The Greatest Tapping, Percussive, and Hybrid technique Guitarists

The variety of tapping techniques, percussive styles and hybrid methods displayed by guitarists is beyond belief. Here’s the best in the business.

The variety of tapping techniques, percussive styles and hybrid methods displayed by guitarists is beyond belief. Here’s the best in the business.

Tapping techniques are used by guitar players in various music genres. Most rock guitar players use a flurry of tapped notes in guitar solos for sound dynamics and aesthetic feel. Percussive techniques are used by acoustic guitar players. Every percussive guitar player has a technique and rhythmic feel that gives identity to composition. Several guitar players use piano tapping ideas to add variation and flair to solos.

Guitarists use two handed techniques or one handed techniques in tapped solos. Left hand hammer-ons and pull offs are used in tapping solos to add bite in composition. Two handed tappers that use eight or even nine fingers for tapping do so to get textural voices or polyphonic soundscapes that are ethereal.

Tapping, Percussive, and Hybrid techniques

Melodic voicing, homophonic structure and polyphonic textural sounds are created by tapping guitar players and percussive guitarists. A guitarist may use a clean patch or effects laden patches during tap solos. Most guitar players that are masters of percussive styles and tapping styles have developed their technique through experimentation and practice. Guitar Players that use hybrid styles use a variety of string attack techniques with the plectrum and fingers. A combination of flatpicking techniques and finger claw style techniques are used by guitar players displaying hybrid style.

Here’s a list of the best tapping guitarists, percussive guitarists and hybrid style guitarists.

• Stanley Jordan

• Michael Hedges

• Erik Mongrain

• Emmett Chapman

• Kaki King

• Joe Becker

• Brett Garsed

• Thomas Leeb

• Justin King

• Eric Roche

• Trace Bundy

• Andy McKee

• T.J. Helmereich

• Antoine Dufour

• Preston Reed

• Don Ross

• Igor Presnyakov

• Carlos Vamos

• Enver Izmaylov

• Guthrie Govan

• Adam Fulara

• Stefan Joubert

• Greg Howe

• Wayne Krantz

• Brent Mason

• Danny Gatton

• Harvey Mandel

• Gustavo Assis- Brasil

• Arlen Roth

• Jerry Donahue

• Craig D’ Andrea

• Eddie Van Halen

• Tosin Abasi

• Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal

• Chris Broderick

• Johnny Hilland

• Damjan Pejcinoski

• Jennifer Batten

• Danielle Gottardo

• Stefano Barone

• Billy McLaughlin

• Michael Gulezian

• Jon Gomm

• Mike Dawes

• Randy Resnick

• John Petrucci

• Michael Romeo

• Kiko Loureiro

• Marco Sfogli

• Paul Gilbert

• Reb Beach

• George Lynch

• Hedras Ramos

• Andy James

• Muris Varajic

• Syu

• Fernando Miyata

Feel free to voice your opinion through comments. Do mention guitarists I may have missed out, they will be added to the list of greats.

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