100 Greatest Breakup Rock Songs

Top 100 Breakup Rock Songs

Songs about breakups have been expressed colloquially through lyrics. Dwell in a list of the best breakup songs.

Life is never easy after a breakup. The best way to move on is by getting involved completely in activities you love. Ever since rock music came into being songs about breakups have been a popular subject with songwriters. Many rock musicians have narrated their personal experiences about breakups through their songs. Lyrics about breakups and heartache have appealed to audiences globally. Not everybody in this world may have gone through a breakup, however, individuals that have parted ways with their lover understand the sentiments expressed in breakup songs perfectly well.

A number of rock songs evoke memories about breakups. The lyrics in sad songs or breakup songs touch the heart. Many individuals like listening to breakup songs because the sentiments expressed in these songs are reflective of similar incidents or happenings in past life.

While many refrain from listening to breakup songs after going through a breakup, the truth is listening to songs about breakups and heartache help you develop in to a stronger and wiser person. You have to face the harsh realities of life. You do get drawn to the past when you listen to breakup songs; however, songs about breakup also have a healing effect on the mind when you accept the events that have unfolded in your life. Some individuals keep it accumulated all within after parting ways with their lover. Breakup rock songs help a person grieve and get over the bitter memories of the past.  

Episodes about heartache and breakups are expressed in different ways in rock songs. The lyrical aspect and instrumentation of songs in the rock genre have hit the right notes with music aficionados globally. Many individuals are not able to vent out feeling after a bitter breakup. In such times, rock songs that are reflective about emerging stronger after a breakup help individuals that have gone through a breakup give vent to their feelings. Breakup songs can impact you negatively or positively, it’s the listener that chooses the state of mind.

The list below showcases breakup rock songs from various rock genres.

100 Greatest Breakup Rock Songs

  1. Somebody That I Used To Know- Gotye
  2. Used To Love Her- Guns N’ Roses
  3. Still Got The Blues- Gary Moore
  4. Love Hurts- Nazareth
  5. Here Without You- 3 Doors Down
  6. Breaking Me- Johny Lang
  7. Black- Pearl Jam
  8. Song For The Dumped- Ben Folds Five
  9. 50 Ways To Say Goodbye- Train
  10. When You’re Gone- Avril Lavigne
  11. Three Days Grace- Last To Know
  12. Wipe That Smile off Your Face- Our Lady Peace
  13. Don’t Speak- No Doubt
  14. Get your Own Way- Fleetwood Mac
  15. My Heart Is Broken- Evanescence
  16. Hate Me- Blue October
  17. Heavy In Your Arms- Florence and The Machine
  18. Tornado of Souls- Megadeth
  19. You Oughta Know- Alanis Morissette
  20. Love Is A Battlefield- Pat Benatar
  21. Snuff- Slipknot
  22. It Must Have Been Love- Roxette
  23. Skinny Love- Non Iver
  24. How Can You Mend a Broken Heart- Bee Gees
  25. I’m Not Okay (I Promise)
  26. Landlocked Blues- Bright Eyes
  27. Train In Vain- The Clash
  28. Shoulda Known Better- Unwritten Law
  29. Back To Black- Amy Winehouse
  30. Because of You- Kelly Clarkson
  31. Lies Greed Misery- Linkin Park
  32. Goodbye- Air Supply
  33. Every Breath You Take- The Police
  34. Apart- The Cure
  35. The Best Deceptions- Dashboard Confessional
  36. Crying- Roy Orbison
  37. Total Eclipse of The Heart- Bonnie Tyler
  38. Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now- The Smiths
  39. The Scientist- Coldplay
  40. Angels Of The Silences- Counting Crows
  41. Breakeven- The Script
  42. Everyday I Love You Less and Less- Kaiser Chefs
  43. In The Sun- Joseph Arthur
  44. Separate Ways- Journey
  45. Breathe Again- Sara Bareiles
  46. Love Stronger Than Pride- Sade
  47. What Hurts the Most- Rascal Flatts
  48. Foolish Games- Jewel
  49. How Can You Be Sure?- Radiohead
  50. Deep Inside of You- Third Eye Blind
  51. Run- Snow Patrol
  52. Should’ve Been In Love- Wilco
  53. Let It Rain- Brendan James
  54. Everybody Hurts- R.E.M.
  55. Putting The Dog To Sleep- The Antlers
  56. Ever Fallen In Love- The Buzzcocks 
  57. Heartbreak Warfare- John Mayer
  58. Crying- Roy Orbison
  59. Soma- Smashing Pumpkins
  60. Harden My Heart- Quarterflash
  61. Blue Moon Revisited- Cowboy Junkies
  62. I Can’t Make You Love Me- Bonnie Raitt
  63. Me and My Girl- Theory of A Deadman
  64. Love Stinks- J Geils Band
  65. Almost Blue- Elvis Costello
  66. Best I’ll Every Be- Sister Hazel
  67. Not The Girl You Think You Are- Crowded House
  68. Don’t Walk Away- Elo
  69. It’s a Heartache- Bonnie Tyler
  70. Another Lonely Day- Ben Harper
  71. You left Me Standing in The Doorway- Bob Dylan
  72. The Calendar Hung Itself- Bright Eyes
  73. You’re So Vain- Carly Simon
  74. Lost Cause- Beck
  75. Pictures of You- The Cure
  76. Torn- Natalie Imbruglia
  77. Blackout- Muse
  78. 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover- Paul Simon
  79. It’s Too Late Carole King
  80. Maps- Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  81. You Were Meant For Me- Jewel
  82. Maggie May- Rod Stewart
  83. Grace Cathedral Hill- The Decemberists
  84. Can’t Stand Losing You- The Police
  85. Long Way To Happy- Pink
  86. Ordinary World- Duran Duran
  87. Last Goodbye- Jeff Buckley
  88. Alone Again (Naturally) - Gilbert O’ Sullivan
  89. Nothing Better- The Postal Service
  90. Love On The Rocks- Neil Diamond
  91. The World has Turned and Left Me Here- Weezer
  92. All by Myself- Eric Carmen
  93. It’s Over- Roy Orbison
  94. Christina Perri- Jar of Hearts
  95. Total Eclipse of the Heart- Bonnie Tyler
  96. I Keep Forgettin’ (Every Time You’re Near)- Michael McDonald
  97. Shiver- Lucy Rose
  98. Lonesome Tears- Beck
  99. Love Will Tear Us Apart- Joy Division
  100. The Seventh Stranger- Duran Duran

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