Melodic Guitar Players: Andy Timmons Vs Neil Zaza

In this segment of melodic guitar players its Andy Timmons and Neil Zaza against each other.

Talk guitar ballads and Andy Timmons and Neil Zaza are up there with the best. Incredibly talented guitarists, these guys have natural instinct when it boils down to tone and phrasing. Both Andy Timmons and Neil Zaza can rip demons and emote theatrically on the fret board. While they may not be as popular as their contemporaries, in the guitar circles these guys are held in high esteem for their contribution in the various realms of instrumental guitar.

Andy Timmons

Andy Timmons gained prominence as a guitar player with the band Danger Danger. Listen to his solos on Danger Danger albums and you would know this guy was a guitar gem. The compositional skill of Andy Timmons is exceptional.

Get this straight! This guy is a melodic guitar player that can connect with listeners the first time they listen to him. His approach to instrumental is simple and straightforward. If you listen to instrumental tunes by Andy Timmons you will realize there are little songs within a song and these little guitar parts tell a story beautifully. His playing is a volcano of emotions. Think of some of the most beautiful guitar chops, well, yeah it’s got to be Andy Timmons. Has he got all the success he deserves? I don’t think so, but it will be a matter of time before the world takes notice of this Guitar God.

Must have albums by Andy Timmons

  • Ear X-Tacy
  • Orange Swirl
  • Andy Timmons Band- Resolution
  • This Was Then, This Is Now
  • With- Danger Danger- Cockroach

Neil Zaza

Neil Zaza is one of the most melodic instrumental guitarists in the realms of guitardom. This guy is a rare combination of technical prowess and feel. Every time you listen to a Neil Zaza instrumental you feel the presence of that happy vibe. This guy is blessed with natural instinct which is why he sounds different from most other guitarists. His guitar tone is pure warmth and has a calming effect on the mind. Neil Zaza’s fretboard gymnastics is impeccable. His phrasing skill combined with his guitar technique make him one of the most distinctive sounding guitarists in the rock and pop genre. His distortion patches are the sweetest you’ll ever hear. If you haven’t heard this guy, beg, borrow, steal…buy his albums and give a great guitar player his due.

Must have Neil Zaza Albums

  • Two hands One Heart
  • When Gravity Fails
  • Sting
  • Melodica
  • Clyde the Cat

Andy Timmons or Neil Zaza…

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