Top 15 Female Rock Guitar Players

Female guitarists have made a significant contribution the vast realms of rock. This article breathes light on the best female rock guitar players.

Female guitarists have made a significant contribution the vast realms of rock. This article breathes light on the best female rock guitar players.

The varied styles incorporated by guitar players in various genres of rock are unbelievable. Approach and style is what stands out among rock guitarists. Although the number of women churning out rock licks is significantly lower than their male counterparts, the impact they have had on listeners is truly phenomenal. Creativity, style and technique exhibited by women guitar players have mesmerized listeners. From wailing soulful melodies to screaming shred, women have done it all on guitar.

A guitar player’s preference in gear differs drastically.

Guitar Tone and Sound
Factors that contribute towards a guitars players tone and sound are

• Amplification

• Amps

• Effects processors

• Pick-ups

• String attack

• Left hand technique

• Right hand picking technique

• String Gauge

• Cables

• Miking

Every guitar player that records in a studio or performs live has to collaborate with a good sound engineer. You maybe a guitar virtuoso, but without an exceptional sound engineer that understands tonal requirements it’s difficult to achieve the sound you envision or desire. The guitar gear used by guitar players during recording sessions and live performances vary. Small things like the thickness of a plectrum make a huge difference in tone and sound.

Here's a list of the best female rock guitarists

(To watch the videos click the first link at the end of the article)


1. Jennifer Batten

2. Lori Linstruth

3. Michelle Meldrum

4. Katrina Johansson

5. Ruyter Suys

6. Shredmistress Rynata

7. The Great Kat

8. Orianthi

9. Carina Alfie

10. Nili Brosh

11. Marnie Stern

12. Desiree Bassett

13. Nori Bucci

14. Jan Kuehnemund

15. Lita Ford

Talent doesn’t go unnoticed- Female guitar players you should lend your ears to

Annie Grunwald


Andreia Gomez


Alejandra Mesliuk


Juliette Valduriez


Jacqueline Mannering

There are incredibly talented female rock guitar players around the world. Feel free to mention guitarists that ooze talent, but are relatively unexplored.

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