100 Rock Songs you should listen to when you are driving long distances

Top 100 Rock Songs While Driving

Listening to songs as you drive in your car is fun. Here’s a list of rock songs you should play on your car stereo when you are driving long distances.

Driving a car on the highway is an enjoyable experience. However, when you are driving long distance, it can get a little frustrating being behind the wheel, especially if you are the lone driver. In such times you need to keep your energy levels high. Why? Well, funny as it may seem drivers tend to doze when they do not have company in the car. Long distance driving requires the driver of the vehicle to be alert at all times. The best way to be alert behind the wheel is by listening to music, not any type of music, rock music in particular.

It’s best to avoid sentimental songs when you are driving because the mind tends to drift in a rosy picture and when that happens… you are likely to go crash-boom-bang in the real world. Yeah, love songs and music genres which make you sentimental can be hazardous on a long drive.  

Rock songs are a wise choice while driving because…they are hard hitting and always keep the driver alert. Yeah, good old heavy metal is a safe bet when you are off on a long drive in your car. You do not have to keep the volume of your car stereo at full capacity to enjoy rock songs. If the windows of your car are closed, the volume at the halfway mark is good enough. In case you like your windows open as you are drive… you can tweak the volume to the desired level. While many drivers like to turn up the volume to maximum as they drive, it’s best to tweak the volume knob midway to experience clarity of rock songs.

It’s best to listen to a mixed bag of rock songs from different genres when you undertake a long journey by car. Listening to songs from a particular rock genre can get monotonous. When you listen to rock songs from different rock genres you never really get bored. Rock songs keep you alert as you drive. Drive Safe!

Showcased below is an epic list of rock songs from various rock genres.

100 Rock Songs you should listen to when you are driving long distances

  1. Paranoid- Black Sabbath
  2. Eye of The Tiger- Survivor
  3. Highway Star- Deep Purple
  4. Cum On Feel the Noize- Quiet Riot
  5. Enter Sandman- Metallica
  6. Even Flow- Pearl Jam
  7. Painkiller- Judas Priest
  8. Holy Diver- Dio
  9. Rock And Roll All Nite- Kiss
  10. 18 And Life- Skid Row
  11. Cowboys from Hell- Pantera
  12. You Give Love A Bad Name- Bon Jovi
  13. Black Hole Sun- Soundgarden
  14. Welcome To The Jungle- Guns N’ Roses
  15. Back in Black- AC/DC
  16. Breaking The Law- Judas Priest
  17. Communication Breakdown
  18. Ace of Spades- Motorhead
  19. Smells Like Teen Spirit- Nirvana
  20. Walk- Pantera
  21. Master of Puppets- Metallica
  22. Rock You Like a Hurricane- Scorpions
  23. Whole Lotta Love- Led Zeppelin
  24. Here I Go Again- Whitesnake
  25. War Pigs- Black Sabbath
  26. Born to Be Wild- Steppenwolf
  27. Run to The Hills- Iron Maiden
  28. Barracuda- Heart
  29. Don’t Fear The Reaper- Blue Oyster Cult
  30. Hey Joe- The Jimi Hendrix Experience
  31. Crazy Train- Ozzy Osbourne
  32. Angel of Death- Slayer
  33. Symphony of Destruction- Megadeth
  34. Won’t Get Fooled Again- The Who
  35. Before I Forget- Slipknot
  36. Cemetery Gates- Pantera
  37. Photograph- Def Leppard
  38. Smoke on the Water- Deep Purple
  39. Cat Scratch Fever- Ted Nugent
  40. Free Bird- Lynyrd Skynyrd
  41. Everlong- Foo Fighters
  42. Seek and Destroy- Metallica
  43. For Whom The Bells Toll- Metallica
  44. Mr. Crowley- Ozzy Osbourne
  45. Basket Case- Green Day
  46. Hallowed Be Thy Name- Iron Maiden
  47. Blackout- Scorpions
  48. Kashmir- Led Zeppelin
  49. Take Hold of the Flame- Queensryche
  50. Caught in a Mosh- Anthrax
  51. Tornado of Souls- Metallica
  52. Rainbow in the Dark- Dio
  53. Keeper of the Seven Keys- Helloween
  54. Afterlife- Avenged Sevenfold
  55. The Divine Wings of Tragedy- Symphony X
  56. Fade to Black- Metallica
  57. I Wanna Rock- Twisted Sister
  58. Living on the Edge- Aerosmith
  59. One- Metallica
  60. Dante’s Inferno- Iced Earth
  61. Battle Hymn- Manowar
  62. Fast as a Shark- Accept
  63. The Number of the Beast- Iron Maiden
  64. Hangar 18- Megadeth
  65. We’re Not Gonna Take it- Twisted Sister
  66. Panama- Van Halen
  67. Living After Midnight- Judas Priest
  68. Ivory Gates of Dreams- Fates Warning
  69. Freak on a Leash- Korn
  70. Metal Health- Quiet Riot
  71. Powerslave- Iron Maiden
  72. Bark at The Moon- Ozzy Osbourne
  73. Blood of My Enemy- Manowar
  74. Five Minutes Alone- Pantera
  75. Sweet Leaf- Black Sabbath
  76. Highway to Hell- AC/DC
  77. Tom Sawyer- Rush
  78. Still of the Night- Whitesnake
  79. Bad Reputation- Joan Jett
  80. Am I Evil- Diamond Head
  81. War Zone- Armored Saint
  82. Epic- Faith No More
  83. Sweet Child O’ Mine- Guns N’ Roses
  84. Now I Lay Thee Down- Machine Head
  85. In Your Face- Children of Bodom
  86. Slow Ride- Foghat
  87. Sunshine of Your Love- Cream
  88. Metal Heart- Accept
  89. Diary of a Madman- Ozzy Osbourne
  90. School’s Out- Alice Cooper
  91. Hell Bent For Leather- Judas Priest
  92. Screaming in the Night- Krokus
  93. War Ensemble- Slayer
  94. Mountain Song- Jane’s Addiction
  95. Tush- ZZ Top
  96. Stargazer- Rainbow
  97. Down With the Sickness- Disturbed
  98. Night Crawler- Judas Priest
  99. Souls of Black- Testament
  100. I Want Out- Helloween

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