The Rainbow
  35. Colin
  36. Devil’s Playground
  37. The Dead Next Door
  38. Pontypool
  39. Night of the Comet
  40. Bride of Re-Animator
  41. Land OF The Dead
  42. Doghouse
  43. The Burial Ground: The Nights Of Terror
  44. Resident Evil: Apocalypse
  45. Let Sleeping Corpses Lie
  46. ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction
  47. Stake Land
  48. Resident Evil: Extinction
  49. Fido
  50. Rabid
  51. The Return OF The Living Dead
  52. Warm Bodies
  53. Psychomania
  54. Versus
  55. Homecoming
  56. Slither
  57. Automation Transfusion
  58. Plan 9 For Outer Space
  59. The Dead Hate the Living
  60. Gangs of the Dead
  61. Tokyo Zombie
  62. Nightmare City
  63. Wild Zero
  64. Zombies! Zombies! Zombies!
  65. The Dead Pit
  66. Zombie Genocide
  67. Messiah of Evil
  68. Poultrygeist: Night of The Chicken Dead
  69. The Aftermath
  70. The Revenant
  71. The Dead Outside
  72. Mutants
  73. The Omega Man
  74. Day of the Dead
  75. City Of Rott
  76. I Zombie: The Chronicles of Pain
  77. Resident Evil: Afterlife
  78. The Crazies (Geroge Romero)
  79. The Signal (2007)
  80. Resident Evil: Degeneration
  81. Zombies Anonymous
  82. Night Of Living Dorks
  83. Wicked Little Things
  84. The House by the Cemetery
  85. Cockneys vs Zombies
  86. I Sell the Dead
  87. Splinter
  88. Romeo & Juliet vs. The Living Dead
  89. Wasting Away
  90. American Zombie
  91. Survival of The Dead
  92. Sick and Dead
  93. Mulberry Street
  94. The Roost
  95. I Was a Teenage Zombie
  96. The Astro-Zombies
  97. A Little Bit Zombie
  98. Stalled
  99. My Boyfriend’s Back
  100. Rise of the Zombies

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