100 Greatest Christian Rock Bands

Top 100 Christian Rock Bands

Christian rock relates to spreading the word of Jesus through music. Over the years Christian rock has become one of the biggest musical movements globally. This article showcases an epic list of the best Christian rock bands.

While Christian rock is used as an umbrella term for various rock music genres that promote matters of Christian faith, what unifies the various genres is lyrical interpretation of hope through new life in Jesus. Christian rock bands spread the message of hope promised by the messiah through their lyrics. The roots of Christian rock emerged in the 50s through various forms of experimentation in Gospel music, however, it was only in the 60s Christian rock gained prominence.

A number of folk bands in the 60s influenced by the Jesus movement started dwelling in the realms of spreading the word of God through their experimental music. The Crusaders, a garage band and Mind Garage, a band that experimented with psychedelic rock and roll in the 60s were among the first bands to lead the way for the Christian rock scene. Although conservative Christians in the 60s opposed Christian rock and called it anti-Christian, the Christian rock movement gained momentum and has gone onto become one of the biggest musical movements in a religious context.

Although Contemporary Christian music, gospel music and Christian rock dwell in unison, the three often branch out leaning separately towards their perspectives on Christian faith. Two bands that paved the way for a heavier brand of rock to merge in Contemporary Christian music were Resurrection Band and Petra.

The two bands became immensely popular through the 80s. Right through the 80s many Christian rock bands emerged in the hard rock and glam rock genre. Stryper and White Heart were two bands that became popular in the glam decade. The 90s led to the grunge and alternative boom. Several Christian rock bands with leanings towards the alternative and grunge sound emerged in the 90s. Bands such as Jars of Clay, Audio Adrenaline and Third Eye made a huge impact globally with their brand of Christian rock.

The explosion of Christian rock in the 90s made new pathways for Christian metal bands. The Christian rock scene is one of the most active musical movements globally. Many Christian rock bands from around the world have achieved mainstream success. A large number of Christian rock acts release their music independently while an equal number with Christian record labels. Over the years many Christian rock bands have struck recording deal with major record labels. The road ahead looks bright for Christian rock. We will be witnesses to a new wave of Christian rock and Christian metal.

The list below showcases Christian bands in Rock and its subgenres. Feel free to voice your opinion.

100 Greatest Christian Rock Bands

  1. Mind Garage
  2. Petra
  3. The Crusaders
  4. Resurrection Band
  5. Jars of Clay
  6. Delirious
  7. Stryper
  8. Prodigal
  9. Audio Adrenaline
  10. Skillet
  11. Third Day
  12. Oficina G3
  13. White Heart
  14. Kutless
  15. The Kry
  16. Flyleaf
  17. Thousand Foot Krutch
  18. Disciple
  19. Relient K
  20. Jerusalem
  21. Critical Mass
  22. White Cross
  23. Casting Crowns
  24. Pillar
  25. By The Tree
  26. Hawk Nelson
  27. Red
  28. Decyfer Down
  29. We As Human
  30. Firefight
  31. Daniel Band
  32. 12 Stones
  33. Servant
  34. MercyMe
  35. Barnabas
  36. The 77S
  37. Falling Up
  38. Starfield
  39. Ashes Remain
  40. Messiah Prophet
  41. DeGramo and Key
  42. Nine Lashes
  43. DC Talk
  44. Phatfish
  45. Big Daddy Weave
  46. Family Force 5
  47. David Crowder Band
  48. Plankeye
  49. Needtobreathe
  50. Superchick
  51. Building 429
  52. Sixpence None The Richer
  53. Anberlin
  54. Tenth Avenue North
  55. Bride
  56. Seventh Day Slumber
  57. Project 86
  58. Random Hero
  59. Barren Cross
  60. Sanctus Real
  61. BarlowGirl
  62. Halo
  63. Sent By Ravens
  64. The Choir
  65. Smalltown Poets
  66. Leeland
  67. House of Heroes
  68. Sweet Comfort Band
  69. The Letter Black
  70. Rocketboy
  71. Guardian
  72. Seven Day Jesus
  73. Fireflight
  74. Mustard Seed Faith
  75. FM Static
  76. Allies
  77. Legend Seven
  78. Daniel Amos
  79. Rush of Fools
  80. Liberty N’ Justice
  81. The Birdsongs
  82. Mad At The World
  83. All Star United
  84. Fighting Instinct
  85. The Afters
  86. Number One Gun
  87. Dead Poetic
  88. Circle of Dust
  89. Hillsong United
  90. The Almost
  91. David And The Giants
  92. Newsboys
  93. Earthsuit
  94. AD
  95. Onehundredhours
  96. X- Sinner
  97. Mastedon
  98. Neon Cross
  99. After The Fire
  100. Holy Soldier

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