100 Greatest Progressive Metal Bands

Progressive metal is an offshoot of progressive rock and emerged in the 80s. However, it was in the 90s that prog metal spread its wings and since has gone on to become one of Heavy Metal’s popular sub-genres. This space showcases a list of the best progressive metal bands.

Progressive metal came into its own in the 90s interspersing elements of progressive rock and borrowing influences from jazz fusion and classical music. The instrumentation and breakneck odd time signatures in progressive metal appealed to fans of extreme genres in the 80s and 90s. Some of the influential bands to lead the way for the splurge in progressive metal were Psychotic Waltz, Crimson Glory, Fates Warning, Dream Theater and Queensryche. Themes are an integral part of progressive music. Instrumental parts and instrumental passages have become popular in albums released by prog metal bands.

Instrumentation in Progressive Metal

Many progressive metal bands write lengthy instrumental parts for their songs which add new dimension and feel. Concepts and themes that talk about a subject or topic in detail are popular with prog metal bands.

Often songs are in parts and take you on a journey through various stages of a concept. When you listen to a concept album by a progressive metal band you immediately realize the reflective nature of the album. If you are listening to a concept album by a prog band its best to listen to the entire album at one go… to dwell in the nuances of parallel thinking and meaning.

Instrumental progressive metal albums showcase fluidity and command of musicians over their instrument. What makes prog metal theatrically interesting are the diverse influences that come together. When you listen to a progressive metal album, as a listener, you dwell in the realms of jazz, jazz fusion, heavy metal, and classical. An amalgamation of unimaginable is what makes progressive metal a listener’s delight. Prog metal albums lay strong emphasis on instrumentation and lyrical themes, showcased often in parts.

Parts in progressive metal bands can be brutal and melodic. Tempo shifts from slow to fast and vice-versa are hugely popular with bands in this genre. Technical Guitar solos and drum parts are hugely popular with fans of progressive rock and metal. High pitched voices are an integral part of prog metal bands. Impressive vocal range of vocalists of progressive metal bands is always talked about by fan and critics. Progressive metal has a cult following and fan base globally, and is going to spread its wings further.

Here is an epic list of the best progressive metal bands. If you breathe prog metal, you will give vent to your feelings; feel free in the comments section.

100 Greatest Progressive Metal Bands

  1. Symphony X
  2. Dream Theater
  3. Crimson Glory
  4. Fates Warning
  5. Opeth
  6. Tool
  7. Pain of Salvation
  8. Watchtower
  9. Vanden Plas
  10. Threshold
  11. Blotted Science
  12. Animals As Leaders
  13. Circus Maximus
  14. Andromeda
  15. Seventh Wonder
  16. Liquid Tension Experiment
  17. Ayreon
  18. Planet X
  19. Green Carnation
  20. Between The Buried and Me
  21. Redemption
  22. Cynic
  23. Star One
  24. Anacrusis
  25. Spastic Ink
  26. The Faceless
  27. Riverside
  28. Stream Of Passion
  29. Aeon Zen
  30. Mastodon
  31. Shadow Gallery
  32. Gordian Knot
  33. Pagan’s Mind
  34. Without Face
  35. Sun Caged
  36. Ansur
  37. Juggernaut
  38. Adagio
  39. Freak Kitchen
  40. Mekong Delta
  41. Lemur Voice
  42. Psychotic Waltz
  43. Sikth
  44. Altera Enigma
  45. Voivod
  46. Believer
  47. Extol
  48. Periphery
  49. Beyond Twilight
  50. Unexpect
  51. Scale The Summit
  52. Burst
  53. Triosphere
  54. Dark Suns
  55. The Human Abstract
  56. Protest The Hero
  57. Dysrhythmia
  58. Communic
  59. Thought Industry
  60. Superior
  61. Dendura
  62. Biomechanical
  63. Ephel Duath
  64. Enslaved
  65. Conception
  66. Wuthering Heights
  67. Leprous
  68. To-Mera
  69. Evergrey
  70. OSI
  71. Madder Mortem
  72. Explorers Club
  73. Kalijuge
  74. Amorphis
  75. Spiral Architect
  76. Mindflow
  77. Persefone
  78. Obliveon
  79. Royal Hunt
  80. Intronaut
  81. Wolverine
  82. Magellan
  83. Vanashing Point
  84. Hourglass
  85. Waltari
  86. Spheric Universe Experience
  87. 7 for 4
  88. Vogager
  89. Zero Hour
  90. Pyramaze
  91. Canvas Solaris
  92. Subterranean Masquerade
  93. Winds
  94. Alchemist
  95. Seiges Even
  96. In The Woods…
  97. Disillusion
  98. Stam1na
  99. Orphaned Land
  100. Hammers of Misfortune

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