Guitar Greats: Steve Morse Vs Brett Garsed

This segment of guitar greats features Steve Morse and Brett Garsed, two technical guitar players with warmth and feel.

When we think of guitarists with exceptional technique and speed we tend to believe melodic aspect and feel is sacrificed. But when you actually get down to listening to Steve Morse and Bret Garsed you realize technical guitarists have a dynamic melodic aspect that is incorporate with theory of scales.

Steve Morse

If there is anybody whose string picking is rapid fast and clean, it’s got to be Steve Morse. This guy is blessed with a strong picking technique which helps him get a unique feel on speed picking patterns. He uses a lot of upstrokes supplemented with down strokes. Steve Morse’s twangy guitar licks with country undertones have become exceedingly popular with jazz-fusion guitar players. What Steve Morse has managed to do in the realms of rock music is bring the country charm in his playing.

His varied influences are showcased beautifully in his guitar playing. Steve uses the pickup configurations on his guitar as he plays. He loves to change pickup configurations during his solos to add dynamism to sound. Also, Steve Morse brings in some of the fiercest double stops in guitar playing. His alternative picking and economy picking is insane. You come across few guitarists who have an incredible right hand technique and an equally insane left hand technique, Steve Morse is definitely one of them.

Must have albums by Steve Morse

  • The Introduction
  • Coast to Coast
  • StressFest
  • Structural Damage
  • High Tension Wires

Brett Garsed

For some guitarists the hybrid technique develops naturally. Brett Garsed is guitarist with a jaw dropping hybrid picking technique. His flurry of notes in context of solos is free flow. Brett Garsed’s hybrid technique allows him to create a wall of unreal sounds and insanely fast runs. His legato style of playing has mesmerized audiences. Brett Garsed is a stickler for perfection when it comes to tone and recording techniques. His distinguished modal playing has inspired a new breed of guitarists. Many guitarists emulate what can be rightfully called the ‘Bret Garsed Claw Technique”. His phrasing and soloing techniques have received rave reviews from critics in music magazines. Every Brett Garsed album sounds fresh with ideas. His soloing concept in various projects and solo albums he has worked on has amazed fellow musicians.

Must have Brett Garsed albums

  • Big Sky
  • Dark Matter
  • With T.J. Helmerich- Quid Pro Quo
  • With T.J. Helmerich- Uncle Moe’s Space Ranch
  • With Derek Sherinian/Planet X- Quantum

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