100 Greatest Power Metal Bands

Power Metal is a popular sub-genre of heavy metal that combines traditional metal elements interspersed with a speed metal meets symphonic dream-like aura. Dwell deep in a list of the best power metal bands from the 80,90s, and 2000s.

Power Metal is a popular sub-genre of heavy metal that combines traditional metal elements interspersed with a speed metal meets symphonic dream-like aura. Dwell deep in a list of the best power metal bands from the 80,90s, and 2000s.

The sound of a power metal band is characterized by an uplifting melodic heavy dynamism that sets the structure. When you listen to a power metal band belt out a song the first thing that pierces you is the infusion of arrangement that’s as cleans as a whistle. Strong anthem-like choruses, guitar riffs, melodic harmonies and fantasy based themes form an integral part of power metal. Lyrical themes of songs create a dreamlike ambiance for the listener. You are almost led to a world of fantasy and mythology while listening to a power metal band.

Power metal came into prominence in the 80s and since then has had a cult following across the globe. The strength of this music genre lies in its melodic instrumentation and arrangement. Guitar solos and keyboard parts written by power metal bands blend beautifully. Though the roots of power metal emerged in the early 80s in North America when speed metal bands started experimenting with a melodic sound with thrash undertones, the credit for making this genre widespread in the 90s goes to the European continent. Bands from Germany, Italy, France, Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway, Denmark) and Finland, unsettled the dust for a new beginning, Power Metal.

Power metal themes of fantasy involving demons, sorcery, wizards, Gods, dragons, science fiction, medieval torture, medieval folklore renaissance exploration, and mythological creatures was first explored by Ronnie James Dio who utilized these elements poetically in lyrical and musical themes with band Rainbow in the 70s. Like progressive bands, power metal bands too lean towards concept albums. Clean high pitched vocals are commonly associated with power metal bands. Most vocalists from power metal bands deliver a high register with a wide vocal range (tenor), and are capable of hitting high notes with relative ease. The number of vocalists who sing in bass range or baritone range, and use growls and distorted voices for effects is few in this genre. Several bands feature orchestral parts and interludes in their concept albums based on fantasy, struggle, death, despair and hope. Symphonic power metal emerged in the late 90s and since has become a rage in Europe, especially Scandinavia. Since the 2000s a number of new bands are incorporating traditional power metal elements to create a new sound.

Included in this list are traditional power metal, power-thrash metal, power-speed metal, progressive power metal, neo-classical power metal and symphonic power metal bands from the 80s, 90s, and 2000s.

Best Power Metal Bands

1. Heloween

2. Blind Guardian

3. Gamma Ray

4. HammerFall

5. Jag Panzer

6. Virgin Steele

7. Stratovarius

8. Dark Moor

9. Masterplan

10. Sonata Arctica

11. Edugy

12. Rhapsody of Fire

13. Falconer

14. Grave Digger

15. Sabaton

16. Labyrinth

17. Elevenking

18. Iced Earth

19. Avantasia

20. Wuthering Heights

21. Pyramaze

22. Galneryus

23. Manowar

24. Primal Fear

25. Iron Savior

26. Tad Morose

27. Pagan’s Mind

28. Freedom Call

29. Angra

30. Heir Apparent

31. Nightwish

32. Persuader

33. Dungeon

34. Nocturnal Rites

35. Riot

36. Heavenly

37. At Vance

38. DargonForce

39. Vision Divine

40. Astral Doors

41. Human Fortress

42. Dream Evil

43. Kamelot

44. Liege Lord

45. Dragonland

46. Cryonic Temple

47. Lost Horizon

48. Vicious Rumors

49. Conception

50. Steel Attack

51. Concerto Moon

52. Wizard

53. Theocracy

54. Rage

55. Firewind

56. Bloodhound

57. Thunderstone

58. Power Quest

59. Secret Sphere

60. Rebellion

61. Hibria

62. Domine

63. Iron Mask

64. Brainstorm

65. Catharsis

66. Scanner

67. Kotipelto

68. Powerwolf

69. Demons and Wizards

70. Nightmare (French Band)

71. Derdian

72. Symphorce

73. Bloodhound

74. Highlord

75. Twilightning

76. Dreamtale

77. Meliah Rage

78. Sinbreed

79. Black Majesty

80. Divinefire

81. Seventh Avenue

82. Celesty

83. Mystic Prophecy

84. Heavens Gate

85. Wisdom

86. Orden Ogan

87. Axenstar

88. ReinXeed

89. Emerald Sun

90. Timeless Miracle

91. Steel Prophet

92. Narnia

93. Insania

94. Tarot

95. Forgotten Tales

96. Morifade

97. Altaria

98. Dionysus

99. Metalium

100. White Skull

If you have an opinion, feel free to express yourself in the comments sections. Power to Metal! Keep Rocking!

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