100 Greatest Bollywood Action Movies

Action movies are insanely popular with the masses in India. Since early days in the Hindi film industry, movies with action sequences have struck a chord with Indian audiences. Here’s a list of the best Bollywood action movies.

Whenever a fight scene in a Bollywood movie begins, a section of the crowd at the cinema erupts with shrill whistles. Fans in India cannot conceal their excitement when their favorite actor takes on a group of baddies single-handedly. Well, in a typical Bollywood action sequence you find the lone hero beating the living daylights of an army of bad guys.

The Dishum-Dishum Era

The ‘hero’ in Hindi films always seems to have his way. Needless to say the villain and his group of goons do not find sympathy from audiences. In movies from the past, it was the ‘dishum-dishum’ sound that used to send audiences in frenzy. Every punch or kick landed by the hero on the villain’s used to be accompanied by the ‘dishum sound’.

The ‘dishum-dishum sound’ was symbolic in a fight sequence of Bollywood action movies in the 60s and 70s and 80s.

Special Effects and Visual effects in Bollywood Movies

With the 90s came a new wave of action directors. Many action directors incorporated different aspects of action that gave movies a whole new feel. Since the 90s the action sequences have improved tremendously in Bollywood. While the tradition of ‘hero’ beating the skin out of villains and their goons continues, the imagery, dynamics and fight sequences incorporated in the length of a movie have thankfully changed in a big way. Over the years special effects and visual effects have become an integral to Bollywood the In present times visual effects (VFX) are a vital part of Bollywood action movies.

Since the 90s action film directors have experimented with a broad spectrum of sequences for action movies. Aside from fight sequences, stunts, explosions and car chases are popular with Bollywood action movie aficionados. Visual effects directors coordinate with the graphics team to ensure special effects are detailed as per the requirement and scene demanded by the movie director. CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) has become hugely popular in Bollywoood action movies. Digital FX integrated in various aspects of a movie help create life like environments which are deemed impossible being with cameras.

Post 2000, many action directors have chosen exotic locations to shoot stunts and action sequences. It’s the budget filmmakers have in hand that determines overall quality of action sequences. The action sequences in few big budget Bollywood action movies have been exemplary in recent years. Graphic and animation companies from India have become exceedingly popular globally, and many Hollywood production houses are outsourcing their special effects, CGI and visual effects requirements to companies in India. With production budgets getting bigger, Bollywood will witness a new wave of slick action flicks in the future.

The list below showcases a broad spectrum of Bollywood action movies that includes spy films, action adventure and action comedy. Mentioned in brackets are the genre and the year of release.

