Guitar Instruction DVDs guitar players should have

If you love to play the guitar and are a diehard fan of guitar music, you will know what it means to get your hands on a guitar instruction DVD. This article talks about must have guitar instruction DVDs for hardcore guitar enthusiasts.

If you are learning the guitar you will be aware about your eagerness to learn new things. The guitar is an instrument that is easy to learn, but it takes hours and hours to perfect your left hand and right hand technique. With the internet boom, there are a number of guitar instruction videos made available on the internet that are helpful for novice guitar players. However, if you have graduated to the next level you do not have the entire instruction DVDs of guitar players that are available on various video streaming channels. If you love to play the guitar the best way to improve your playing is by watching other guitar players play. You want to learn the tricks of the trade from your favorite guitar players.

What do you do?

The best way to get an in depth perspective of a guitar player’s style and technique is by watching their instruction DVDs. Many guitarists release guitar instruction DVDs. These DVDs are extremely helpful for guitarists. Guitarists release instruction DVDs for different levels such as beginner, intermediate and advanced. A guitarist should pick instruction DVDs in accordance with the stage at which they are at guitar playing. Also, the type of music genre or subgenre you prefer makes it easy to choose the right guitar instruction DVDs. Some instruction DVDs feature slow-down mechanisms for viewers to observe right hand technique and left hand technique of guitar players that are blazing fast.

Guitar instruction DVDs offer a step-by-step approach that make learning easy. Also, booklets are supplied along with tab and notations to the entire episode that is on DVD. Furthermore, instruction DVDs have menus in case you want to skip a particular part or concept you already know of find easy. It is important to have a clear perspective on modes and scales to get better at the guitar. Keep in mind a guitar instruction DVD teaches you concepts which you can learn and incorporate I your guitar playing to improve. The guitar instruction DVDs mentioned are for intermediate and advanced levels.

Guitar instruction DVDs guitar players should have

  • Greg Howe- Hot Rock Licks
  • John Petrucci- Rock Discipline
  • Steve Morse- Power Lines
  • Eric Johnson- Total Electric Guitar
  • Paul Gilbert- Intense Rock Vol 1 and 2
  • Marty Friedman- Melodic Control
  • Scott Henderson- Melodic Phrasing
  • Frank Gamble- Chopbuilder
  • Eric Johnson- The Art of Guitar
  • Scott Henderson- Jazz Rock Mastery

You get to learn a great deal from guitar instruction DVDs. Happy Playing!

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