Movie Review of Coco : Best Disney/Pixar Animated Movie

Coco : Best Animated Movie of 2017

Movie Review of Coco : Best Disney/Pixar Animated Movie
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Coco won the Oscar for Best Animated Movie in 2018 and derservingly so. Coco is colorful, entertaining and funny at the same time. It’s a movie to watch with the family. Below is a review of Coco.

Coco is Disney/Pixar’s animated movie that tells the story or rather the adventure of a 12 year old child, Miguel who wants to become a musician. Miguel wants to be a musician just like his ancestor, Ernesto De La Cruz. But his family doesn’t approve of Miguel pursuing his dream because they want him to continue with the family’s business of becoming a shoemaker. Despite his family disapproval, Miguel is presented with the opportunity to meet with his dead ancestors and find answers to his true origin. 

Is Coco only for children?

The above is just a short synopsis of Coco. From the above short description of Coco, you might feel that this movie is only suitable for children because to meet one’s dead ancestors is impossible and can only happen if one lives in a fantasy world. And fantasy is mostly relatable to children.

However, Disney/Pixar has always been able to produce animated movies that appeal to all ages. You have to see Coco for yourself to know.

The Day of the Dead

Coco will introduce you to the Day of the Dead celebrations (Dia De Los Muertos) which is one important celebration among the Mexican community whereby they remember family members who had passed on. Families are very important among Mexicans and because of this, the Day of the Dead is celebrated every year.

Family values in Coco

In Coco, Disney/Pixar incorporates cultures and festivals of the Mexican people. Disney/Pixar also successfully introduces family values that definitely makes you feel more homesick and makes you love your family even more after watching Coco. You have to watch it for yourself and you will know what I mean.

Music in Coco

It will not be a Disney movie without music. There are many songs in Coco that moves the plot along. There will also be many scenes that can move you to tears. Look out for the scene where Hector plays a song for his son. This scene will probably make you take out your tissue.

A really colorful movie

Even though Coco is about the dead, the whole movie is so colorful and not dark and sombre as is usual for movies about the dead. But then again, this is a Disney movie. And as is usual in many Disney movies, there will be scenes that will make you laugh and also cry at the same time.


Coco is one of the best movies that Disney/Pixar has ever produced.  It certainly deserves the Oscar for Best Animated Movie. Watch this movie with your children. It’s worth it.

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