100 Greatest Melodic Rock Love Songs of the 80s and 90s

Top 100 Melodic Rock Love Songs of the 80s and 90s

100 Greatest Melodic Rock Love Songs of the 80s and 90s
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Melodic rock is exceedingly popular globally with listeners of rock music, ballads in particular. This article presents a diverse list of melodic rock love song of the 80s and 90s.

Every decade in rock music has offered something aesthetically beautiful for listeners. The 80s and 90s were decades that paved the way for melodic rock that stemmed from hard rock. If you listen to a compilation of rock ballads or power ballads you will notice majority of the songs in that compilation are from the 80s and 90s. The sweet sounding guitar solos encompassed with high pitched voices, drums, bass and keyboard formed the signature sound in melodic rock love songs. Emotion-filled voices opening up to intros of plucked acoustic guitar, and building into anthem-like chorus give melodic rock its characteristic feel.

Melodic Rock: AOR and the Hard Rock Scene

The hair metal scene, glam metal scene, and hard rock scene led to a powerful awakening of balladry in songs. Acoustic rock ballads and power ballads were broadly associated with the melodic rock sound in the 80s and 90s.

Melodic rock love songs became immensely popular with music fans in the decades of lipstick and leather. The AOR music scene witnessed a number of stadium acts perform rock ballads from their albums at concerts. A number of hard rock bands that adopted a melodic path in music found tremendous mainstream success in the 80s. Every band associated with hair metal, glam metal, and hard rock came up with their brand of melodic rock that shaped a new wave of balladry in rock music.

Melodic rock love songs have a huge music market in US and Europe. In Asia, Japan has a huge market for melodic rock. A number of AOR bands and Hard Rock bands have been touring Japan since the 80s because of the immense fan following associated with melodic rock. The melodic rock sound reached its peak in the 80s with many music channels and radio stations promoting rock ballads in a big way. Hair bands found instant fame with their brand of melodic hard rock, with many band achieving astonishing album sales worldwide. The competitive showcase among hard rock bands and glam metal bands was noteworthy in the 80s.

Ballads in the 80s and early 90s gave new meaning to rock music musically and lyrically. Melodic rock love songs had a poetic feel that came forth strongly. The soul-stirring voices and guitar driven melodic aspects scored big with music enthusiasts. A large number of melodic rock bands had vocalists with high pitched voices that gave unique identity to vocal harmonies during the chorus. Emotional guitar solos encompassed with varied tapping techniques formed an integral part of guitar playing in melodic rock. While the grunge and alternative assault did but the brakes on melodic rock acts in the 90s, post 2000 a number of bands have emerged bringing to life the glory days.

The lines below showcase an epic list of melodic rock love songs of the 80s and 90s

