100 Greatest Extreme Metal Bands

In present times Extreme metal is the most popular subgenre in Heavy Metal. The musical style is a hard-hitting brutal sound that has come into its own since the 80s. This article showcases a detailed perspective of the best Extreme metal bands.

While the term ‘Extreme metal’ is broad based and used referentially as an umbrella term, the sound is an amalgamation of various influences that come from death metal, thrash metal, doom metal, black metal, and blackened death metal. Although extreme metal has not had the spotlight on mainstream, it is amongst the most popular sub-genre in Heavy metal. Extreme metal is known for its brutal sound that sets it apart from other sub-genres in heavy metal. Since the 80s, heavy metal music has branched giving rise to new sounds. The roots of extreme metal emerged in the 80s and came into prominence in the 90s. By the 2000s, the genre had established a firm footing in the realms of heavy metal.

Extreme metal has evolved over the years with varied influences making up the signature brutal sound.

Over the years, aside from death metal, blackened metal, thrash metal, black metal, and doom metal, forming the core sound of extreme metal, many other musical subgenres such as metalcore, crossover thrash, dark metal, pagan metal, deathgrind, viking metal, symphonic metal, mathcore, stoner metal, avant-garde metal, melodic death metal and technical death metal amongst others have given new direction to Extreme metal. The lyrics in Extreme metal songs deal with the dark side. Many vocalists in extreme metal bands use growl-vocal styles and grunt-vocal styles in their songs. The use of clean-vocal textures is also prevalent in a number of extreme metal bands.

Extreme metal bands often come up with themes for their albums, portraying the dark side of life through blistering musical styles. Moshpitting and headbanging is at another level at Extreme metal concerts. The high-octane heavy metal sound in extreme musical styles is known to bring out seldom-seen energy levels in individuals. The music often sends fans at a concert in frenzy. This genre of music has trangressive elements that explore new territories. Extreme metal has garnered a cult following in non-mainstream circles. The day is not far when extreme metal will achieve the unachieved.

The space below encompasses a comprehensive list of the best Extreme Metal Bands. The list in the space below is not an attempt to rank bands; it’s a celebration of extreme music. Feel free to voice your opinion on all that’s extreme. Keep moshing!

100 Greatest Extreme Metal Bands

  1. Sarcofago
  2. Celtic Frost
  3. Behemoth
  4. Meshuggah
  5. Darkthrone
  6. Emperor
  7. Nile
  8. Napalm Death
  9. The Black Dahlia Murder
  10. Strapping Young Lad
  11. Acid Bath
  12. Carcass
  13. Dimmu Borgir
  14. Cradle Of Filth
  15. No Obliviscaris
  16. Amon Amarth
  17. Children of Bodom
  18. Septicflesh
  19. The Acacia Strain
  20. Necrodeath
  21. Arch Enemy
  22. Edge of Sanity
  23. Cryptopsy
  24. Dir En Grey
  25. Bathory
  26. Extol
  27. Opeth
  28. Cannibal Corpse
  29. Becoming The Archtype
  30. Averse Sefira
  31. Bloodbath
  32. Hellhammer
  33. Extreme Noise Terror
  34. Death
  35. Sepultura
  36. Entombed
  37. Immortal
  38. Nevermore
  39. Bolt Thrower
  40. Autopsy
  41. Gojira
  42. Therion
  43. Morbid Angel
  44. Enslaved
  45. Drottnar
  46. Dark Angel
  47. Tormentor
  48. Necrophagist
  49. Suffocation
  50. Exhorder
  51. Possessed
  52. Grave
  53. Killswitch Engage
  54. Hypocrisy
  55. Sadus
  56. At The Gates
  57. My Dying Bride
  58. Incantation
  59. Slayer
  60. Kataklysm
  61. Zyklon
  62. Tankard
  63. Gorgoroth
  64. Decapitated
  65. Agalloch
  66. Malevolent Creation
  67. Venom
  68. Sodom
  69. Benediction
  70. In Flames
  71. Kreator
  72. Blasphemy
  73. Deicide
  74. Testament
  75. Six Feet Under
  76. Mercyful Fate
  77. Dark Tranquility
  78. Unleashed
  79. Vader
  80. All Shall Perish
  81. Katatonia
  82. Mayhem
  83. Dying Fetus
  84. Pestilence
  85. Origin
  86. Gorguts
  87. Destruction
  88. Vital Remains
  89. Job For a Cowboy
  90. Psycroptic
  91. Borknagar
  92. Oppressor
  93. Amorphis
  94. Obituary
  95. Sinister
  96. Cynic
  97. Exodus
  98. Revocation
  99. Misery Index
  100. Atheist

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