100 Greatest Power Metal Songs

Top 100 Power Metal Songs

Power metal is heavy metal subgenre that blends speed metal with traditional metal often in the realms of symphonic voicing. This article is features a comprehensive list of the best power metal songs.

The power metal genre which came into prominence in the 80s has gone onto become one of the most popular rock genres in Europe. It’s the characteristic blend of traditional metal elements infused with strong melodic choruses that give this genre its identity. Typically power metal songs have an anthem-like feel and are laden with a heavy melodic rhythm section. The lyrical themes are often based on fantasy taking the listener on a dreamlike musical journey. Folklore about wizards and dragons is aesthetically told through power metal songs. Ronnie James Dio’s work with Rainbow in the late 70s opened doors for power metal.

His lyrics associated with fantasy, medieval folklore and science fiction has influenced bands in the power metal genre significantly.

The Origins of Power Metal

Songs in the Power Metal genre are theatrical soundscapes with choruses bringing about an ocean of emotions that is truly uplifting. While the roots of power metal took shape in North America, it’s Europe that has become the land of power metal bands. It was the experimentation of speed metal bands in the 80s that gave birth to the power metal genre. While power metal bands in North America had a hard-hitting sound, European power metal bands especially from Germany, Italy, Greece and Scandinavia came up with a melodic sound that comprised of sweet sounding distorted guitar riffs and symphonic elements embellished with keyboard parts. Over the years Power metal songs from European countries have had a cult following worldwide.

Popularity of Power Metal Songs

While not many power metal songs have become commercially successful worldwide, a significant number of power metal bands have achieved considerable success with their albums. While both the American style and European style power metal bands have a huge following, many melodic power metal songs by European bands have become popular with listeners from other rock genres. It’s the melodic quotient in the European style power metal that has garnered interest among listeners from various genres of music. A notable feature in power metal bands is the fast tempos generated by melodic guitar riffs. Many drummers in power metal bands and symphonic metal bands use double bass patterns either using a double bass drum or a single bass drum with a double kick pedal.

Power Metal Vocalists and their Vocal Range

Power metal ballads with acoustic guitar and piano intros have become exceedingly popular with teenagers the world over. Vocalists in the power metal genre and symphonic power metal genre are known for their dynamic vocal range. Many vocalists in the power metal genre are known for their vocals that exceed 4 octaves. High pitched voices are a noteworthy feature in power metal songs. Music critics have praised vocalists in the power metal genre for their ethereal vocal dynamics. The melodic screams in power metal songs backed by the theatrical symphonic instrumentation take listeners in medieval dreamlike escapades.

The space below showcases a comprehensive list of the best power metal songs. This list includes symphonic power metal songs.  

100 Greatest Power Metal Songs

  1. Rebellion In Dreamland- Gamma Ray
  2. Emerald Sword- Rhapsody of Fire
  3. I Want Out- Helloween
  4. Through The Fire and Flames- DragonForce
  5. Eagleheart- Stratovarius
  6. Mirror Mirror- Blind Guardian
  7. The Seven Angels- Avantasia
  8. Warriors of the World United- Manowar
  9. Kingdom for a Heart- Sonata Arctica
  10. Majesty- Blind Guardian
  11. And Then There Was Silence- Blind Guardian
  12. Eagle Fly Free- Helloween  
  13. Sons of Winter and Stars- Wintersun
  14. The Dragon Lies Bleeding- Hammerfall
  15. Black Diamond- Stratovarius
  16. Spread Your Fire- Angra
  17. March of Mephisto- Kamelot
  18. Unholy Warcry- Rhapsody of Fire
  19. Heart of Steel- Manowar
  20. Scars of Yesterday- DragonForce
  21. Mysteria- Edguy
  22. White Pearl, Black Oceans- Sonata Arctica
  23. Keeper of Seven Keys- Helloween
  24. Gargoyles, Angels of Darkness- Rhapsody of Fire
  25. The Unicorn Invasion of Dundee- Gloryhammer
  26. Never Enough- Epica
  27. Hunting High and Low- Stratovarius
  28. Theater of Salvation- Edguy
  29. Gates of Babylon- Rainbow
  30. The Road Again- Dark Moor
  31. Sanctified with Dynamite- Powerwolf
  32. Forever Walking Alone- Dragonland
  33. The Bard’s Song- Blind Guardian
  34. Twisted Mind- Avantasia
  35. Heroes of Our Time- DragonForce
  36. The Temple of Hate- Angra
  37. Carolus Rex- Sabaton
  38. Always Will Be- Hammerfall
  39. The Haunting- Kamelot
  40. Full Moon- Sonata Arctica
  41. Center of the Universe- Kamelot
  42. Hall of the Mountain King- Savatage
  43. Highlander (The One)- Lost Horizon
  44. Tears of a Mandrake- Edguy
  45. Harbinger of Fate- Iced Earth
  46. Chasing The Dragon- Dream Evil
  47. Time Will Tell- Royal Hunt
  48. Hero’s Return- Hammerfall
  49. Carry On- Angra
  50. Sons of Odin- Manowar
  51. Last Before The Storm- Gamma Ray
  52. Chalice of Agony- Avantasia
  53. The Wand of Abaris- Therion
  54. Against The Wind- Stratovarius
  55. Dawn of Victory- Rhapsody
  56. The Accolade- Symphony X
  57. Dreamland- Hammerfall
  58. Stand My Ground- Within Temptation
  59. Land of Broken Hearts- Royal Hunt
  60. What Have You Done- Within Temptation
  61. Glory To The Brave- Hammerfall
  62. Primo Victoria- Sabaton
  63. Walk The Earth- Silent Force
  64. Glorious- Nocturnal Rites
  65. Dethrone Tyranny- Gamma Ray
  66. Kill For Metal- Iron Fire
  67. Farewell- Freedom Call
  68. Steel Meets Steel- Hammerfall
  69. Twilight of the Guards- Blind Guardian
  70. Wolf and Raven- Sonata Artica
  71. Ride With The Sun- Fairyland
  72. Angel of Salvation- Galneryus
  73. Time Stands Still (At The Iron Hill)- Blind Guardian
  74. Coleus Sanctus- Powerwolf
  75. Battle Hymn- Manowar
  76. Eye of Shiva- Therion
  77. Heaven or Hell- Gamma Ray
  78. Steel Tormentor- Helloween
  79. Through Elven Woods and Dwarven Mines- Dragonland
  80. A New World- Dark Moor
  81. Palace of Fantasy- Freedom Call
  82. Aristocrat’s Symphony- Versailles
  83. Shadowplay- Edenbridge
  84. The Piper Never Dies- Edguy
  85. Destiny- Stratovarius
  86. Time- Wintersun
  87. River of Tuoni- Amberian Dawn
  88. Mirror of Souls- Theocracy
  89. The Way of The Warrior- Hammerfall
  90. Man on a Mission- Gamma Ray
  91. Wages of Sin- THrocracy
  92. Warriers of Light- Freedom Call
  93. And The Road Goes On- Edenbridge
  94. Your Time Has Come- Unisonic
  95. Live My Life For You- Divinefire
  96. The Last Journey Home- DragonForce
  97. Nuclear Fire- Primal Fire
  98. Sunrise In Riverland- Insania
  99. Nailed- Theocracy
  100. Hundred Years Have Passed- Dragonland

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