100 Greatest Melodic Guitar Players

When you listen to different genres of music you come across guitar players that have an affinity towards warmth, feel, phrasing without sacrificing their technical abilities. This post brings to life the best melodic guitar players.

The stuff guitar players come up with is incredible. As a guitar player and listener I love listening to both technical guitarists and melodic guitar players. While many technical guitarists dwell in the realms of scales and techniques without compromising on feel, many melodic guitar players go ahead with what becomes their natural instinct on the guitar. I consider some melodic guitar players poets in every sense of expression; Jeff Beck for me is one of the few melodic guitarists that can bring an empty canvas to life, truly expressive. Another guitarist I can’t get enough of is Eric Johnson. Every time this guy plays he amazes you.

His dexterity on the fret board combined with his tone and phrasing techniques create a hypnotic aura for listeners.

Albums by melodic guitar players are mood changers. Melodic instrumental guitar players have the ability to take you from A to point Z, it just happens, if you know what I mean. It’s a misconception among many that technical guitarists are not melodic. That is not true, not true at all. I listen to a number of technical guitar players and I can say this, it’s another level of playing without compromising the roots of melody.  Here’s a list of some of my favorite melodic guitar players from different genres. This list includes melodic shredders and technical melodic guitar players as well. These are in no particular order.

1. Jeff Beck


2. Eric Johnson


3. Carlos Santana


4. Joe Satraini


5. Andy Timmons


6. Robben Ford


7. Gary Moore


8. Steve Vai


9. Yngwie Malmsteen


10. Slash


11. Paul Gilbert


12. Eric Clapton


13. Steve Lukather


14. Mark Knopfler


15. John Petrucci


16. Nuno Bettencourt


17. Jason Becker


18. Andy Summers


19. Steve Morse


20. Gary Hoey


21. Michael Lee Firkins


22. Ted Nugent


23. Al Di Meola


24. Michael Angelo Batio


25. Chet Atkins


26. Django Reinhardt


27. Vinnie Moore


28. Randy Rhoads


29. Alan Holdsworth


30. Zakk Wylde


31. Michael Schenker


32. Ritchie Blackmore


33. Brian May


34. Marty Friedman


35. Tony Iommi


36. Mikael Akerfeldt


37. Alex Lifeson


38. Eddie Van Halen


39. Jimmy Page


40. Reb Beach


41. Vito Bratta


42. Richie Kotzen


43. Akira Takasaki


44. Joey Tafolla


45. Neil Zaza


46. George Lynch


47. Brett Garsed


48. Kenny Wayne Shepherd


49. Danny Gatton


50. Robert Fripp


51. Brent Mason


52. Leslie West


53. Carl Verheyen


54. Jeff ‘Skunk’ Baxter


55. Greg Howe


56. Neal Schon


57. Steve Stevens


58. Mattias IA Eklundh


59. Jimi Hendrix


60. Ron Thal


61. Blues Saraceno


62. Guthrie Govan


63. Michael Romeo


64. Roine Stolt


65. Jan Akkerman


66. Peter Green


67. Richie Sambora


68. George Bellas


69. Eddie Clarke


70. Marcel Coenen


71. Alex Hutchings


72. Jake E. Lee


73. Keith Scott


74. Scott Henderson


75. Phil Keaggy


76. Lary Carlton


77. Earl Klugh


78. Tim Pierce


79. Jack Thammarat


80. Christophe Godin


81. Larry Mitchell


82. John Mayer


83. Michael Landau


84. Jimmy Herring


85. Johnny Hiland


86. Andy Powell


87. Charly Shaona


88. Tony MacAlpine


89. Dan Huff


90. Marco Sfogli


91. Brian Setzer


92. Shawn Lane


93. Dave Martone


94. Lars Eric Mattsson


95. Joop Wolters


96. Ethan Brosh


97. Rob Marcello


98. Magnus Karlsson


99. Alex Masi


100. John Sykes


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