100 Greatest Songs for Moshing: The Mosh pit unleashed

Moshing is the act of slamming each other while in an aggressive dancing motion. Aside from the list of the greatest mosh anthems, this article offers an in-depth perspective on moshing history, and the mosh pit.

Moshing is typically done in what you call a pit or mosh pit where fans of extreme metal genres push each other and slam each other to the groove of music. Moshing happens at music concerts when bands from various heavy metal genres perform live. Moshing in its earlier days was also known as slamdancing. While moshing is done by fans as a release of expression and for pure thrill, the risk of injuries in a mosh pit is exceedingly high especially in the ‘Wall of Death’ a variant, where the crowds of fans gather in the center close to the stage and unleash mayhem by slamming each other.

Pogoing or Pogo dance is an popular variant of moshing where fans jump up and down in the same location, the movement resembles use of a pogo stick, and hence the name Pogo. Moshing is a high adrenalin activity that sends fans of hardcore metal, extreme metal, black metal, thrash metal, speed metal, moshcore, groove metal, metal core, doom metal, and other extreme sub genres of heavy metal in frenzy. Nose bleeds and injuries are a common sight at mosh pits.

At many concerts the world over security at the venue does not permit moshing.

However, a large number of enthusiasts ignore pleas and requests by security and form their mosh pits at concerts. Moshers may get difficult to handle for security and many a times clashes erupt between moshers and security. Moshing and mosh pits are misunderstood in commercial circles. Many are of the opinion moshing is done to cause bodily injury. The truth however is moshing a form of adrenalin release and it’s done for pure thrill.

History of Moshing

While how moshing started and came into being in unclear, the roots of moshing and mosh pits can be traced in the early 80s. The band Bad Brains is regarded as the early pioneers that got this form of slam swaying going. H.R. (Paul D. Hudson) the vocalist of Bad Brains at a concert said “mash it up” asking the fans to go wild in frenzy. This was heard by a large number of fans as “Mosh it up” due to H.Rs pronunciation in Jamaican accent.  Fans at Bad Brains concerts in the early 80s paved the road for mosh and mosh pits in the future. Also, some theories suggest moshing first took place at Woodstock 69 where some groups started mud sliding and dancing the pogo dance when it rained. By the mid 80s moshing had emerged. Many fans of thrash metal bands and speed metal bands of the 80s took to the mosh pit at concerts. From then on moshing became hugely popular and has gone onto be a prominent part of heavy metal sub genres.

The songs in the list below are in every sense mosh pit anthems. Of course, for each his own! Feel free to have your say. If you feel a mosh favorite is missing on not mentioned on this list, go ahead and mention it. Mosh Rules! Keep Moshing!

100 Greatest mosh pit songs

  1. Sepultura- Roots Bloody Roots
  2. Slayer- War Ensemble
  3. Slipknot- Wait and Bleed
  4. Cannibal Corpse- Time to Kill is Now
  5. Anthrax- Caught in a Mosh
  6. Slayer- Raining Blood
  7. Metallica- Seek and Destroy
  8. Pantera-Cowboys from Hell
  9. Rage against the Machine- Killing in the Name Of
  10. Hatebreed- I Will be Heard
  11. The Black Dahlia Murder- What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse
  12. Metallica- Whiplash
  13. Mastodon- March of the Fire Ants
  14. Anthrax-Anti Social
  15. Megadeth- Holy Wars…The Punishment Due
  16. In Flames- Take This Life
  17. Lamb Of God- Redneck
  18. Corrosion of Conformity- Vote with a Bullet
  19. Machine Head- Imperium
  20. Cannibal Corpse- Five Nails Through the Neck
  21. The Black Dahlia Murder- Moonlight Equilibrium
  22. Children of Bodom- Bodom Beach Terror
  23. Trivium- Pull Harder on the Strings of your Martyr
  24. Lamb of God- Black Label
  25. Sacred Reich- Surf Nicaragua
  26. Killswitch Engage- Rose of Sharyn
  27. Crowbar- All I Have
  28. Parkway Drive- Romance is Dead
  29. Bullet For My Valentine- 4 words (To Choke Upon)
  30. Pantera-Domination
  31. Testament- Over the Wall
  32. Neurosis- Burn
  33. Dillinger Escape Plan- Milk Lizard
  34. Bloodbath- Trail of Insects
  35. Exodus- The Toxic Waltz
  36. Anthrax- Antisocial
  37. Rage against The Machine- Bulls on Parade
  38. Every Time I Die- The New Black
  39. Behemoth- Slaves Shall Serve
  40. Sepultura- Territory
  41. Kreator- Flag of Hate
  42. Bullet For My Valentine- Walking the Demon
  43. A Day To Remember- Speak of the Devil
  44. Pantera- Walk
  45. Death Angel- Mistress of Pain
  46. Flogging Molly- The Seven Deadly Sins
  47. Bolt Thrower- Anti Tank (Dead Armour)
  48. Death- Symbolic
  49. Morbid Angel- Dominate
  50. Testament- Into the Pit
  51. Slipknot-Spit it Out
  52. DevilDriver- Meet the Wretched
  53. Soulfly- Master of Savegery
  54. As I lay Dying- Nothing Left
  55. Machine Head- Aesthetics of Hate
  56. Meshuggah- Combustion
  57. Kataklysm- Kill the Elite
  58. Bring Me the Horizon- Pray for Plagues
  59. Slipknot- Pulse of the Maggots
  60. Anthrax- Indians
  61. Amon Amarth- Destroyer of the Universe
  62. Deicide- Dead By Dawn
  63. Soulfly- Bloodshed
  64. Cannibal Corpse- Hammer Smashed Face
  65. Fleshgod Apocalypse- The Violation
  66. Destruction- The Butcher Strikes Back
  67. Aggression- Moshpirit
  68. Chimaira- Resurrection
  69. Napalm Death- Breed to Breathe
  70. Hatebreed- Destroy Everything
  71. Sepultura- Arise
  72. Arch Enemy- Nemesis
  73. Evile- Thrasher
  74. Dying Fetus- Your Treachery Will Die with You
  75. Trivium- A Gunshot To The Head of Trepidation
  76. Gojira- To Sirius
  77. Soulfly- Eye for an Eye
  78. Chimaria- Nothing Remains
  79. Bad Brains- I don’t Need It
  80. Sodom- Nuclear Winter
  81. Muncipal Waste- The Art of Partying
  82. Bolt Thrower- Cenotaph
  83. Divine Heresy- This Threat is Real
  84. Carnifex- Lie To My Face
  85. Overkill- Elimination
  86. Nuclear Assault- Critical Mass
  87. Soil- Halo
  88. Killswitch Engage- In Due Time
  89. Graveworm- Hateful Design
  90. Bad Brains- I Against I
  91. Exodus- A Lesson in Violence
  92. Nile- Cast Down the Heretic
  93. Kreator- Pleasure to Kill
  94. The Black Dahlia Murder- A Shrine to Madness
  95. Pantera- 5 Minutes Alone
  96. Slayer- Angel of Death
  97. A Different Breed of Killer- I, Colossus
  98. Heaven Shall Burn- The Weapon they Fear
  99. Bullet for My Valentine- Scream Aim Fire
  100. Sodom- City OF God


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