Guitar Greats: Eric Johnson Vs Neil Zaza

This time in the guitar greats segment, its two guitar players that have made jaws drop with their unique playing style and tonal quality. Put your hands together for Eric Johnson and Neil Zaza.

Few melodic guitar players are special. Their melodic interpretation on the fret board transcends new heights. Playing a flurry of notes with accuracy and adding new dimension with phrasing takes skill, and Eric Johnson and Neil are two guitar players who know it all too well. Creating a plethora of emotions with the guitar requires creativity, and Eric Johnson and Neil Zaza are maestros of this discipline.

Eric Johnson

It takes a tone genius to envision the sound needed on an album. We have that dumbfound look on our face whenever we listen to Eric Johnson ripping a solo. The melodic soundscapes he creates with his creative right hand technique is truly mesmerizing.

The flurry of notes he hits with his left hand take melodic speed-licks to the next level. Eric Johnson is a master studio technician, and loves to work with analogue concepts. Eric Johnson’s guitar playing is an amalgamation of various genres coming together. You hear elements of jazz, classical, rock, and pop-rock in Eric Johnson’s playing. This virtuoso player’s violin like guitar tone has amazed audiences all over the world. His ability to claw pick as he uses a plectrum on strings takes his progressions in a new musical space. Furthermore his vocals aesthetically blend with his music. This guy is irreplaceable! Will there be another Eric Johnson? Not in your wildest dreams.

Must Have Eric Johnson Albums

  • Venus Isle
  • Ah Via Musicom
  • Bloom
  • Souvenir
  • Tones

Neil Zaza

Neil Zaza is known for his melodic adaptations of classical greats such as Bach and Mozart. One would think, “Not another neo classical player”. Take a listen to Neil Zaza, and you will realize his music is a creative amalgamation of mush-melodic open genre music interspersed with Neo Classical. When it comes to technical accuracy combined with feel, not many guitarists are able to match Neil Zaza. His guitar tone has bite and his guitar playing is supremely master class. You’ll hear some of the best guitar melodies on a Neil Zaza album. His combined elements of melody and phrasing take a listener to monumental new heights. His brand of instrumental rock connects with the heart taking you in a journey of past memories. This guy makes a flurry of notes sound nostalgic, which gives you a sneak preview of the way things unfold in his mind. Neil Zaza is the pied piper of melodic instrumental guitar; he enslaves hearts with his keen sense of theatrical.

Must Have Neil Zaza albums

  • Thrills and Chills
  • When Gravity Fails
  • Two Hands One Heart
  • Clyde The Cat
  • 212

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