100 Greatest Rock Songs of 2017

Top 100 Rock Songs of 2017

100 Greatest Rock Songs of 2017
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2017 was an awesome year for rock music. This article is a showcase of the best rock songs of 2017.

The year 2017 was certainly a stupendous year for rock fans. Bands and artists from various subgenres in rock found their groove to get noticed with their brand of music. The ever-evolving rock genre brought to life a fresh sound by emerging rock bands. The new wave of rock bands came up with varied perspectives on their respective albums in 2017. The lyrical material on albums of several rock bands and rock artists has been top notch. A number of new rock bands have made pathways for a new sound in the realms of rock music.

That says a lot about the diverse musical influences that have emerged in a year where experimental sounds reigned supreme.

While mainstream rock songs by rock bands and artists did top the charts, it was non-mainstream rock genres that took the rock world by surprise. A number of rock songs from non-mainstream rock genres became cult hits globally. This is an indication that the roots of music are no longer held in mainstream. A number of rock albums and rock songs gave ‘epic sound’ a new meaning. There’s no longer a typical sound in the realms of rock. The musical influences of the current crop of musicians are rather diverse and this shows aesthetically in their songwriting and compositions.   

The modern rock sound that has become prominent since the year 2000 has taken shape sonically and texturally for many bands. In 2017 many rock songs with slick tonal qualities made a big splash. Also, a number of bands and artists have released albums independently. 2017 witnessed the indie music scene get bigger globally. A number of new indie rock bands and heavy metal bands found their space in new forms of musical soundscapes rooted in rock. A number of experimental rock songs became underground hits.    

Rock songs of 2017 left listeners from different genres amazed. 2017 was a year of lyrical dominance. Rock songs with thought-provoking lyrics both in mainstream and non-mainstream genres connected with listeners. While some music critics did get busy taking albums of new rock bands to the whipping post, negative reviews did not deter the new stream of rock bands from performing their brand of songs they believed in. It’s fair to say 2017 was an excellent year for rock music, especially for the new wave of emerging rock bands.

The lines below showcase an epic list of the best rock songs of 2017

100 Greatest Rock Songs of 2017

  1. Run- Foo Fighters
  2. Everything Now- Arcade Fire
  3. Nimble Bastard- Incubus
  4. Thunder- Imagine Dragons
  5. The Man- The Killers
  6. Highway Tune- Greta Van Fleet
  7. Feel it Still- Portugal. The Man  
  8. Hard Times- Paramore
  9. American Dream- LCD Soundsystem
  10. The Doomed- A Perfect Circle
  11. One More Light- Linkin Park  
  12. Strangest Thing- The War on Drugs
  13. Alone- I Prevail
  14. One Foot- Walk The Moon
  15. The Way You Used To Do- Queens of the Stone Age
  16. Go To War- Nothing More
  17. American Dreams- Papa Roach
  18. You’re Still My Sugar- Maddie Ross
  19. Song # 3- Stone Sour
  20. Believer- Imagine Dragons
  21. The Violence- Rise Against
  22. You’re the Best Thing About Me- U2
  23. Back in the USA- Green Day
  24. Illuminant- Quicksand
  25. Los Ageless- St. Vincent  
  26. Walk on Water- Thirty Seconds to Mars  
  27. Betray and Degrade- Seether
  28. Scary Love- The Neighborhood
  29. Kill4Me- Marilyn Manson  
  30. Turn Out the Lights- Julien Baker
  31. Sit Next To Me- Foster the People
  32. Hydrograd- Stone Sour
  33. Slow Awakening- Gone is Gone
  34. The Last of the Real Ones- Fall Out Boy
  35. Every Day’s The Weekend- Alex Lahey
  36. Sign of the Times- Harry Styles
  37. Fabuless- Stone Sour
  38. Vampires- Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes
  39. The Heart From Your Hate- Trivium
  40. North East South West- Japandroids
  41. Run For Cover- The Killers
  42. Into the Fire- Asking Alexandria
  43. Don’t Take the Money- Bleachers
  44. Want You Back- HAIM
  45. The Promise- Chris Cornell
  46. The Sky is a Neighborhood- Foo Fighters
  47. White Offerings- AFI
  48. Ran- Future Islands
  49. Walking the Wire- Imagine Dragons
  50. The Gold- Manchester Orchestra
  51. Well Done- IDLES
  52. Rx- Theory of a Deadman
  53. What’s Wrong- PVRIS
  54. Black is the Soul- Korn
  55. The Spaniards- William Patrick Corgan
  56. Hurricane- Thrice
  57. Born for Greatness- Papa Roach
  58. The Sinking Chair- The Royal Thunder
  59. Show Yourself- Mastodon
  60. Light’s Out- Royal Blood
  61. Hostage Stamps- At the Drive-In
  62. Mercy is Asleep at the Wheel- The Movielife
  63. World Gone Mad- Bastille
  64. Swell Love- Honeyblood
  65. The Amulet- Crica Survive
  66. Black Rain- Creeper
  67. Scatterbrain- KMX
  68. Waking Lions- Pop Evil
  69. Green Light- Lorde
  70. Sweet Loretta- The Virginmarys
  71. Live in the Moment- Portugal. The Man
  72. So Tied Up- Cold War Kids
  73. Moonbow- Black Moth
  74. Call the Police- LCD Soundsystem
  75. Monster- Starset
  76. Bleeding in the Blur- Code Orange
  77. Judas- Fozzy
  78. Demon in Profile- Afghan Whigs
  79. Suspect- Fireburn
  80. Motion Sickness- Phoebe Bridgers
  81. Whatever it Takes- Imagine Dragons
  82. Creep in Slowly- Gold Key
  83. Wait in the Car- The Breeders
  84. Generator- Turnstile
  85. Feed the Machine- Nickelback  
  86. Novacaine- 10 Years
  87. Oh Lord- In This Moment
  88. Westermarck- Charly Bliss
  89. Up All Night- Beck
  90. Dirty Laundry- All Time Low
  91. Phantom- Weirds
  92. Let You Down- Seether
  93. The Gold- Manchester Orchestra
  94. Freedom is Mine- Wolfmother
  95. Unbreakable- Of Men and Mice
  96. A Gentleman’s Gentleman- Oxbow
  97. No Roots- Alice Merton
  98. Ghost of a Chance- Rancid
  99. Springfield- Anathema
  100. A Single Tear- Converge

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