100 Greatest Bollywood Action Movies

  1. Sholay (Action Thriller Film- 1975)
  2. Dabangg (Action Masala Film- 2010)
  3. Singham (Action Film-2011)
  4. Ghayal (Action Drama- 1990)
  5. Dhoom (Action Film- 2004)
  6. Don (Action Thriller- 1978)
  7. Karma (Action Film- 1986)
  8. Deewar (Action Crime/Drama- 1975)
  9. Satte Pe Satta (Action Comedy- 1982)
  10. Ek Tha Tiger (Action Spy Film- 2012)
  11. Dhoom 3- Back In Action (Action Thriller Film- 2013)
  12. Agneepath (Action Drama- 1990)
  13. Ghajini (Psychological Thriller/Action Film- 2008)
  14. Trishul (Action Film- 1978)
  15. Dabangg 2 (Action Film- 2012)
  16. Teezab (Action Film- 1988)
  17. Khakee (Action Drama Thriller- 2004)
  18. Ghatak: Lethal (Action Film)
  19. Arjun (Action Drama Film- 1985)
  20. Kaminey (Dark Action Comedy- 2009)
  21. Rowdy Rathore (Action Film- 2012)
  22. Race 2 (Action Thriller Film- 2013)
  23. Bodyguard (Action Film- 2011)
  24. Don (Action Thriller- 2006)
  25. Omkara (Action Crime Drama- 2006)
  26. Kaala Patthar (Action Drama- 1979)
  27. Don 2 (Action Crime Thriller- 2011)
  28. Parinda (Action Crime Drama- 1989)
  29. Shiva (Action Film- 1990)
  30. Dilwale (Action Romance- 1994)
  31. Dhoom 2 (Action Film- 2006)
  32. Ziddi (Action Film- 1997)
  33. Satya (Action Crime Film- 1998)
  34. Do Aur Do Paanch (Action Comedy Film- 1980)
  35. Ram Lakhan (Action Drama Film- 1989)
  36. Wanted (Action Film- 2009)
  37. Mohra- (Action Thriller Film- 1994)
  38. Coolie (Action Comedy Film- 1983)
  39. Khalnayak (Action Thriller Film- 1993)
  40. Agneepath (Action Drama Film- 2012)
  41. The Burning Train (Action Thriller Film- 1980)
  42. Karan Arjun (Action Film- 1995)
  43. Shootout At Lokhandwala (Action Crime Drama- 2007)
  44. Judwaa (Action Comedy- 1997)
  45. Ghulam (Action Crime Drama- 1998)
  46. Khiladi 786 (Action Comedy Film- 2012)
  47. Amar Akbar Anthony (Action Comedy- 1977)
  48. Vishwamatma (Action Thriller- 1992)
  49. Hum (Action Crime Film- 1991)
  50. Gangs of Wasseypur – Part 1 (Action Crime Film- 2012)
  51. Kaante (Action Film- 2002)
  52. Hum Kisise Kum Naheen (Action Film- 1977)
  53. Gadar: Ek PRem Katha (Action Film- 2001)
  54. Zanjeer (Action Thriller- 1973)
  55. Gupt: THe Hidden Truth (Suspense Thriller/Action- 1997)
  56. Shakti (Action Adventure- 1982)
  57. Main Khaladi Tu Anari (Action Comedy- 1994)
  58. Shaan (Action Thriller- 1980)
  59. Main Hoon Na (Action Comedy Thriller- 2004)
  60. Tridev (Action Thriller Film- 1989)
  61. Agent Vinod (Action Spy Film- 1977)
  62. Gunda (Action Crime Film- 1998)
  63. Satyamev Jayate (Action Film- 1987)
  64. Adalat (Action Drama- 1976)
  65. Boss (Action Masala Film- 2013)
  66. The Great Gambler (Action Thriller Film- 1979)
  67. Apaharan (Action Crime Drama- 2005)
  68. Janbaaz (Action Drama- 1986)
  69. Humraaz (Action Thriller- 2002)
  70. Kaalia (Action Film- 1981)
  71. Sarfarosh (Action Drama Film- 2003)
  72. Race- (Action Crime/Thriller- 2008)
  73. Rocky (Action Film- 1981)
  74. Awara Paagal Deewana (Action Comedy- 2002)
  75. Commando (Action Thriller Film- 2013)
  76. Angaar (Action Crime Film- 1992)
  77. Singh is Kinng- Action Comedy Film- 2008)
  78. Ghulami (Action Film- 1985)
  79. Son of Sardar (Action Comedy Film- 2012)
  80. Sabse Bada Khiladi (Action Thriller Film- 1995)
  81. 16 December (Action Spy Thriller- 2002)
  82. Narsimha (Action Drama- 1991)
  83. Bang Bang (Action Thriller Film- 2014)
  84. Josh (Action Crime Film- 1980)
  85. Baazi (Action Film- 1995)
  86. Apradh (Action Thriller Romance- 1972)
  87. Phool Aur Kaante (Action Romance- 1991)
  88. Mard (Action Film- 1985)
  89. Rajput (Action Film- 1982)
  90. Khoon Pasina (Action Crime Film- 1977)
  91. Aankhen (Action Comedy- 1993)
  92. Sultanat (Action Drama- 1986)
  93. Khiladi 420 (Action Film- 2000)
  94. Loha (Action Film- 1987)
  95. Dacait (Action Film- 1987)
  96. Pukar (Action Drama- 2000)
  97. International Khiladi (Action Thriller Film- 1999)
  98. Waqt Hamara Hai (Action Drama- 1993)
  99. Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi (Action Film- 1996)
  100. Illaka (Action Drama- 1989)

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