Gutiar Greats of Metal: Dimebag Darrell Vs Marty Friedman

Talk metal guitarists, and two among many names shine brightly. You guessed right, Dimebag Darrell and Marty Friedman. This segment is about Dimebag and Marty, the biggies of metal.

Dimebag Darrell and Marty Friedman’s contribution in the metal world has been immense. Both the guitarists have carved a niche in the realms of heavy metal. Their distinctive styles have made them Gods among fans. Wonder Why? Read on…

Dimebag Darrell

This Pantera axeman was one of the best rifer in the business. Listen to a Pantera song and you will realize why Dimebag was a genius. What Dimebag did is come up with the crunchiest and most brutal-sounding sweet riffs that left audiences wonderstruck.

His solos were at another level and often related to the song. Dimebag’s bends on the guitar were fierce. His mastery over different styles of music was showcased aesthetically by Dimebag in his music. His melodic use of scales and his brutal riffing patterns have become some of the most emulated. He had what can be called “The Epic tone of Metal” The Dimebag Darrell Guitar tone has mesmerized metalheads all over the world. The world was shocked when Dimebag was shot dead performing live with band Damageplan. The great man is missed, but his music remains.

Must have Pantera (Dimebag Darrell) Albums

  • Cowboys From Hell
  • Vulgar Display of Power
  • The Great Southern Trendkill
  • Far Beyond Driven
  • Reinventing the Steel

Marty Friedman

Ask any guitar technique freak form the 80s and 90s who his favorite guitar player was… and the answer would be Marty Friedman. This former guitarist of Megadeth is considered one of the best in the shred world. Marty Friedman is one of the most respected guitar players in the trash, neo-classical and speed metal genre. His arpeggios have set a benchmark in metal. Marty Friedman is known for his jaw-dropping improvisational skills. Friedman has an unorthodox picking technique which is why he sounds aesthetically different from other metal guitarists. His use of Eastern scales has become legendary in the metal genres. Furthermore, Friedman is able come up with odd timings in solos because of his flurry of upward picking strokes. Also, his rapid bending technique and double bends have inspired next-generation guitarists. His sweeping technique and arpeggios in context of solos are some of the most melodic soloing ideas incorporated in shred. Least surprising why this guy is a guitar god in metal circles.

Must have Marty Friedman albums

  • Dragon’s Kiss
  • Introduction
  • True Obsessions
  • Music for Speeding
  • Loudspeaker

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