Top 100 Dance Team Names for Dance Competitions

Top 100 Dance Team Names

Top 100 Dance Team Names for Dance Competitions
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Picking a strong team name is important for a dance group. While members in a dance troupe maybe talented, it’s the name chosen for a dance group that gives identity.

Dance is an expression of body and mind. In a dance group members practice day and night to perfect their dance moves. Precision and synchronization are elements that make a dance troupe stand out. However, without a good name it’s unlikely a dance group will make headway. A dance group with a strong team name always hogs the limelight. Aside from attitude and skill, a dance team needs an identity.

It’s a team name that reflects and represents ideologies of a dance group. Hence, it is of utmost importance that a name for a dance group centrally defines the vision of members in a group clearly.

Talented individuals coming together and forming a dance group is just the beginning. A dance group needs a powerful identity, and identity begins with a strong name. At dance competitions a number of dance troupes compete against each other. It is a known fact that dance groups with creative names make a high impact with judges and global audiences. Furthermore, your competitors associate you collectively with your team name. Ideally, a name for a dance team should be considered in accordance with their dance style. However, there are no set rules while coming up with a name for your dance group.

How to Choose a team name for Dance Competitions

  • The best names for a dance team come alive during a brainstorming session. Get members of your dance group together and discuss various aspects that will truly represent your dance form. During a brainstorming session every member provides inputs in regard with creative team names.
  • It’s wise for a member to note down opinions and names suggested by group members.
  • A name represents you as a team at dance competitions. Keep this in mind. You need to convey a message with your team name to competitors, judges and audiences. It’s a simple thought that can translate into an idea and an idea paves the road for creative insights.
  • As a dance group you are aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Makes sure the name you select spells out strong character and grit. An epic word that summarizes your group completely can be used in a name.
  • Consider a name in accordance with your dance style. There needs to be clarity associated with a name. It’s your inner emotions that give your dance style a voice. Connect with your inner being and you will come up with a powerful team name. At dance competitions you are judged for the way you express yourself on the dance floor. Your name represents everything you do on the dance floor.
  • During a brainstorming session play around with words, ideas and thoughts. In an environment of fun creative bent gets resurrected to another level.

The lines below showcase an epic list of team names you can use for your dance group.

Top 100 Dance Team Names for Dance Competitions

  1. Fleet Clan
  2. Boombastic Ballerina
  3. Diva Moves
  4. Zing Thing Zombies
  5. Ancient Groove Theory
  6. Silk Route
  7. Groove Brigade
  8. Soul Rockers
  9. Mermaid  
  10. Zee Force
  11. Step Clan
  12. Liquid Gold
  13. Crystal Domain
  14. Spirit Shakers
  15. Mystical Steps
  16. Vision Dance Tech
  17. Doomsday Mindfunk
  18. Boogie Thrill
  19. Sizzlezone
  20. Jazz Stomp
  21. Thunder Crew
  22. Swing Thing Dynasty
  23. Dynasty of Dance
  24. Hip Hop Junkies
  25. Soul Move Poets
  26. Cruz Machine
  27. Trip Illuminators
  28. Ghetto Kats
  29. Groove Trip
  30. Fleetfoot Flamingos
  31. Mindfunk Machine
  32. Chill City Angels  
  33. Manic Star Galaxy
  34. Soul Motion
  35. Pyro Tech Freaks
  36. Rebel Storm
  37. Move Luminaries
  38. Drop Stop Divas
  39. Hood Brood Clan
  40. Ferocious Movers  
  41. Soul Bridge
  42. Zee Demon Mirage
  43. Groove Ghetto
  44. Crude Hood Machine
  45. Silverchop Stop
  46. Funk Hunt
  47. Theory of Step
  48. Art of Dazzle
  49. Spunk Munk Fever
  50. Aztec Groove Step
  51. Move Bizarre
  52. D Code Tribe
  53. Classical Allegro
  54. Deep Trip Device
  55. Sonic Boomrats
  56. Spunk Hip Hoppers
  57. Tempo Kings
  58. Poetic Ballerinas
  59. Dazzle Tribe
  60. Step Hoppers
  61. Woogie Tribe
  62. Gizrobos
  63. Funk Maestros
  64. Spirit in Motion
  65. Funk Majestic
  66. Bot Move Tribe
  67. Mad Majestic Mob
  68. Sparkle Crew
  69. Purple Haze Pirates
  70. Celestial Haven
  71. Trip Hip Alligators
  72. Justice D Clan
  73. D- Status
  74. Nitro Junk Step
  75. Sparkle Queens
  76. Hip Shaker Crew
  77. Awestruck Machine
  78. Step Rebels
  79. Rhythmic Junkyard
  80. Shaker Squad
  81. Oomph Factor
  82. Station of Motion
  83. Hybrid Cosmic Junkies
  84. Rhythm Pirates
  85. Synergy Tribe
  86. Funkadelic Tribe
  87. Another World
  88. Dance Pirates
  89. Move Makers
  90. Mindtrip Brigade
  91. Klass Attack
  92. Control Freaks
  93. Funk Fever Mesmerizes
  94. Alien Mindfreaks
  95. Dizzy Daffodils
  96. Soul Crusaders
  97. Bone Crushin’ Craft
  98. Avenge Tone Warriors
  99. Demi-God-Squad
  100. Raider Zone

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