Why song and dance is popular in Bollywood Movies

Popularity of Song and Dance in Bollywood Movies

When you watch a Bollywood movie you cannot miss the song and dance routines in the length of movie. Song and dance is an essential part of Hindi films. This article brings to light why song and dance is popular in Bollywood movies.

In every commercial Bollywood movie you come across songs interspersed at different stages of the movie. In a typical Bollywood movie you come across romantic songs, sad songs, and party songs. In many movies, songs come up without any link to the storyline of the movie; well that’s Bollywood for you. If you get down to watching a Bollywood movie for the first time you will be surprised by the number of songs in the entire length of a movie. Well, Bollywood movies are grand in every manner, and the larger that life sentiment is exquisitely captured on camera. Since the Indian film industry came into being, song and dance routines have been popular in Hindi films.


Every Bollywood movie may seem like a musical to the western world, however in the true sense movies are made for entertainment, and every aspect of a Bollywood movie is thoroughly entertaining. Every situation in a Bollywood movie has a song and dance routine, and every song and dance routine is choreographed in a unique style that’s truly Bollywood. Song and dance has been portrayed elegantly in Bollywood movies since the film industry came into being.  

Movies in the black and white era portrayed song and dance in different light. In the past, dance moves of the hero and heroine were simple with minimal body movements. In present times, all the dance moves of the Hero and Heroine are choreographed by choreographers. Bollywood dance is an amalgamation of rhythmic body movements that look graceful when performed in the right manner.

Over the years Bollywood song and dance has become insanely popular in the West. Many Bollywood dance songs have become popular in the U.S. and Europe. The hip and chest movements of female dancers in Bollywood movies have become excessively popular globally. The pelvic thrust dance move has become a signature dance step in Bollywood films. India is a country with a diverse culture. Since ancient times varied traditional dance forms has been a popular at various ceremonies. The song and dance routines we see in Bollywood movies are a vivid showcase of a rich and diverse culture. Bollywood dance is an amalgamation of traditional and non-traditional dance forms. Many choreographers have aesthetically infused traditional dance forms in futuristic dance sequences. Bollywood dance has mesmerized audiences around the world, and in the days ahead the Bollywood song and dance sequences will spread its wings further.

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