100 Greatest Slow Rock Songs

Top 100 Slow Rock Songs

Slow rock is an umbrella term associated with rock ballads. This article brings to life an epic list of the best slow rock songs.

Slow tempo ballads in the rock genre have been popular since the 60s. Acoustic rock ballads, rock ballads and power ballads of the 80s and 90s gave prominence to the usage of the term ‘slow rock’. While the soft rock movement became popular in the 70s, it was in the 80s that found new expression to describe ballads by rock bands. While there were a number of bands in the 70s that had songs that could be categorized slow rock, it was hair metal and glam metal bands in the 80s and 90s with their brand of ballads that led to the usage of the term ‘slow rock’ in music circles. The slow rock craze reached another level in the 80s, the mayhem had begun.

The AOR scene helped the slow rock movement gain momentum. Many bands in the 80s and 90s took a liking to balladry in songs…and the results were impressive.

Rock bands released music albums that contained acoustic rock ballads and power ballads, and these trademark slow tempo songs became immensely popular with listeners globally. The slow rock format became excessively popular with major record labels. Compilations of slow rock songs became a rage globally. Also, greatest hits compilations of rock bands that contained ballads became excessively popular with music fans. Soft rock songs and slow rock songs became popular on radio stations in the 80s and early 90s. The slow rock format became an essential ingredient in the realms of rock, and has grown in popularity with aficionados of rock ballads. 

Many classic slow rock songs are played on radio stations globally. Slow tempo songs with acoustic guitars intros have become exceedingly popular in the slow rock format. Guitar solos in slow rock songs are exceedingly popular with guitar music enthusiasts. Over the years slow rock songs have become a craze at prom parties. Young couple love swaying to the tunes of slow tempo rock at prom parties. Acoustic ballads and power ballads will always remain the centrifugal element of slow rock songs.

Showcased below is a list of slow rock songs from different decades

100 Greatest Slow Rock Songs

  1. I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing- Aerosmith
  2. Dreams- Fleetwood Mac
  3. More Than Words- Extreme
  4. Waiting For A Girl Like You- Foreigner
  5. Babe- Styx
  6. Only Women Bleed- Alice Cooper
  7. Dust in the Wind- Kansas
  8. I Remember You- Skid Row
  9. Beth- Kiss
  10. Alone- Heart
  11. Dream On- Aerosmith
  12. Never Tear Us Apart- INXS
  13. Every Rose Has It’s Thorn- Poison
  14. Fly To The Angels- Slaughter
  15. Still Loving You- Scorpions
  16. Iris- The Goo Goo Dolls
  17. When I See You Smile- Bad English
  18. Reason to Live- Kiss
  19. Is This Love- Whitesnake
  20. Carrie- Europe
  21. November Rain- Guns N’ Roses
  22. You Took My Breath Away- Traveling Wilburys
  23. Satellite- Dave Matthews Band
  24. I’ll Be There For You- Bon Jovi
  25. Faithfully- Journey
  26. I Believe In You- Y&T
  27. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes- Asia
  28. Patience- Guns N Roses
  29. Love Is On The Way- Saigon Kick
  30. Heaven- Warrant
  31. Silent Lucidity- Queensryche
  32. Broken Wings- Mr. Mister
  33. She’s Gone- Steelheart
  34. Fall To Pieces- Velvet Revolver
  35. Lightning Crashes- Live
  36. I Won’t Hold You Back- Toto
  37. Ready For Love- Bad Company
  38. Can’t Fight This Feeling- REO Speedwagon
  39. Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone)
  40. Love Song- Tesla
  41. More Than a Feeling- Boston
  42. Runaway Train- Soul Asylum
  43. Bed of Roses- Bon Jovi
  44. When The Children Cry- White Lion
  45. Love Walked In- Thunder
  46. Love Bites- Def Leppard
  47. More Than Words Can Say- Alias
  48. Free Bird- Lynyrd Skynyrd
  49. Save Your Love- Great White
  50. The Flame- Cheap Trick
  51. Still Got The Blues- Gary Moore
  52. Open Arms- Journey
  53. When I’m With You- Sherriff
  54. Take Me For a Little While- David Coverdale and Jimmy Page
  55. Goodbye To Romance- Ozzy Osbourne
  56. Styx- Lady
  57. All Right Now- Free
  58. Never Say Goodbye- Bon Jovi
  59. Sister Christian- Night Ranger
  60. Heaven In Your Eyes- Loverboy
  61. Street of Dreams- Rainbow
  62. Miles Away- Winger
  63. Angie- Rolling Stones
  64. Black Velvet- Alannah Myles
  65. Heaven- Bryan Adams
  66. Everybody Hurts- R.E.M.
  67. Goodbye To Romance- Ozzy Osbourne
  68. I Want To Know What Love is- Foreigner
  69. Angel- Aerosmith
  70. Honestly- Stryper
  71. Love Hurts- Nazareth
  72. Always Gonna Love You- Gary Moore
  73. Right Here Waiting- Richard Marx
  74. In The Army Now- Status Quo
  75. Always- Bon Jovi
  76. Love of A Lifetime- Firehouse
  77. Before The Dawn- Judas Priest
  78. Soldier of Fortune- Deep Purple
  79. Quarterflash- Harden My Heart
  80. Headed for a Heartbreak- Winger
  81. Haitian Divorce- Steely Dan
  82. Behind Blue Eyes- The Who
  83. Just Take My Heart- Mr. Big
  84. Keep on Loving You- REO Speedwagon
  85. Love of My Life- Queen
  86. Amanda- Boston
  87. Changes- Black Sabbath
  88. Right By Your Side- Enuff Z’ Nuff
  89. Home Sweet Home- Motley Crue
  90. Winds of Change- Scorpions
  91. Close Your Eyes Forever- Lita Ford and Ozzy Osbourne
  92. Save Your Love- Great White
  93. Marillion- Kayleigh
  94. (Everything I Do) I Do it For You- Bryan Adams
  95. With or Without You- U2
  96. When I Look Into Your Eyes- Firehouse
  97. I’ll See You In My Dreams- Giant
  98. When It’s Love- Van Halen
  99. The Day That I Met You- Lillian Axe
  100. Rosanna- Toto

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