100 Greatest Melodic Rock Love Songs of the 80s and 90s

  1. Is this Love- Whitesnake
  2. I Remember You- Skid Row
  3. Still Loving You- Scorpions
  4. Faithfully- Journey
  5. Never Say Goodbye- Bon Jovi
  6. I Want To Know What Love Is- Foreigner
  7. Every Rose Has Its Thorn- Poison
  8. I Live My Life For You- Firehouse
  9. Love Song- Tesla
  10. Anytime- McAuley Schenker Group (MSG)
  11. More Than Words- Extreme
  12. Can’t Stop Loving You- Van Halen
  13. Miles Away- Winger
  14. I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing- Aerosmith
  15. Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone)- Cinderella
  16. Sweet Child O’ Mine- Guns N’ Roses
  17. The Flame- Cheap Trick
  18. Open Arms- Journey
  19. (Everything I Do) I Do It For You- Bryan Adams
  20. Save Your Love- Great White
  21. Heaven In Your Eyes- Loverboy
  22. Love Of A Lifetime- Firehouse
  23. To Be With You- Mr. Big
  24. Goodbye to Romance- Ozzy Osbourne
  25. Sister Christian- Night Ranger
  26. Close My Eyes Forever- Lita Ford and Ozzy Osbourne
  27. Wind of Change- Scorpions
  28. I Believe In You- Stryper
  29. Heaven- Warrant
  30. Keep On Loving You- REO Speedwagon
  31. When I’m With You- Sherriff
  32. November Rain- Guns N’ Roses
  33. Amanda- Boston
  34. I’ll Be There For You- Bon Jovi
  35. Love Is On The Way- Saigon Kick
  36. I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing- Aerosmith
  37. More Than Words Can Say- Alias
  38. Waiting for a Girl Like You- Foreigner
  39. I Won’t Hold You Back- Toto
  40. Can’t Fight This Feeling- REO Speedwagon
  41. Iris- Goo Goo Dolls
  42. What Love Can Be- Kingdom Come
  43. High Enough- Damn Yankees
  44. Carrie- Europe
  45. Love Bites- Def Leppard
  46. Bed of Roses- Bon Jovi
  47. Baby, You’re The Greatest- Enuff Z ‘Nuff
  48. When The Heart Rules the Mind- GTR
  49. Don’t Tell Me You Love Me- Night Ranger
  50. Just Take My Heart- Mr. Big
  51. Fly To The Angels- Slaughter
  52. Almost Paradise- Mike Reno and Ann Wilson
  53. Something To Say- Harem Scarem
  54. Alone- Heart
  55. Never Say Goodbye- Bon Jovi
  56. Heaven- Bryan Adams
  57. Feels Like Love- Danger Danger
  58. Burning Heart- Survivor
  59. The Smile Has Left your Eyes- Asia
  60. Honestly- Stryper
  61. The Day I Met You- Lilian Axe
  62. Two Steps Behind- Def Leppard
  63. I Still Think About You- Danger Danger
  64. When I Look Into Your Eyes- Firehouse
  65. Reason To Live- Kiss
  66. Bird of Paradise- Snowy White
  67. I Love You- Saigon Kick
  68. Love Walked In- Thunder
  69. Always Gonna Love You- Gary Moore
  70. When It’s Love- Van Halen
  71. This Could Be the Night- Loverboy
  72. Dreaming (Tell Me)- Yngwie Malmsteen
  73. Angel- Aerosmith
  74. Remember My Name- House of Lords
  75. The Ballad Of Jayne- L.A. Guns
  76. Home Sweet Home- Motley Crue
  77. I’ll Never Let You Go (Angel Eyes)- Steelheart
  78. When I See You Smile- Bad English
  79. Hard To Say I’m Sorry- Chicago
  80. Right Here Waiting- Richard Marx
  81. Too High To Fly- Dokken
  82. Shine- Collective Soul
  83. I’ll Be Over You- Toto
  84. Patience- Guns N’ Roses
  85. These Dreams- Heart
  86. Honestly- Harem Scarem
  87. You’re The Only Woman (You and I)- Ambrosia
  88. Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now- Starship
  89. Broken Wings- Mr. Mister
  90. Silent Lucidity- Queensryche
  91. Forever- Kiss
  92. Don’t Walk Away- Danger Danger
  93. No Justice- Harem Scarem
  94. The Search Is Over- Survivor
  95. Surrender- Trixter
  96. Don’t Let It End- Styx
  97. (Can’t Live Without Your) Love and Affection- Nelson
  98. Don’t Close Your Eyes- Kix
  99. Womankind- Little Angels
  100. I Don’t Want To Live Without You- Sleez Beez

