A Great Bond Between Raaj Kumar, Rafi Sahab and Ravi Shankar

Raaj Kumar's songs sung by Rafisahab became cult songs

A Great Bond Between Raaj Kumar, Rafi Sahab and Ravi Shankar
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Rafi Sahab sang with a stylish accent for Raaj Kumar. If Rafisahab’s combination with Dilip Kumar, Rajender Kumar, Dharmender, Bharat Bhushan were unforgettable, Rafi Sahab’s combination with Raaj Kumar was also grand.

Rafi Sahab had great contribution in the careers of the leading stars of the 1940s, 1950, 1960s and 1970s. Raaj Kumar was one of the actors who had great combination with Rafi Sahab.

Raaj Kumar started his career with the film Rangili in 1952. In 1957, Raaj Kumar rose to stardom with the film Nausher – Shah-e – Adil. Mohammed Rafi Sahab sang three landmark songs composed by C Ramchandran including “yeh hasrat thee”, “taaron ki zubaan par hai”, “bhool jaaye sara gham”. Mala Sinha acted opposite Raaj Kumar in the film. In the same year 1957, Raaj Kumar’s film Mother India became blockbuster.

It was a female centric film where Nargis played the lead role. There was a good Rafi Sahab Lataji duet song composed by Naushad Ali in the film titled “matwala jiya bole piya” picturised on Raaj Kumar and Nargisji.

Raaj Kumar acted opposite Shammi Kapoor in the film Ujaala in 1959. Shankar Jaikishan composed the music of the film. The song “yaaron surat hamari pe mat jayo” was sung by Rafi Sahab and Mukeshji but Raaj Kumar’s part was sung by Mukeshji and Shammi Kapoor’s part was sung by Rafi Sahab.

In the film Phool Bane Angaare, in 1963, Raaj Kumar played the role of an army officer. Rafi Sahab sang a landmark song composed by Kalyanji Anandji titled “watan pe jo fida hoga, amar wo naujawan hoga”. In 1960, Raaj Kumar’s film Dil Apna Aur Preet Parayi opposite Meena Kumari became a landmark hit. Rafi Sahab’s song “jaane kahan gayi” composed by Shankar Jaikishan became a big hit.

Raaj Kumar had great combination with music director Ravi Shankar Sharma. In film Kaajal in 1965 opposite Meena Kumari, Raaj Kumar’s songs sung by Rafi Sahab titled “choolene do nazuk hoton se” and “yeh zulf agar khulke bikhar jaaye to acha” were considered two of 10 best Rafi Sahab songs with intoxication appeal.

In Mere Huzoor, Shankar Jaikishan kept a ghazal for Rafi Sahab. Rafi Sahab sang the song “jo guzar rahi hai mujhpur use kyase mai bataado” for Raaj Kumar in style. The title songs and ghazals of Rafi Sahab were picturised on Jeetender in the film like “rukh se zara naqab uthalo mere huzoor”, “kya kya na sahe apne sitam aap ki khatir”. Manna Dey sang a classical song for Raaj kumar titled “jhanak jhanak tori baaje payelia” in the film. Mala Sinha acted opposite Raaj Kumar and Jeetender in the film.

In Pakizaa in 1971, all the songs composed by Ghulam Mohammad were gems. As it was a female centric film with 2 roles played by Meena Kumari, there were most songs for Lataji and other classical singers. Rafi Sahab sang a duet with Lataji picturised on Raj Kumar and Meena Kumari titled “chalo dildar chalo chand ke paar chalo”. It had a lasting impact in the minds of the film lovers.

In the film Lal Patthar in 1971, Shankar Jaikishan composed songs in mujra andaz as it was a historical film. Rafi Sahab’s song “unke khayal aye to aate chale gaye” became the most remembered song of the film and it was associated with Raaj Kumar who played the tabla in the song. Hasrat Jaipuri wrote the shayari. Hema Malini and Raakhe acted opposite Raaj Kumar in the film. It was the hindi version of Bengali film Laal Pathor where superstar Uttam Kumar played the lead role.

In the film Vaasna in 1968, majority of Rafi Sahab songs like “yeh parbaton ke dayere”, “itni nazuk na bano” were picturised on Biswajeet. Rafi Sahab sang a fantastic tragic song for Raaj Kumar in the film titled “aak is darja pila do ke na kuch yaad rahe”. It was composed by Chitragupt and it was a master piece song. Padmini acted opposite Raaj Kumar in the film.

Madanmohan Kohli got associated with Raaj Kumar in the film Heer Ranjha in 1971. Rafi Sahab’s songs “tere kooche me tera deewana” and “mere duniya me tum ayi” were good songs. But Mohammed Rafi’s songs “yeh duniya yeh mehfil mere kaam ki nahi” became an epic song over the years. The shayari of Kaifi Azmi was as outstanding as tune of Madanmohansahab and brilliant singing of Rafi Sahab.

Ravi Shankar Sharma created a brilliant tune for Raaj Kumar and Rafi Sahab in the film Nai Roshni in 1967. The song was titled “kis tarah jeete hai log”. The brilliant lyrics were written by Rajinder Krishan. The other songs of Rafi Sahab in the film included “pasina pasina”, “teri aankh ka jo ishaara”, “jitni likhi thi”. It came a trend of picturizing Rafi Sahab’s songs with intoxicating appeal with Raaj Kumar.

In the film Neel Kamal in 1968, Rafi Sahab’s song picturised on Raaj Kumar “tujh ko pukare mera pyaar” became a cult song. Ravi Shankar Sharma composed the music of the song. The lyrics were written by Sahir Ludhiyanvi. Rafi Sahab’s other song “sharmake yun na dekh” was good. But the song “babul ki duwayein leti jaan” picturised on Balraj Sahani became another cult song. Father’s who got their daughers married could never forget the song.

In 1971, Kalyanji Anandji gave landmark tune to Mohammed Rafi for Raaj Kumar. The biggest hit song of the film Maryada was “tu bhi aaja ki ayi ruut mastani, o dhol sajna dhol jaani, meri gali aa teri meherbani”. Mala Sinha acted opposite Raaj Kumar in the film. The other songs of Rafi Sahab in the film included “muhabbaat ke suhane din”, “dil ka lena dena”.

In the late 1970s and1980s, Raaj Kumar concentrated in more action oriented films like Chattis Ghante, Bulandi, Chambal Ki Kasam. Khayyam composed a brilliant duet song of Rafi Sahab and Lataji in the film Chambal Ki Kasam. The song was titled “simti hui yeh ghariya, phir se na bikhar jaye”. Sahir Ludhiyanvi wrote the rich lyrics. Moushumi Chatterjee acted opposite Raaj Kumar in the film.

Raaj Kumar’s dialogues were memorized by the young folk of his age. There were examples like “jinke ghar shish eke hoten hai, wo dusron ke ghar patthar feka nahi karte” in Waqt, 1965, “humko mita sake zamane me dum nahi, hum se khud hai zamana, zamane se hum nahi” in Bulandi, 1980.

Rafi Sahab Raaj Kumar combination ended with Rafi Sahab’s demise in 1980. If Rafi Sahab’s combination with Dilip Kumar, Rajender Kumar, Dharmender, Bharat Bhushan were unforgettable, Rafi Sahab’s combination with Raaj Kumar was also grand.

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