100 Best Indian Rock Bands

The rock scene in India has grown leaps and bounds over the years. Visit different regions in India and you’ll notice its audience affinity for rock music that theatrically comes alive. India is on the global map of rock music. This space is an epic showcase of the best Indian Rock bands.

Rock music has been popular in India since the 60s and 70s. Influences of rock music are evident in composers from flower power era. However, in the 60s and 70s not every band had the equipment they needed. Sourcing instruments in India back in the 60s and 70s was not easy for musicians. Music shops in India back then didn’t have what musicians required and so the only choice left for a musician was to import the required equipment. Indian Rock bands in the 60s and 70s used to perform at small venues, mainly at hotels, gymkhanas or at a college campus.

How things have changed.

In present times Indian Rock bands are touring India and the West promoting their albums. What a change it has been. Over the years the rock scene in India has flourished and every city in India boasts of their favorite rock band. Such is the frenzy in India today. Rock bands from India bring a rich influence of sound and ethnicity to rock music. Music festivals in India have become hugely popular, and bands from different genres perform at music festivals in various cities. The North East region in India is home to some of the finest rock bands in India. Least surprising why the North East, Shillong in particular, is referred colloquially as the “Rock Capital of India”.

Aside from rock bands in big cities, it brings a sense of joy to see rock bands emerge from small towns in India. It goes to show talent is everywhere in this country of ethnic diversity. In India Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi, Hyderabad, Shillong, Nagaland and Mizoram, are few places where rock music is excessively popular. This list is a joyful celebration of moments, from where it all began in this country of multi-ethnic culture. As a listener and musician, I in no way make this an attempt to rank bands, it’s just a showcase of some awesome bands you must lend your ears when you find time. The list below encompasses a list of famous Indian bands from different genres of rock. Some bands in the list mentioned have parted ways, but their music remains. Keep rocking guys! Do your own thing!

Feel free to voice your opinion in the comments section.

India’s Best Rock bands

  1. Waterfront (Mumbai)
  2. The Great Society (Shillong)
  3. The Human Bondage (Mumbai)
  4. Fentones (Shillong)
  5. Savage Encounter (Mumbai)
  6. The Cavaliers (Kolkata)
  7. Rock Machine/Indus Creed (Mumbai)
  8. Great Bear/High (Kolkata)
  9. Atomic Forest (Mumbai)
  10. Skinny Alley (Kolkata)
  11. The Combustibles (Mumbai)
  12. Indian Ocean (Delhi)
  13. The Savages (Mumbai)
  14. 13 AD (Cochin)
  15. Colourblind (Mumbai)
  16. Parikrama (Delhi)
  17. Shiva (Kolkata)
  18. Agni (Pune)
  19. Zero (Mumbai)
  20. Skyharbor (Delhi)
  21. Thermal And A Quarter (Bangalore)
  22. Avial (Trivandrum)
  23. Soulmate (Shillong)
  24. Hammersmith (Ahmadabad)
  25. Hipnotribe (Mumbai)
  26. Motherjane (Kochi)
  27. Pentagram (Mumbai)
  28. Euphoria (Delhi)
  29. Lucid Recess (Guwahati)
  30. Magdalene (Mizoram)
  31. Fossils (Kolkatta)
  32. The Unknowns (Bangalore)
  33. Raghu Dixit Project (Bangalore)
  34. Advaita (Delhi)
  35. Krosswindz (Kolkata)
  36. Junkyard Groove (Chennai)
  37. Abiogenesis (Nagaland)
  38. Euphoria (Delhi)
  39. Millennium (Bangalore)
  40. Cassini’s Division (Kolkata)
  41. Boomarang (Mizoram)
  42. Dream Out Loud (Mumbai)
  43. Menwhopause (Delhi)
  44. Them Clones (Delhi)
  45. Something Relevant (Mumbai)
  46. The SuperFuzz (Delhi)
  47. Bhayanak Maut (Mumbai)
  48. Incipit (Nagaland)
  49. Scribe (Mumbai)
  50. Midnight Garden Factor (Shillong)
  51. Demonic Resurrection (Mumbai)
  52. Extinct Reflections (Bangalore)
  53. Cleave (Manipur)
  54. Alobo Naga (Nagaland)
  55. Five Little Indians (Kolkata)
  56. Still Waters (Gangtok)
  57. Phoenix/Phynx (Manipur)
  58. Grassroots Revival (Ahmadabad)
  59. Postmark (Imphal-Manipur)
  60. Horjwlai (Agartala)
  61. Divine Connection (Nagaland)
  62. Noiseware (Pune)
  63. Orange Street (Delhi)
  64. Cactus (Kolkata)
  65. Eccentric Pendulum (Bangalore)
  66. The Down Troddence (Kerala)
  67. Silver (Pune)
  68. Agam (Bangalore)
  69. GingerFeet (Kolkata)
  70. Undying Inc (Delhi)
  71. Kryptops (Bangalore)
  72. Myndsnare (Bangalore)
  73. Moksha (Chennai)
  74. Pin Drop Violence (Mumbai)
  75. Ezee Meat (Pune)
  76. Nerverek (Chennai)
  77. Guillotine (Delhi)
  78. Casey’s Secrets (Aizwal-Mizoram)
  79. Nightmare on Elm Street (Delhi)
  80. Inner Sanctum (Delhi)
  81. Theorized (Bangalore)
  82. Gravy Train (Delhi)
  83. Grimmortal (Mumbai)
  84. Little Bambooshkas Grind (Chennai)
  85. Half Step Down (Delhi)
  86. Freddy’s Nightmare (Mizoram)
  87. Dark Horizon (Assam)
  88. Azure Delusion (Nagaland)
  89. Alien Gods (Itanagar-Arunachal Pradesh)
  90. Arihant (Guwahati)
  91. Comora (Mizoram)
  92. Tripwire (Mumbai)
  93. Killer Tomatoes (Delhi)
  94. Dark Carnage (Guwahati)
  95. Melodrama (Nagaland)
  96. Final Surrender (Bangalore)
  97. Age After Armageddon (Guwahati)
  98. Winter Gate (Jaipur)
  99. Brahma (Mumbai)
  100. Scarface (Kolkata)

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