Guitar Tone: Eric Johnson Vs Jeff Beck

When the topic of discussion is “Guitar players with an amazing tone” two names that pop up instantaneously are Eric Johnson and Jeff Beck. Considered by many guitar enthusiasts as the undisputed kings of guitar tone, both these guys can melt a candle without a flame. This space is a guitar tone showcase of these guitar wizards.

Needless to say Gods take a break and listen when Eric Johnson and Jeff Beck get down to making music. Both these guitar players are drastically different when it comes to styles, but one common factor among the two greats is that warmth in guitar tone. Not many guitarists are able to get a tone that becomes their identity.

Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson is a guitar player that makes jaws drop with his guitar playing abilities. You don’t come across many poets when it comes to expression through notes of the fret board; Eric Johnson I must say is a musician’s musician. Every time Eric Johnson plays he comes up with ideas that help others enhance their guitar playing melodically. Eric Johnson’s meanest runs on the guitar sound aesthetically melodic to the ears, thanks to his rig set up.

It will take a rocket scientist to figure out how Eric Johnson comes up with that guitar tone every time he records in a studio or performs live. If you’ve been listening to Eric Johnson, you can identify his guitar tone easily. It’s a tone that is soothing to the ears and creates that a warmth within. The Eric Johnson technique is something that is unique and completely self developed.

Must have Eric Johnson Albums

  • Ah Via Musicom
  • Seven Worlds
  • Tones
  • Venus Isle
  • Bloom

Jeff Beck

When Jeff Beck plays the guitar, the world has to stop and take notice. Nobody can extract juice out of electric guitar strings with fingers better than Jeff Beck. His fingerstyle attack on the Fender Stratocaster is the stuff of dreams, pure bliss. The warmth in his notes takes listeners on a journey. The past comes flooding back as Jeff Beck bends those notes on his guitar. Its sheer master class when this guy plays. His use of the volume control brings to life some of the most ethereally beautiful sounds in realms of guitar music. Jeff Beck’s guitar parts have that mystical tone that puts forth questions…How? What? Is this Real? Critics have been baffled by Jeff Beck’s tone and how he manages to get a wall of sounds without using processors. Jeff Beck weaves his magic with his brilliance on the tone control. As he plays he changes the pickup controls and tweaks the volume control and tone control knobs to create astoundingly beautiful sounds.

Must have Jeff Beck Albums

  • Blow By Blow
  • Wired
  • Flash
  • Jeff Beck’s Guitar Shop
  • Emotion & Commotion

Eric Johnson or Jeff Beck…

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