Top 100 Indian Heavy Metal Bands

100 Greatest Heavy Metal Bands

The heavy metal movement in India is on a roll. Dwell in a showcase of the best Indian Heavy Metal Bands.

Over the years the Heavy metal scene has become insanely popular in India. Few decades ago the heavy metal movement was active in cities such as Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, Guwahati and Shillong. In recent years the metal scene has spread and many heavy metal bands are emerging from different parts of India. It feels good to know many small towns in India are becoming hubs for heavy metal bands. Heavy metal music is excessively popular with youth, especially college students in India. A number of heavy metal bands play at college festivals all across India.

Extreme metal music concerts are a rage among youth in India.

While India has a plethora of talented heavy metal bands, only few bands have managed to find record deals with record labels. The truth is major record labels are reluctant to sign record deals with heavy metal bands because majority of the population in India is prefers listening to songs from Bollywood movies. Most heavy metal bands in India release their albums independently. Albums and merchandise of heavy metal bands are often sold at concert venues where the band performs. Among the many heavy metal bands in India, few have made a huge impact with international record labels promoting metal.

A significant number of heavy metal bands in India are selling their music albums online. Although many heavy metal bands tour regularly all across India, only few bands have managed to tour globally to promote their music. In India a heavy metal band has to make it entirely on its own. Not many heavy metal bands find sponsorship deals. Band members pool in their earnings to pay for recording expenses at a studio. Although heavy metal has spread its wings all across India, its’ the North East region of India has a phenomenal fan base for extreme metal.

Heavy metal music concerts are popular in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune, Kolkata, Assam, Shillong, Guwahati, Meghalaya, Nagaland, and Mizoram. Established Indian heavy metal bands in India have had the opportunity as the headlining act for international metal bands touring India. The heavy metal scene in India may not achieve mainstream success in the days ahead, however, the cult following that this genre has will get bigger. If you love heavy metal, keep the flag waving, and share the good news.

The list below is a showcase of Indian bands from various heavy metal subgenres.

Top 100 Indian Heavy Metal Bands

  1. Kryptos (Bangalore)
  2. Scribe (Mumbai)
  3. Bhayanak Maut (Mumbai)
  4. Blood Covenant (Chennai)
  5. Skyharbor (Delhi)
  6. Pin Drop Violence (Mumbai)
  7. Demonic Resurrection (Mumbai)
  8. Plague Throat (Shillong)
  9. Girish and the Chronicles (Gangtok, Sikkim)
  10. Inner Sanctum (Bangalore)
  11. The Down Troddence (Kannur)
  12. Yon Sample (Kolkata)
  13. Sceptre (Mumbai)
  14. Undying Inc. (Delhi)
  15. Bevar Sea (Bangalore)
  16. Escher’s Knot (Chennai)
  17. Gutslit (Mumbai)
  18. Zygnema (Mumbai)
  19. 1833 AD (Delhi)
  20. Atari Minor (Mizoram)
  21. Amogh Symphony (Mumbai)
  22. Devoid (Mumbai)
  23. Alien Gods (Arunachal Pradesh)
  24. Xontrax (Guwahati)
  25. Myndsnare (Bangalore)
  26. Live Credence (Meghalaya)
  27. Albatross (Mumbai )
  28. Narsil (Delhi)
  29. Atiar (Shillong)
  30. Hyperion (Delhi)
  31. Reptilian Death (Mumbai)
  32. Dark Helm (Pune)
  33. Eccentric Pendulum (Bangalore)
  34. Mashburn Riffs (Delhi)
  35. Reverrse Polarity (Mumbai)
  36. Limit Zero (Bangalore)
  37. Guardians of Darkness (Kolkata)
  38. Melodrama (Nagaland)
  39. Midnight Garden Factor (Meghalaya)
  40. Restless Desire (Meghalaya)
  41. Artillerie (Delhi)
  42. Judas Ancestry (Guwahati)
  43. Exhumation (Mumbai)
  44. Lucid Recess (Guwahati)
  45. Alobo Naga (Dimapur)
  46. Threinody (Bangalore)
  47. Scarface (Kolkata)
  48. Lunatic Fringe (Guwahati)
  49. Noiseware (Pune)
  50. Theorized (Bangalore)
  51. Corpulent Deformity (Darjeeling)
  52. Grimmortal (Mumbai)
  53. Sinister Violence (Darjeeling)
  54. Final Surrender (Bangalore)
  55. Third Sovereign (Delhi)
  56. Millennium (Bangalore)
  57. Extinct Reflections (Bangalore)
  58. Mortar (Kolkata)
  59. Intoxicate (Kolkata)
  60. Dying Embrace (Bangalore)
  61. Atmosfear (Mumbai)
  62. Violent Edge (Guwahati)
  63. Comora (Mizoram)
  64. Orion (Mumbai)
  65. Obliterating Vortex (Darjeeling)
  66. Blind Image (Chennai)
  67. Tyrrhenian (Guwahati)
  68. Dream Diabolic (Namchi, Sikkim)
  69. Horjwlai (Agartala)
  70. Acrid Semblance (Delhi)
  71. Incipit (Nagaland)
  72. Yuthak Wah (Manipur)
  73. NerveRek (Chennai)
  74. SystemHouse 33 (Mumbai)
  75. Diabolus Arcanium (Chennai)
  76. Shades of Retribution (Duliajan, Assam)
  77. Wolf’s Liar (Chennai)
  78. Cosmic Infusion (Mumbai)
  79. Grungy Morphins (Darjeeling)
  80. Rongbin (Dhipu)
  81. Zero Gravity (Indore)
  82. Aberrant (Shillong)
  83. Syphilectomy (Kohima, Nagaland)
  84. Chronic Xorn (Kolkata)
  85. Arihant (Guwahati)
  86. Slain (Bangalore)
  87. Heathen Beast (Mumbai)
  88. Prestorika (Delhi)
  89. Gruesome Malady (Bangalore)
  90. Stark Denial (Mumbai)
  91. Evil Conscience (Kolkata)
  92. Nicotine (Indore)
  93. Grammy Winning Effort (Delhi)
  94. Worms of Vomit (Udalguri, Assam)
  95. Ragnhild (Pune)
  96. Nihilus (Bangalore)
  97. Dormant Inferno (Mumbai)
  98. Midhaven (Mumbai)
  99. Brutal Agitation (Guwahati)
  100. Toxoid (Delhi)

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