100 Extreme Metal Songs to pump you up in a Fight against Zombies

In the days to come you will be left with no choice but to fight zombies. Surviving against zombies when the zombie apocalypse comes alive will be a task. You best bet to pump yourself in a fight against zombies will be extreme metal songs. The brutal extreme metal anthems from various heavy metal genres may well help you overcome. This article showcases a list of the most brutal extreme metal songs that will help you survive another day against zombies.

Extreme metal and zombies are inseparable. You wouldn’t want to play the theme of ‘Chariots on Fire’ to pump yourself when a zombie visits your home for a piece of you. The best choice of music when a zombie comes uninvited is extreme metal. You need to get charged to fight a zombie. The best way to gather your guts and pump self is by playing extreme metal songs when you are up against a zombie in your home. Yeah, you need to whip out the most brutal heavy metal songs during a battle with a zombie.

There is a slim chance that a zombie might get distracted when an extreme metal song is playing in the background.

Extreme metal songs when played loud can bring out the rage and anger in you which will be will translate to a “big help” when you fight a zombie. You need to be in the right mood and right frame of mind when you are up against a zombie in your home. Extreme metal songs are the right choice to instill belief that you can overcome a zombie in a fight.

If you get close too close to a zombie, the chances are you will be grabbed and eaten alive. Not everybody will have guns to shoot zombies. And so, it would be a wise to always have a household item as weapon in hand and maintain a safe distance from the zombie. If you engage in close combat, you’re giving the zombie a better chance at a bite. If you get bitten, let your imagination flow in helping you realize what you will become in the days to come. Some day in the future you will find yourself face to face with a zombie, or running away from a zombie. Well, the zombie apocalypse is considered a phenomenon that will come true, and when it does, there’s no escape. Extreme metal songs will be your best bet when you fight against a zombie at home.

Here’s a list of the most brutal heavy metal songs from various genres and sub-genres of heavy metal to pump you up during a fight with a zombie.

100 Extreme Metal Songs to pump you up in a Fight against Zombies

  1. Once Upon the Cross- Deicide
  2. Hammer Smashed Face- Cannibal Corpse
  3. We Will Rise- Arch Enemy
  4. Only For the Weak- In Flames
  5. Zombie Ritual- Death
  6. Eaten- Bloodbath
  7. Heartwork- Carcass
  8. Christians To The Lions- Behemoth
  9. Black Seeds Of Vengeance- Nile
  10. In Shadows and Dust- Kataklysm
  11. The Pursuit of Vikings- Amon Amarth
  12. Carnal- Vader
  13. Left hand Path- Entombed
  14. Dechristianize- Vital Remains
  15. Slaughter of the Soul- At the Gates
  16. Siege of Power- Napalm Death
  17. Rapture-Morbid Angel
  18. The Drapery Falls- Opeth
  19. Funeral Thirst- The Black Dahlia Murder
  20. Slowly We Rot- Obituary
  21. As I Die- Paradise Lost
  22. World Eater- Bolt Thrower
  23. Feasting On The Blood of The Insane- Six Feet Under
  24. Deadnight Warrior- Children of Bodom
  25. Arise- Sepultura
  26. Service for a Vacant Coffin- Autopsy
  27. Veil of Maya- Cynic
  28. Wage Slaves- All Shall Perish
  29. Punish My Heavens- Dark Tranquility
  30. Where Submission Reigns- Neaera
  31. Black Winter Day- Amorphis
  32. Lucifer Incestus- Belphegor
  33. Effigy of the Forgotten- Suffocation
  34. Death Metal Victory- Unleashed
  35. The Glow Of The Setting Sun- Nightrage
  36. Oroborus- Gojira
  37. Winds of Creation- Decapitated
  38. The Sleeping Beauty- Tiamat
  39. Schematics- Dying Fetus
  40. Only Ash Remains- Necrophagist
  41. Erase- Gorefest
  42. Entombment of a Machine- Job for A Cowboy
  43. Nemesis- Arch Enemy
  44. In The Arms of Perdition- Despised Icon
  45. Piece Of Time- Atheist
  46. Scrolls of the Megilloth- Mortification
  47. Resurrection- Chimaira
  48. Dead Wreckoning- Aborted
  49. Soulless- Grave
  50. Fermented Offal Discharge- Necrophagist
  51. Eraser- Hypocrisy
  52. Royal Straight Flesh- Defleshed
  53. Celestial Effigy- Agalloch
  54. The Crown Of Sympathy- My Dying Bride
  55. Mercury Shadow- Soilwork
  56. Sense of Demise- Sinister
  57. Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer- Behemoth
  58. Scent of Flesh- Deform In Torture
  59. Near The Gates- Illdisposed
  60. Override the Overture- Dismember
  61. Night’s Blood- Dissection
  62. For God Your Soul, For Me Your Flesh- Pungent Stench
  63. Salt The Wound- Exodus
  64. Order of Dracul- Septicflesh
  65. Fear of Napalm- Terrorizer
  66. Twisted Truth- Pestilence
  67. Crimson-Edge of Sanity
  68. The Negative One- Slipknot
  69. From Beyond- Massacre
  70. Those Left Behind- Immolation
  71. King Of All Kings- Hate Eternal
  72. Intentional Manslaughter- Dying Fetus
  73. They Will Return- Kalmah
  74. Acts of The Unspeakable- Autopsy
  75. Conquerors of Armageddon- Krisiun
  76. The Aftermath- Origin
  77. The Warcult- God Dethroned
  78. Emaciate- Cryptopsy
  79. The Fallen Shall Rise In a River Of Blood- Hatesphere
  80. The Rack- Asphyx
  81. Infestation of Evil- Carnage
  82. The Daily Grind- Anima
  83. Silence Sleep- Evocation
  84. Nightfear- Benediction
  85. Heavily Medicated- The Berzerker
  86. The Will to Kill- Malevolent Creation
  87. Blood For The Bloodgod- Debauchery
  88. Zombie Apocalypse- Mortician
  89. The Duskfall- Source
  90. Mortuary Riot- Haemorrhage
  91. Alter Reality- Nocturnus
  92. Under The Surface- Morgoth
  93. The Optimist- Skinless
  94. The Bullet’s Breath- Inequity
  95. Conquistadores- Misery Index
  96. Slaves To The Pyre- Brodequin
  97. Revelation Nausea- Vomitory
  98. Maggots in Your Coffin- Repulsion
  99. Condemned To Obscurity- Gorguts
  100. Life Demise- Unanimated

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