Other Notable Melodic Rock Love Songs of the 80s and 90s

  • Take It Easy On Me- Little River Band
  • Angelia- Richard Marx
  • In Your Arms- Little Caesar
  • Rosanna- Toto
  • Fall at Your Feet- Crowded House
  • It’s All Coming Back To Me Now- Pandora’s Box
  • Angels- Robbie Williams
  • Harden My Heart- Quarterflash
  • With Or Without You- U2
  • Always the Last to Know- Del Amitri
  • I’d Lie For You (And That’s the Truth)- Meat Loaf
  • Just Between You and Me- April Wine
  • Kyrie- Mr. Mister
  • All Out of Love- Air Supply
  • Drive- The Cars
  • What’s Up- 4 Non Blondes
  • Nobody’s Fool- Cinderella
  • Kayleigh- Marillion
  • Parisienne Walkways- Garry Moore
  • Don’t Stop Believin’- Journey
  • I Need Your Love- Boston
  • The One I Love- R.E.M.
  • Amazing- Aerosmith
  • You’re All I Need- Motley Crue
  • Price of Love- Bad English
  • Hazard- Richard Marx
  • Send Her My Love- Journey
  • All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You- Heart
  • Livin’ For You- Boston
  • Always- Bon Jovi
  • Straight From The Heart- Bryan Adams
  • Show Me The Way- Styx
  • Up Where We Belong- Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes
  • Poison- Alice Cooper
  • I’ll See You In My Dreams- Giant
  • Only Time Will Tell
  • I Won’t Forget You- Poison
  • Time After Time- Cyndi Lauper
  • (I Just) Died In Your Arms- Cutting Crew
  • First Love- Stryper
  • When You Love A Woman- Journey
  • Eternal Flame- The Bangles
  • Don’t Cry- Guns N’ Roses
  • I Don’t Wannna Live Without Your Love- Chicago
  • Edge of a Broken Heart- Vixen
  • I’ll Be Alright Without You- Journey
  • I Wanna Be With You- Pretty Boy Floyd
  • Heartbreak Station- Cinderella
  • Can’t Stop Fallin’ Into Love- Cheap Trick
  • Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad- Def Leppard
  • Every Time I Look At You- Kiss
  • That Time of the Year- Vinnie Vincent Invasion
  • Wait for You- Bonham
  • Hysteria- Def Leppard
  • Something To Believe In- Poison
  • Where You Goin’ Now- Damn Yankees
  • The Price- Twisted Sister
  • She’s Gone- Steelheart
  • I Don’t Want To Live Without You- Foreigner
  • Please Forgive Me- Bryan Adams
  • Wait- White Lion
  • The Deeper The Love- Whitesnake
  • Crazy Without You- Sheriff
  • Mama, I’m Coming Home- Ozzy Osbourne
  • You’re The Inspiration- Chicago
  • If You Needed Somebody- Bad Company
  • Sentimental Street- Night Ranger
  • I Can’t Hold Back- Survivor
  • Wanted Dead or Alive- Bon Jovi
  • Crazy- Aerosmith
  • Here With Me- REO Speedwagon
  • Alone Again- Dokken
  • Too Much Too Young- Little Angels
  • Sometimes She Cries- Warrant
  • Chance- Big Country
  • Headed For A Heartbreak- Winger
  • Sarah- Thin Lizzy
  • Little Lies- Fleetwood Mac
  • When Love and Hate Collide- Def Leppard
  • The Best of Times- Styx
  • Standing Alone- Tyketto
  • The Angel Song- Great White
  • Every Woman in This World- Air Supply
  • Burning Heart- Vandenberg
  • Now and Forever- Richard Marx
  • Only Time Will Tell- Nelson
  • Big Log- Robert Plant
  • Open Your Heart- Europe
  • Never Ending Nightmare- MSG (McAuley Schenker Group)
  • What Keeps Me Loving You- XYZ
  • I’d Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That)- Meat Loaf
  • Come Again- Damn Yankees
  • Africa- Toto
  • Screaming In The Night- Krokus
  • Tears Of Fire- Keel
  • One Step Away- Ratt
  • You Give Me All I Need- Scorpions
  • Elisa- Sheriff
  • Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?- Bryan Adams
  • Find Another Way- Heavens Edge

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