Why the Saas and Bahu in Indian Television Shows never grow old

Why Saas and Bahus in Indian Soap Operas never grow old

The Saas and Bahu saga on Indian television shows is showcased in epic proportions. Ever wondered why the Saas and Bahu in Indian soap operas never grow old. This article attempts to unravel the mysteries surrounding age-defying Saas and Bahu in television shows.

In India the Saas-Bahu tradition in real life is complexly different from what is portrayed in reel-life. If you have watched Indian soap operas, you would have noticed saas and bahus defy age. The entire cast in an Indian soap opera shows visible signs of growing old, except the saas and bahu, the two have a healthy glow on their face until the show comes to an end. Be it day and night…the make-up on the saas and bahu’s face never comes off. The saas and bahu are showcased with healthy glowing skin. You never see a sign of fine lines, wrinkles or dark spots on the saas’s face in Indian television shows.

The bahu on the other hand screams for attention with the shades of lipsticks and bindis. Every time the saas or bahu wake up in bed as morn arrives, they look like they have had an expensive facial treatment at a spa. In real life when you wake up in the morning, the face looks sleepy and swollen as the skin looses it firmness. However, in television shows you find sass’s and bahu’s showcasing rejuvenated-healthy-glowing faces after the night’s sleep. What’s perplexing is the shimmer and lipstick that screams for attention.

The Bahu’s children have children, and some of the children who grow to be teens look older than the saas and bahu. Many housewives and working women love to follow the events that unfold in Indian television shows. Also, a small percentage of husbands have no choice but to watch Indian soap operas with their wives. Getting back to the saas and bahu saga… many saas’s are often depicted with a streak of grey/white hair which looks funny amidst the lush growth or jet-black. The favorite bahu on the other hand does try and look traditional in her attire, and often flashes her white teeth in good times and bad. The smile on the favorite bahu’s face is eternal. Also, majority of the bahu’s in Indian television shows have exceptionally toned bodies. We are led to believe it’s got to do with the fact that most television actresses that play the roles of saas and bahu belong to a young age group, and refuse to look old with the getup. Is the old saas and bahu a thing of the bygone era? If you have theories on why saas and bahus in Indian Television Shows never grow old… feel free to enlighten.

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