100 Greatest Metalcore Bands

Top 100 Metalcore Bands

In recent years the metalcore sound has become insanely popular with metal fans. This article offers a detailed perspective of the best metalcore bands.

The metalcore sound took shape in the 2000s with bands experimenting with intense breakdowns in musical sections taking the moshing scenario to a new level. Metalcore is a diverse fusion genre that combines elements of extreme metal and hardcore punk. While the sound of metalcore bands may differ drastically, a noteworthy feature in this genre is the intensity and dynamism in musical structure. The breakdowns in this genre are jaw-dropping and often induce moshing and headbanging in the moshpit during a band’s performance. The aggressive sound encompassed with aesthetic melodic brutality makes the metalcore sound unique in metal genres.

While it is unclear when the roots of Metalcore took shape, credits to the foundation for the metalcore sound are often associated with Sepulture and Pantera, two bands that paved the way for the future of metalcore sound. 90s Bands such as Converge, Integrity and Earth Crisis are considered the pioneers of this genre.

Metalcore gained prominence in the 2000s and suddenly bands with the metalcore sound took the metal world by storm. While the genre is not considered mainstream, a number of metalcore bands have attained mainstream success, and that says a lot about the popularity of this genre.

The metalcore sound is an amalgamation or rather a cross-pollination of extreme metal, hardcore punk and crossover thrash that has come into its own since the 2000s. While initially many metalcore bands released their albums independently, record labels such as Metal Blade and Century Media signed a number of metalcore acts in the 2000s. As metalcore gained prominence, a new subgenre emerged which came to be known as melodic metalcore. In similar vein, mathcore a subgenre that infused technical riffing and odd time signatures in musical structure gained popularity. The melodic aspect in the metalcore sound influenced by the Swedish melodic death metal scene has become a prominent part in the metalcore genre.

The instrumentation in metalcore lays emphasis on melodic brutal guitar riffing encompassed with fast tempo drumming technique and breakdowns. Also, drop guitar tunings are used by many metalcore bands. Screamed vocals, high pitched screams and clean vocals are popular in this genre. Some vocalists in metalcore have used the death growl technique aesthetically in accordance with lyrical composition and musical structure. Metalcore is a subculture of heavy metal, and the metalcore scene is one among the most popular movements in the 2000s. Needless to say metalcore is going to get bigger in the days ahead.

The space below showcases a diverse list of metalcore bands.

100 Greatest Metalcore Bands

  1. Converge
  2. Earth Crisis
  3. Killswitch Engage
  4. Starkweather
  5. Bullet For My Valentine
  6. As I Lay Dying
  7. All That Remains
  8. Hatebreed
  9. Parkway Drive
  10. Asking Alexandria
  11. Atreyu
  12. Trivium
  13. Vision of Disorder
  14. In Flames
  15. Hoods
  16. Bleeding Through
  17. Shai Hulud
  18. Coalesce
  19. The Dillinger Escape Plan
  20. Throwdown
  21. All Out War
  22. Disembodied
  23. Overcast
  24. A Day To Remember
  25. Shadows Fall
  26. Underoath
  27. Cold War
  28. Bring Me The Horizon
  29. Lamb of God
  30. The Devil Wears Prada
  31. Zao
  32. Norma Jean
  33. Walls of Jericho
  34. Haste The Day
  35. Texas in July
  36. Burry Tomorrow
  37. Every Time I Die
  38. Drowningman
  39. Oh, Sleeper
  40. Darkest Hour
  41. Amaranthe
  42. Dead By April
  43. Chimaira
  44. The Dead Rabbits
  45. I Killed The Prom Queen
  46. Alesana
  47. Fear Before
  48. Avenged Sevenfold
  49. Evergreen Terrace
  50. Woe, Is Me
  51. The Acacia Strain
  52. Blessthefall
  53. Aftershock
  54. Devil You Know
  55. The Amity Affliction
  56. Miss May I
  57. Architects
  58. We Came As Romans
  59. Bleed From Within
  60. For Today
  61. The Word Alive
  62. Demon Hunter
  63. Chelsea Grin
  64. Memphis May Fire
  65. Creation is Crucifixion
  66. Threat Signal
  67. Misery Signals
  68. While She Sleeps
  69. Unearth
  70. Of Mice & Men
  71. Northlane
  72. Greeley Estates
  73. The Browning
  74. Falling In Reverse
  75. Bury Your Dead
  76. Twelve Tribes
  77. Motionless in White
  78. Crown The Empire
  79. Fit For A King
  80. Every Time I Die
  81. Shaped By Fate
  82. Black Veil Brides
  83. Issues
  84. Eyes Set To Kill
  85. Cataract
  86. It Dies Today
  87. This Or The Apocalypse
  88. For Today
  89. A Breach of Silence
  90. Cave In
  91. In Fear And Faith
  92. From Autumn to Ashes
  93. Ringworm
  94. Evita
  95. Myka, Relocate
  96. For All Those Sleeping
  97. Heaven Shall Burn
  98. I See Stars
  99. Letlive
  100. Stray From The Path

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