100 Greatest Indian Female Models

India is home to some of the most beautiful women in the world. It doesn’t come as a surprise why modeling agencies in India are thriving. Many among the most gorgeous models globally are from India. Enjoy a detailed showcase of the best Indian Female Models.

In India modeling as a profession has become excessively popular over the years. Few decades back not many girls set foot in the modeling industry due to peer pressure. In the past the narrow minded culture among parent’s prevailed, and not many parents allowed their daughters to take up modeling as a profession. The glitz and glamour of the 80s paved the way for female models. A number of modeling agencies sprung up in the 80s opening new avenues for female models. Many young girls took to modeling assignments in the 80s, and since then modeling in India has grown into a strong enigmatic entity.

In present times India has some of the most sought after models in the world.

Many local beauty pageants in India have helped young women kick-start their career in modeling. In a country with the second largest population in the world it is not easy to establish a firm foot in the modeling industry. Modeling agencies in India are always on the lookout for fresh faces. Many girls that want to make a career in modeling start out young in their teens. Participating in local beauty pageants gives young girls the confidence to join the big league. The competition in the modeling agency is fierce, with every modeling agency vying for the best. Many female models have gone onto become supermodels and made India proud.

Grooming agencies and fashion stylists work round the clock to ensure proper training is imparted to models. Aesthetically shaped toned bodies have always been in demand on the ramp. Many established fashion designers in India are signing contracts with modeling agencies for models to walk the ramp wearing their creations. Many ramp models from India have worked with big names in the fashion world. The life of supermodels is hectic, and it’s never easy to find the right balance between personal life and professional commitments. It’s a struggle being a model and every girl that wants to take up modeling should be aware of this truth. Female models in India are groomed well which is why many models have gone onto becoming supermodels.

Femina Miss India and Gladrags Manhunt and Megamodel Contest are among the prestigious beauty pageants that have kickstarted the careers of many models in India. The presence of social media has helped both modeling agencies and female models move forward productively. Unlike in the past, it’s much easier now for girls to get an excellent portfolio done. Many girls also take up modeling to get their big break in Bollywood movies. Many established models have shifted professions from modeling to acting in Bollywood movies. The entertainment industry has a large presence in India, and many models juggle different careers in a rat race that is getting fiercer by the moment. Many ramp models stay true to their profession and stick to only walking the ramp for fashion designers in India and abroad.

Young girls In India that want to take up modeling as a career/profession find inspiration in Indian supermodels. Considering the cut-throat competition in modeling, it’s never easy for a model to gain a stronghold in the modeling industry in India. You have to be exceptionally talented and confident to make your way to the top. Models in India that have gone onto become supermodels have shared their tips, experiences and struggles in the modeling world on social media, and these slices of reality have helped emerging models channelize plan their modeling moves to reach next level. The modeling industry is going to get even bigger in the days ahead, and the demand for female models… humungous.

The models mentioned in the list below include Indian supermodels

100 Greatest Indian Female Models

  1. Madhu Sapre
  2. Padma Lakshmi
  3. Ujjwala Raut
  4. Vidisha Pavate
  5. Shyamoli Verma
  6. Tapur Chatterjee
  7. Susmita Sen
  8. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
  9. Tinu Verghese
  10. Deepika Padukone
  11. Gurmit Kaur
  12. Sheetal Mallar
  13. Lakshmi Menon
  14. Diandra Soares
  15. Nayoniika Chatterjee
  16. Mehr Jesia Rampal
  17. Carol Gracias
  18. Indrani Dasgupta
  19. Kiran Rao
  20. Nina Manuel
  21. Jesse Randhawa
  22. Fluer Xavier
  23. Monikangana Dutta
  24. Dipannita Sharma
  25. Bhavana Sharma
  26. Deepti Guujral
  27. Natasha Suri
  28. Nethra Raghuraman
  29. Gauhar Khan
  30. Sheetal Menon
  31. Sapna Kumar
  32. Pia Trivedi
  33. Neha Kapur
  34. Shamita Singha
  35. Esther Jamir
  36. Tamara Moss
  37. Alesia Raut
  38. Diana Penty
  39. Rachel Maria Byros
  40. Michelle Innes
  41. Aditi Gowitrikar
  42. Katrina Kaif
  43. Amanpreet Wahi
  44. Candice Pinto
  45. Amruta Patki
  46. Nicole Faria
  47. Shivani Kapoor
  48. Mugdha Godse
  49. Aanchal Kumar
  50. Binal Trivedi
  51. Anjali Mendes
  52. Priyanka Chopra
  53. Joey Matthews
  54. Krishna Somani
  55. Shonali Rosario
  56. Diana Hayden
  57. Collien-Ulmen-Fernandes
  58. Navneet Kaur Dhillon
  59. Sonalika Sahay
  60. Laxmi Rana
  61. Kanishtha Dhankar
  62. Lisa Haydon
  63. Hemangi Pate
  64. Viveka Babajee
  65. Feroze Gujral
  66. Kavita Kharayat
  67. Esha Gupta
  68. Mridula Chandrashekar
  69. Shruti Agarwal
  70. Vibhinta Verma
  71. Waluscha D’Souza
  72. Vaishali Ramaswamy
  73. Bipasha Basu
  74. Anukriti Gusain
  75. Sonal Chauhan
  76. Ami Vashi
  77. Sobhita Dhulipala
  78. Gail Nicloe Da Silva
  79. Bhavya Gowda
  80. Neha Kapur
  81. Ankita Shorey
  82. Sara Corner
  83. Karishma Kotak
  84. Simran Kaur Mundi
  85. Priyadarshini Pradhan
  86. Shruti Sharma
  87. Koyal Rana
  88. Zoya Afroz
  89. Archana Vijaya
  90. Urvashi Rautela
  91. Anupama Verma
  92. Parvathy Omanakuttan
  93. Vedita Pratap Singh
  94. Sushma Reddy
  95. Kavya Shetty
  96. Sarah-Jane Dias
  97. Vasuki Sunkavalli
  98. Kashish Singh
  99. Sushri Shreya Mishraa
  100. Naveeda Mehdi

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