100 Essential Heavy Metal Songs after a Breakup

You don’t want to hear the words “We’re through”, but you do. And when you do, you feel that gigantic boulder land on your back. A breakup can get you blue. A dose heavy metal is the best way to get over a breakup. This space offers an epic list of heavy metal songs to roll your blues away after a breakup.

After a breakup life moves in slow motion. You wait for the day to end, but 24 hours seem impossible. Friends try and pep you up, you smile and have a good time with them, but as soon as you’re alone, the past comes alive. You may not feel down and out, but memories of the past linger and you get into drift away mode. Many commit the mistake of listening to love songs after a breakup. Are you for real? Why listen to love songs after a breakup and mess up your mind.

Music heals, so they say, well, I say it’s the right music that heals. Listening to heavy metal songs is a great way to get away from breakup blues.

After a breakup… dejection, rejection, depression, heartache, and anxiety… need an outlet, and the best way to flush it all out is by giving self a dose of heavy metal. What heavy metal music does effectively well is soothe the soul without embalming the heart. High adrenalin music helps see life in new perspective. After listening to heavy metal you feel instantaneously energized and powerful, and that feeling is carried on and greatly determines outcome after a breakup. That pulsating rhythm in a heavy metal song engulfs you and takes you to another zone, where everything is blissfully peaceful in the mind. Heavy metal anthems are essential if you dwell in the past after a breakup. If you have gone through a breakup recently and finding it hard to deal with, fasten your seatbelts and come along on the heavy metal ride that will set you free. Here’s a list of heavy metal songs you must listen after a breakup. This list includes sub-genres of heavy metal.

Feel free to share a heavy metal song/s that set you free after a breakup

100 Essential Heavy Metal Songs after a Breakup

  1. Walk- Pantera
  2. Paranoid- Black Sabbath
  3. Holy Diver- Dio                                                                                                 
  4. Thundersteel- Riot
  5. Painkiller- Judas Priest
  6. Symphony of Destruction- Megadeth
  7. Roots- Sepultura
  8. One- Metallica
  9. The Oath- Mercyful Fate
  10. Hallowed Be Thy Name- Iron Maiden
  11. War Pigs- Black Sabbath
  12. Seek And Destroy- Metallica
  13. Metal Warriors- Manowar
  14. Breaking the Law- Judas Priest
  15. The Number of the Beast- Iron Maiden
  16. Caught in a Mosh- Anthrax
  17. War Ensemble- Slayer
  18. Cowboys From Hell- Pantera
  19. Back In Black- AC/DC
  20. Raining Blood- Slayer
  21. Ace of Spades- Motorhead
  22. Bulls on Parade- Rage Against the Machine
  23. Master of Puppets- Metallica
  24. Black Wind Fire And Steel- Manowar
  25. Crystal Mountain- Death
  26. Stargazer- Rainbow
  27. Crazy Train- Ozzy Osbourne
  28. Welcome To the Jungle- Guns N’ Roses
  29. Black Night- Deep Purple
  30. Pull Me Under- Dream Theater
  31. Number of the Beast- Iron Maiden
  32. Hangar 18- Megadeth
  33. A Fine Day to Die- Bathory
  34. Date with Poverty-Metal Church
  35. Practice what you Preach- Testament
  36. The Divine Wings of Tragedy- Symphony X
  37. Dante’s Inferno- Iced Earth
  38. Pull the Plug- Death
  39. Keeper of Seven Keys- Heloween
  40. Mind over Metal- Raven
  41. Under The Blade- Twisted Sister
  42. Nightmare- Avenged Sevenfold
  43. Before I Forget- Slipknot
  44. Tears Don’t Fall- Bullet for My Valentine
  45. Open the Gates- Gorgoroth
  46. The Exorcist- Possessed
  47. Tornado of Souls- Megadeth
  48. Bonded by Blood- Exodus
  49. Guardian- Fates Warning
  50. Black Metal- Venom
  51. War Pigs- Black Sabbath
  52. Hammer Smashed Face- Cannibal Corpse
  53. Evil- Mercyful Fate
  54. Witching Hour- Venom
  55. Metal Thrashing Mad- Anthrax
  56. Oblivion- Mastodon
  57. Fight Fire with Fire- Metallica
  58. The Killchain- Bolt Thrower
  59. Angel of Death- Slayer
  60. Blackwater Park- Opeth
  61. Solitude- Candlemass
  62. People of the Lie- Kreator
  63. Cemetery Gates- Pantera
  64. Mother- Danzig
  65. Now I lay Thee Down- Machine Head
  66. Beast and the Harlot- Avenged Sevenfold
  67. Trial by Fire- Testament
  68. Keeper of Seven Keys- Heloween
  69. Warzone- Armored Saint
  70. Run To the Hills- Iron Maiden
  71. Metal Command- Exodus
  72. Slaughter of the Soul- At the Gates
  73. Bark at the Moon- Ozzy Osbourne    
  74. Metal Heart- Accept
  75. Cowboys From Hell- Pantera
  76. Gutter Ballet- Savatage
  77. Bed of Razors- Children of Bodom
  78. Chapel of Ghouls- Morbid Angel
  79. Eyes of a Stranger- Queensryche
  80. Rainbow in the Dark- Dio
  81. Emperor- I am the Black Wizards
  82. Iron Man- Black Sabbath
  83. Black Rose Immortal- Opeth
  84. Screaming For Vengeance- Judas Priest
  85. Nemesis- Arch Enemy
  86. Metal Church- Metal Church
  87. Metal Thrashing Mad- Anthrax
  88. Am I Evil- Diamond Head
  89. I Want Out- Heloween
  90. Cry War- Kreator
  91. The Years of Decay- Overkill
  92. Anthem (We are the Fire) – Trivium
  93. Kill For Metal- Iron Fire
  94. I Wanna Be Somebody- W.A.S.P.
  95. Fast as a Shark- Accept
  96. Freezing Moon- Mayhem
  97. The Philosopher- Death
  98. Heavy Metal Thunder- Heavy Metal Thunder
  99. Transilvanian Hunger- Darkthrone
  100. Heartwork- Carcass

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