Shred Guitar: Paul Gilbert Vs John Petrucci

Two epic names in the guitar shred community are Paul Gilbert and John Petrucci. While these guys may not fall in the shred guitar category, they have become standards in shred guitar. The lines below offer a brief perspective on Paul Gilbert and John Petrucci and their contribution in the realms of shred territory.

When speed picking and alternate picking is discussed by guitarists, names that come up are Paul Gilbert and John Petrucci. Why? Well, because both these guys can poetically fast through the entire fret board. When you mention shredder what comes to mind is scales and hours of practice, in other words a scale nerd. Contrary to belief shredders are at another level than other guitar players in terms of technical aspects of the guitar. While not all shredders may have feel, the two that are being talked about in this segment dwell in the realms of feel and phrasing.

Paul Gilbert

You will not come across many guitar players that use alternate picking as fluidly as Paul Gilbert. When it comes to guitar techniques, Paul Gilbert is considered God by the rock community.

His blazing runs and arpeggios are jaw droppers. This guy has some of the best guitar licks in guitar history. His precision with alternate picking and economy picking is unmatchable. This Ibanez lover makes some of the most unearthly monstrous sounds with his guitar. His speed picking quite literally gives other guitar players a complex. Paul Gilbert is known for creating complex riffs to build a castle of notes and sounds around them. Least surprising why Paul Gilbert is considered a shred God by many.

Must have Paul Gilbert Albums

  • King of Clubs
  • Silence Followed By a Deafening Roar
  • Alligator Farm
  • Fuzz Universe
  • Get out Of my Yard

John Petrucci

 A guitar player that has become inspirational among progressive metal and progressive rock enthusiasts is John Petrucci. If you are a fan of perfect metronome timing on the guitar, it doesn’t get better than John Petrucci. When you hear this guy play what comes to mind is his influences from various genres of music. Listen to John Petrucci guitar parts and you will find influences of jazz, classical, neo-classical, blues, rock and metal. Bring all these aspects together poetically and you get a fair idea of why John Petrucci is one of the most respected guitarists in the shred world. Petrucci’s playing is an amalgamation of different styles coming together. From legato, string skipping to alternate picking, this guy displays it all in his solos without losing out on feel and warmth.

Must have John Petrucci Albums

  • Suspended Animation
  • With- Liquid Tension Experiment 1
  • With-Liquid Tension Experiment 2
  • With-Jordan Rudess- An Evening With John Petrucci and Jordan Rudess
  • With- Dream Theater- Metropolis Pt 2: Scenes from a Memory

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